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SUNDAY SCREENING - 21WIRE Documentary Film Archive

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘The Food Mafia – How Criminals Infiltrate the Global Food Supply Chain’ (2024)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Exposing the rampant criminal activity that’s undermining consumer trust and safety.

SUNDAY SCREENING: Financialization of Water (2019)

SUNDAY SCREENING | The rise of ‘blue gold’ has triggered a frenzy of investments – which could jeopardizing water access going forward.

SUNDAY SCREENING: He Hacked Twitter & Stole Millions in Bitcoin (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Inside the hacking exploits of Graham Ivan Clark, exposing cyber vulnerabilities and their consequences.

SUNDAY SCREENING: Congo: Jungle Fever (2022)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Revealing the cultural richness, ecological diversity, and the relentless battle for resources against the backdrop of survival.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘The Road To Raqqa’ (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Recounting some of the fierce battles for Raqqa’s suburbs against ISIS in Syria.

SUNDAY SCREENING: Fight Against Big Data & Surveillance (2019)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Understanding the key battlegrounds of internet privacy and the push for collective action to protect individual freedoms in the digital age.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘When the World Breaks’ – Great Depression (2010)

SUNDAY SCREENING | A film illuminating resilience during the Great Depression, resonating with today’s economic uncertainties.

SUNDAY SCREENING: “Illegal Gold: Operation Exodus” (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING | The gold rush is still alive today, as cartels devastate the ecosystem with illegals mines and operations.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Red Alert: NGO’s Hostile Takeover’ (2024)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Investigating the networks of NGOs who have appeared in Russia, and their negative impact on a country’s stability and society.

SUNDAY SCREENING: “The Danger of AI / Margin of Error” (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING | The Danger of AI / Margin of Error examines how a startup called Advanced Symbolics (ASI) uses AI and public social-media data to forecast voter behaviour.

SUNDAY SCREENING: The Assange Story (2024) | RT

SUNDAY SCREENING | Julian Assange faces extradition to the US, igniting a global debate over transparency and freedom of speech. What is the story behind Julian?

SUNDAY SCREENING: “Being Poor in the World’s Richest Country” (2022)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Investigating the paradox of widespread poverty existing in one of the world’s richest countries.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines?’ (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING | More than a year has passed since the covert operation to blow up the Nordstream pipeline.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘The Great Taking’ (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING| Examines the issue of asset seizures – stocks, bonds, agriculture, and resources as collateral in a economic endgame.

SUNDAY SCREENING: Migrants and the Darién Gap (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Hundreds of thousands attempt to traverse this dangerous region of jungle on their way to the United States.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Protect Oak Flat’ (2023)

Sunday Screening | Where culture and tradition collide with big industry and big business.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘NITROGEN 2000 The Dutch Farmers’ Struggle’ (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING| Small cattle farmers own 70% of Hollands argiculture and since 2019. The Dutch government under environment legisilation is pressured a buyout of more than half of them. Their plight has led to the Farmers Protest gaining momentum.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Palestine 1920’ (2022)

SUNDAY SCREENING | This stunning film from Al Jazeera Arabic looks at Palestine from a different angle.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘From Balfour to Banksy’ (2020)

SUNDAY SCREENING | The story of Lord Balfour and the disaster set in motion to today, through the lens of an artist.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Cults: The CIA’s Secret Weapon’ (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING | A stunning tale of CIA subterfuge and backing radicals in Ukraine.

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