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PA Shooter Frein: First Lone Gunman in Living Memory to Be Captured Alive

21WIRE + RT | Shock horror: a lone gunman is actually captured alive.

‘Lone Wolf’ Eric Frein: Was the Pennsylvania Barracks Shooting Staged?

21WIRE | What was Frein’s role during the alleged shooting at the Blooming Grove police barracks? Will he end up like Dorner?

Episode #15 – SUNDAY WIRE SHOW: ‘Lifting of the Veil in 2014’

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | The Ultimate New Year Mash-up: Dorner, Sandy Hook, Crop Circles and Predictions for 2014.

EXCLUSIVE: The Chris Dorner Enigma – What Really Happened and Why

Robert Singer | The story is one of the most bizarre in US history. But looking back, there is absolutely no proof Dorner killed anyone.

Harvard Bomb Hoax reveals ‘Mass Casualty Drills’ conducted in Cambridge

21st Century Wire | So many “real-life” terror events have occurred during or after planned drills.

Episode #7 – SUNDAY WIRE: Dorner Revisited, Guy Fawkes in DC, JFK Redux and Twitter Censorship

SUNDAY WIRE | Top line-up of guests, plus our mosh pit of regular trouble makers and pundits – guaranteed to stimulate the mind.

Women shot by LAPD in Dorner manhunt settle for $4.2 million

RT | During the pursuit, officers on the squad opened fire on a vehicle that they say resembled that of Dorner’s injuring the two females inside, but now the women have accepted a lawsuit settlement

Did Washington put a press gagging order on Quantico Marine killings?

21st Century Wire | Incidents involving military or law enforcement personnel are all too often a closed shop.

Dorner Does an Atta : Police Find Drivers License Alongside Burnt Body In Cabin

21WIRE | It reminds us of that amazing find by FBI field officers in New York City on 9/11.

VIDEO Report: Guest Chris Kitze on Chris Dorner, LAPD ‘Waco’ Kill and CNN

21WIRE | Was Dorner executed by arson at the hands of the LAPD in the Big Bear cabin?

UPDATE: Waco-Style ‘Burnt Body’ Spells End for LAPD Fugative Chris Dorner

LA Times + BIN | Dorner on the run – but what really happened?


CBS Local | Real-time Dorner drama unfolds here.

Chris Dorner Contacts BIN: Claims He’s Being Framed by LAPD

Chris Kitze | Let’s try to get ALL the facts to our readers and let them make up their own minds.

Hmmm… Charlie Sheen Enters Dorner Drama with Offer of Counsel

21WIRE | Why is Sheen reaching out to fugitive Chris Dorner?

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