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Sandy Hook: ‘Crook, Line and Sinker’? Five Years Later – Boiler Room EP #139

Alternate Current Radio | On this episode of Boiler Room the ACR Brain-Trust is observing the fifth anniversary of Sandy Hook and reflecting on the media mess left in its wake.

MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS: Was Sandy Hook Shooter Known to FBI Prior to School Massacre?

21WIRE | A clear motive in one of America’s most perplexing mass shootings still remains a mystery.

DAILY SHOOTER: Inter-Agency Drill, Lone Gunman and ‘USB Manifesto’ at Oregon Campus Shooting

Shawn Helton | Another in a long line of ‘mass shootings’ in America, but is there really more here than meets the eye?

Mass Shootings: Did We Miss The Punchline? (VIDEO)

Hoax Buster Call | Relax and enjoy our Mainstream Media Hoax laugh compilation.

Lafayette Shooting: Echoes of Theatrical Mass-Killings & Emergency Drills

Shawn Helton | What’s behind the Acadian Ambulance connection and the event in Lafayette?

The Cost of America’s Police State Gravy Train

21WIRE + AntiMedia | With each move central government makes – a large amount of money is also made by someone.

Sin City: ‘Vegas Shooters’ Had Relationship With Police – Active Shooting Drills Gave Backdrop

Shawn Helton | The Vegas shooters were Occupy activists and had a working relationship to Las Vegas police.

Controversy: Official Version of Events Challenged at Sandy Hook School Board Meeting This Week

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | The Newtown Board of Education were confronted this week with questions on Sandy Hook, and they could not answer them.

‘Sandy Hook Was Not Like Columbine’: School Safety Expert Refutes Gov’t Story

21WIRE + GMN | In his most candid and detailed interview to date, decorated national school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig attempts to reopen the Newtown Shooting case.

School Safety Expert: ‘Sandy Hook was a scripted event, at least two years in planning’

21WIRE + AFP | If you have any doubts whether or not Sandy Hook was staged, then listen to this incredible interview.

Sandy Hook: Lottery Jackpots & Free Homes – Two Unusual Clues Unearthed in Newtown

21WIRE + DC Clothesline | We’ve stumbled across these two incredibly interesting threads in the Sandy Hook false flag investigation.

Sandy Hook: Did it Really Go As Planned?

Robert Singer | Sandy Hook wasn’t just about the event, it was about your reaction to it.

The Five Dimensions of Sandy Hook

Sofia Smallstorm | A brilliant presentation about what did -and did not happen, at Sandy Hook one year ago…

Was Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev given orders via ‘Majestic’?

21Wire + RT | This is another bizarre revelation, in a year of strangely violent events.

Harvard Bomb Hoax reveals ‘Mass Casualty Drills’ conducted in Cambridge

21st Century Wire | So many “real-life” terror events have occurred during or after planned drills.

SANDY HOOK: One Year Later There are More Questions Than Answers

21st Century Wire | Digging for answers in the aftermath of tragedy has been condemned.

Shooting near Pittsburgh high school reveals ‘active shooter drills’ in region

21st Century Wire | Another shooting, another drill?

LAX Shooting: A Made-for-TV Drama? Part 1

21st Century Wire | Most will agree that the acting for camera on this scene of the production was a little over-the-top.

LAX Shooting: Drills, Mannequins & ‘The New World Order’

21st Century Wire | We’ve seen an increase in these kinds of mass casualty drills.

L.A. Ontario Airport ‘October Drill’ Nearly Identical to LAX Shooting Scene

21st Century Wire | What are the odds of that? LAPD took part in an identical ‘active shooter drill’ one month before.

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