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Europe News Archive

Census: Christians Now Minority in England

21WIRE | Regardless, this development should be a point of serious consideration for both the UK’s religious and political leadership.

In Ploy to Raise Cash for Its Proxy, NATO Promises Membership for Ukraine

AP | Both Washington and Europe are running out of money to prop-up the Zelensky regime in Kiev.

‘Bye-bye, Kiev, Hello Cote d’Azur’ – How Ukraine’s Elites Are Profiting from Western Aid

Olga Sukharevskaya | Not surprisingly, corrupt Ukrainian officials are using the funding to amass personal fortunes and live the high life.

Industry Watchdog: Germany at Risk of Mass Exodus of Industry

21WIRE | One out of four enterprises may be forced to move operations abroad due to inflation and extortionate energy costs.

Economic Crash: Things Aren’t Looking Great for the UK

21WIRE | Why government’s abandonment of economic fundamentals has been absolutely fatal.

Study: More Germans Now Believe Russian Media on Ukraine, Energy Crisis

21WIRE | Recent study and survey of German population shows they no longer believe the West’s over-simplified western narrative about the causes of the war in Ukraine.

IEA: EU Gas Crisis May Worsen in 2023

21WIRE | Agency is warning that Europe must take immediate action to avoid a crippling natural gas shortage next year.

INTERVIEW: Dr. Vernon Coleman on the Coming Global Economic Catastrophe

TNT Radio | The coming economic collapse (by design), and an inevitable winter of discontent in Britain and beyond.

Will Sunak’s ‘Big Bang’ Bust Britain?

Blake Lovewell | How can humanity thrive outside of the elite’s nefarious control systems?

INTERVIEW: Basil Valentine on Crazy British Politics & US Midterms

TNT Radio | Like society, the world of politics is getting ever weirder by the day.

‘They’re Deliberately Destroying Britain – Will the Zombies Ever Wake up?’

Dr. Vernon Coleman | It appears that bankers’ choice Sunak will run Britain deeper into the Great Reset, taking the economy and society with him.

EU Seeks to Legalize Theft of Foreign Assets

21WIRE | The latest EU plan to openly steal Russian assets is simply breathtaking.

UK Tory Meltdown: Liz Truss Out, Boris Back In?

21WIRE | A lot can happen in a week of politics. 

10 Scariest Flicks To Watch With Your Family This Halloween

Babylon Bee | Here’s the approved list of certified family-friendly horror films.

Bill Gates: European Energy Crisis is ‘Good’

21WIRE | Gates celebrates energy crisis as a way to achieve a quick transition to renewables and a Net Zero economy.

Tighten Your Belt: ‘UK Economy in For Very Bumpy Ride’

Dr. Vernon Coleman | They want us to feel ‘entitled’ and ‘dependent’ – and under their control.

EU Wants Gas From Algeria, As Washington Plays Wicked Stepmother

Rachel Marsden | Unfortunately for Europe, Algiers has long maintained an officially nonaligned position, and isn’t too keen on throwing itself into the arms of the West.

UKC News: Truss’s Train Wreck Continues, More MSM Gaslighting on Ukraine

UKC News | Mike Robinson with Patrick Henningsen, Vanessa Beeley and Debbie Evans.

Ukraine Blows up Border Bridges, Lays Landmines on Roads to Belarus

21WIRE | Belarus may regard this latest foray by the Zelensky regime as an act of war.

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton on EU Energy Crisis and France’s ‘Green’ Deception

TNT Radio | The blueprint for ‘disintegrating’ the global economy in preparation for a digital currency and globalist technocracy – all courtesy of the Trilateral Commission.

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