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School Safety Expert: ‘Sandy Hook was a scripted event, at least two years in planning’

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since the Sandy Hook Shooting, 21WIRE has published a handful of blog posts about the event and none of which have ever claimed that “no one died at Sandy Hook.” Our position as always been that there was indeed a shooting in Newtown, but that there are still many unanswered questions regarding important inconsistencies in early mainstream media reports and claims by state and federal officials – all of which raise additional questions about the true role of 20 year old Adam Lanza as a ‘lone gunman’ who authorities claim stormed the school building with a small arsenal on his person while expending 155 rounds and achieving a 100% perfect kill rate. To our knowledge, such a feat has never happened before in the history of mass shootings, and so it should be expected skeptics will rightfully challenge the official story on the basis of its improbability. In fact, the initial lack of transparency and years of delaying by authorities was directly responsible for fueling speculation and various ‘conspiracy theories’ on the public’s part – but one should note also that it was this wave of speculation which actually moved State Police to publish a firearms list from the crime scene, which they later removed but can be found here on archive. Six months after the event, more records were released, apparently to the New York Post under the Freedom of Information Act. Then, a year after the main event, Danbury State Attorney and CSP released a set of photographs and some investigation data but many other records remained classified by the FBI. Why would a civil criminal case be classified by the FBI and why not for any other mass shooting such as Columbine or Aurora? After public and media pressure, the FBI finally released a some investigative data much of which is heavily redacted but which included interviews with a neighborhood witnesses about the alleged lone gunman Adam Lanza. This included the revelation that he was already ‘on the FBI’s radar’ prior to the shooting for hacking into federal government computer systems – a federal offense which is punishable by imprisonment, and for which he was even visited at home by FBI agents. This important piece of information was not available to the public for almost 4 years after the event, before it was very quietly drifted out. Why was this held back for so long? Why are the FBI files pertaining to its previous dealings with Adam Lanza not being made available to the public? We believe these are all legitimate questions and as always, we encourage readers to give us their feedback on this issue in the comments section below this post.

Please note that the short post below was originally published in 2014 and reflects questions raised at that time, based on limited publicly available information. Although it should be obvious to most educated people, we will remind any mainstream media ‘journalists’ from the Huffington Post and other similar corporate media outlets and ‘fact checkers’ like Snopes, all of whom will try and use this or other similar dated posts in order to smear, defame and libel this website and its contributors – that the claims made below are those of the subject, Mr Wolfgang Halbig – and not 21st Century Wire. Rather than cherry-picking through years-old tweets, random blog posts and articles five years after-the-fact and then using these to craft smear pieces designed to slander bloggers and independent websites – the mainstream media would be better served to spend that time looking in the mirror at their own extensive volume of lies, fabricated evidence and completely contrived stories – especially in the run-up to US and NATO military interventions in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, to name only a few. In this way, mainstream media outlets can be proven to be willing accessories to war crimes and mass murder. Will they ever be held to account?

21st Century Wire says…

A former law enforcement officer and national school safety consultant has publicly challenged the official narrative on Sandy Hook…

After only filing Connecticut Freedom Of Information requests about the alleged Sandy Hook ‘massacre’, School Safety expert Wolfgang W. Halbig (photo, above) was visited by homicide detectives warning him that if he keeps making inquiries he would suffer the legal consequences.

Halbig also discovered that the report on the Sandy Hook event was the first school shooting in US history to be sealed as ‘Classified’, held by the FBI.

The points brought up in this interview are some of the best ever on this subject.

Listen to this incredible interview by AFP via Federal Jack…

21st Century Wire USA Files



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