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St. Helens lifts ban on teachers carrying guns in schools

KGW.COM | “The district has now given permission to have guns on campus.”

Navy Yard shooter Alexis used to demonize ‘truth seekers’, fueling false propaganda

Shawn Helton | We are expected to blindly accept the official narrative produced by government sponsored news organizations.

Weapons made with 3-D printers could test gun-control efforts

Michael S. Rosenwald | In a spare bedroom, where an AR-15 rifle leans against the wall, a man is using a 3-D printer no larger than an espresso machine to make plastic rifle parts.

US MEDIA: Are The Children Of Newtown Being Exploited?

21WIRE | The new propaganda line is simple: ‘you live in a dangerous world, your children are not safe – and only the state can protect you…’

Is Obama’s Use of Children for Sandy Hook Agenda ‘Political Porn’?

21WIRE | Washington’s new trend thrown into question – ‘political child porn’.

True or False? Three Days Before Shooting “United Way Extends Condolences To Sandy Hook Families”

Gov’t Slaves | More twists to the Sandy Hook narrative…

‘Threat Alert’: After Newtown Shootings, Pennsylvania County Hires Armed School Guards

WP | Do armed guards keep students safe, or put them at risk?

Police State Nudging Ahead: White House may consider funding for police in schools after Newtown

21WIRE + WP | Washington’s gun-grabbing authoritarian gang are really trying to capitalise on the staged event known as Sandy Hook.

Nudging Out 2nd Amendment: Biden likely to propose universal background checks for gun buyers

AP | Biden told a group of sportsmen and wildlife interest groups that he has “never quite heard so much talk about high-capacity magazines”.

Is America Over-Reacting With ‘Post-Newtown’ Power Politics?

Daily Shooter Poll | Has America gone nuts over Sandy Hook?


21WIRE + The Blaze | Actor Samuel L. Jackson is taking a position that might surprise you.

Bird’s Eye View: Why the Chinese Demand US Gun Control?

Daily Bell | These are memes of the elite – they are phantasmagoria designed to distract us from the truth.