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The Cost of America’s Police State Gravy Train

21st Century Wire says…

Aside from its ability to trample all over the rights of its law abiding citizens, the American police state has one other chief characteristic: it’s bankrupting the country. Here’s how it works…

The gravy chain is seemingly endless, and if you have ‘friends’ in the administration, then you can certainly cash in on any number of lucrative contracts. Timing is everything, and as President Obama’s sociopathic former Chief of Staff, now Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel once said:

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” 

With that mantra in mind, AG Eric Holder and New York Mayor Bill De Blasio quickly saw the light as they both worked in concert to promote this latest “nationwide crisis” of ‘racism in our police departments’, and wasted no time instituting a bevvy of new federally-funded add-ons like training courses, workplace psychologists, regulators, specialist contractors, police cameras and other big-ticket items – everything to help “solve the crisis”. Who knows, maybe there’s also a new FDA-approved pill that could solve the crisis too (and why not).

Then there’s federal education police state. After the “crisis” that was Sandy Hook, Barack Obama began pushing for more funding for police officers in state schools too, in an effort to “secure our campuses” (from terrorism presumably), which is all part of the Federal government’s bold broad gun violence agenda. Interesting how that all ties together so nicely!

Then you’ve got all the Homeland Security (DHS) money and federal grants (currently the source of the biggest gravy train fortune) used to bribe local police departments around the country. The problem with that is, and any sane local law enforcement chief will tell you, once you smoke from the federal crack pipe, you’re hooked, and you’ll then do whatever your dealer in Washington or its mobs tell you to do. That’s exactly how we’ve gotten to where we are today.

What Americans should understand is that each of those ‘concerns’, or federal agenda item, has a lucrative contract attached to it. With each move central government makes – a large amount of money is also made (by someone).

“Hey, what’s wrong with making a little money? If we don’t do it, the next government will anyway.” That pretty much sums up Washington’s seedy white collar political corruption in a nutshell.

“How much will it cost”, you ask?

Answer: “Who cares, the federal government are paying for it.”

But you cannot calculate the real cost to our life and liberty…


How Much Money Have American Taxpayers Spent on Building a Domestic Police State?

Joseph Lemieux


The Posse Comitatus Act was enacted to prevent any federal military force from implanting itself on american streets, and enacting as a civilian law enforcement. Many consider such an act as Martial law, or military rule. Don’t fret, the federal government has found a way around this act, and its called the 1033 program that began in the 90′s!

The 1033 program has flooded our local police forces with military equipment, and has turned them from Peace Officers, to a domestic army. The founders have warned us that a domestic army would be the greatest threat to american freedom, and they might just be right. It’s not hard to see as our police forces respond to not only warrants for non violent drug offences, but protests with an overwhelming military style presence. Officers has stopped looking like officers, and more like soldiers all kitted out with fully automatic weapons, armored vehicles, body armor, grenades launchers, night vision, and even bayonets! Besides the cost of liberty, how much has this domestic army cost you the tax payer?

It’s estimated over $4.3 billion worth of property has been distributed to local agencies:

Keep in mind that through this program, other property is transferred as well, like office supplies, medical equipment ect. The entirety of the price tag is not just on weapons…

With that in mind there is still well over 500 MRAP vehicles in the hands of local police, and thousands of other weapons. MRAPs owned by local police are more than likely in your very own county! Also keep in mind these numbers do not include other portions of the the police state such as the NSA’s budget, which is in the billions.

These are weapons of war in the streets of America, held by the same people that tell you your semi-automatic rifle is a weapon of war, and shouldn’t belong in civilian hands.

Now people like to bash government for it’s wasteful spending, but it seems they are being more responsible in this case, bringing those weapons of war used to oppress people in distant lands, right back at home!

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