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Europe News Archive

NATO’s Proxy War Against Russia in Ukraine: How Close to Armageddon?

Propagada in Focus | This is a terrible, horrific war, and one that is historically unprecedented.

Intel Chief: Russia’s Next Peace Offer Could Come with ‘Tougher Terms’ for Kiev

21WIRE | There are no benefits for Ukraine to continue fighting this losing endeavor.

INTERVIEW: Mats Nilsson – ‘European Elections Are Not What You Think’

TNT Radio | Will the latest EU election results really change anything?

FM: Russia May Strike Britain’s Military Facilities if Westminster Threats Materialise

TASS | ‘If such a scenario is implemented, Russia reserves the right to respond accordingly.’

Belgium Prepares Sanctions Against Israel

21WIRE | ‘Can we now simply continue with Israel as a trading partner?’

Cameron: ‘Ukraine Can Use British Weapons to Strike Russia’

21WIRE | British FM believes that Ukraine ‘has the right’ to use UK arms to strike targets inside Russia.

The Psychological Battle for Truth and Power of the Farmers Uprising

Julian Rose | A historic mobilization by those who form the foundation of the pyramid which hold society together.

UPDATE: Polish Farmers in Ongoing Fight for Their Existance

Julian Rose | Product dumping by Ukraine is placing the EU public and the Polish agriculture industry at grave risk.

Waffen SS Veteran Lauded by Trudeau and Zelensky is Given Award by Ukraine

21WIRE | The Nazi revival continues as SS officer scoops up another award.

War in Europe? The Russian Bear in East & Ukrainian Refugees in The West

Dr Can Erimtan | Just how much longer can the West’s pic gravy train in Ukraine carry on?

Kiev Admits: ‘Ukrainians in EU Aren’t Coming Back’

21WIRE | We are now witnessing one of the largest ‘brain drain’ and labour migrations in European history. 

Polish Farmers to Block Entire Border with Ukraine Including Transport Hubs, Rail Depots and Seaports

Julian Rose | Update on ‘No Green Deal’ National Strike by Polish farmers.

Sanctions on Russian Gas Speeding Up Germany’s Deindustrialization

21WIRE | “There’s not a lot of hope, if I’m honest.”

Europe Braces Itself: Polish Farmers Prepare to Join Global Protests This Week

Julian Rose | Polish farmer prepare to join the global protest against globalists’ attack on agricultural independence and real food security.

Euro Madness: EU Needs An Enemy – It’s The Kremlin

21WIRE | Taking a page out of Washington’s playbook, Brussels needs an existential enemy.

Harvesting Discontent: The Global Farmer’s Revolt 

Kristian James | Seeking to seed change… There’s a global agricultural uprising underway, as farmers worldwide unite in a spectacle of defiance.

‘Russia, China, Iran!’ – UK Police Set Up New ‘Counter-Espionage’ Unit

21WIRE | UK authorities claim that domestic threats from Russia and China are now ‘greater than during the Cold War’, and that domestic spying needs to be ramped-up.

UN Head Condemns Ukrainian Attack Which Killed 27 Civilians in Donbass

21WIRE | As Kiev’s forces continue to dwindle, their tactics are becoming even more desperate.

Ukraine Openly Offers Up Its Male Population a Proxy Army for NATO

RT International | By offering up its able-bodied male population for NATO’s frontline meat grinder, Kiev believes it is giving Washington the ‘best deal’ possible.

Western Media Narrative: ‘Poland Obstructs Nord Stream Investigation’

21WIRE | Take this latest western mainstream story with a pinch of salt.

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