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Sandy Hook: Did it Really Go As Planned?

By Robert Singer
[Excerpt from R U Sandy or R U Hooked]

Sandy Hook: Something doesn’t make sense…

And I am not talking about a Hurricane named ‘Sandy’, an Island named Sandy that went missing in the South Pacific, a Connecticut elementary school named Sandy [Hook] or the YouTube, Sandy Hook Shooting HOAX and LIES exposing Robbie Parker (photo, left) smiling before going on camera named playing the part of a grieving parent, before embracing President Obama.

Do you really believe all that free bandwidth exists in the world so that you can watch Robbie get into his acting mode before he gives his “B” performance as a grieving parent? Click here to watch the video. Do you hear him saying [around the sixth second] “… do you want me to read the cards?”

Or what about the Associated Press/Newsday and the New York Daily News articles with conflicting accounts on what really happened at Sandy Hook?

December 15 AP reports: “Only the rifle was used on the victims,” a statement supported by Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, Connecticut State’s chief medical examiner. Carver’s examination found that of the “seven autopsies he personally performed on Sandy Hook victims,” all of them had “three to 11 wounds apiece.” Carver says that the gunman was able to reload so quickly because he used a “military-style rifle rigged with two taped magazines.”

However, later the New York Daily News reports that of the three guns ‘lone gunman’ Adam Lanza (photo, above) is supposed to have brought to the school, “the rifle was left in the trunk.”

I am not interested in whether the deaths resulted from hundreds of rounds of .233 caliber bullets which were fired with deadly accuracy, in minutes by a “scrawny” 20-year-old with “a rifle” … that was still in the trunk of his car in the parking lot.

Look, if the plan were to disarm American citizens by carrying out massacres like Sandy Hook, then why do they need so many of these Jokers?

I want to know why the Wayne Carver and Robbie Parker videos haven’t been removed for “National Security or Privacy Reasons?” Leaving them on the Web serves only one purpose: to convince the conspiracy theorists that this was some sort of black ops type false flag initiated and carried out with the long-term goal of disarming the American people. Put another way, I am suggesting that the public reaction/controversy/negative energy over the 2nd Amendment was not only anticipated but was the cornerstone and goal of the plan from the beginning.

[End of excerpt from R U Sandy or R U Hooked]

The Sandy Hook massacre, the worst school shooting in U.S. history, could never have been a false-flag Hoax with crisis actors so Obama could get political support for a ban on assault weapons and water down the 2nd amendment.

Here’s why. If the plan were to disarm American citizens by carrying out massacres like Sandy Hook, then you have to ask yourself, what is the point? What are Americans doing during Obama’s full-scale attack on the 2nd amendment?

Answer: They are arming themselves to the teeth. [1]

Note that Sandy Hook, like Aurora, Columbine and Tucson, were never a conspiracy about gun control or mental health; they were however, a conspiracy to instill fear, anxiety, apprehension and foster feelings of fear, resentment and rage in order to create negative energy. The National debate over the right to own an Ak-47 hunting rifle was the goal and planned from the beginning because the controversy was guaranteed to generate mass amounts of negative energy.

Sandy Hook Hoax: This Didn’t Go as Planned

Below is the transcript of a YouTube video, Sandy Hook Hoax: This Didn’t Go as Planned By TheRicoman1973 published on Aug 18, 2013.

TheRicoman’s summary:

“It brings me great joy to think how bad this hoax has backfired on these con-artists ALREADY. It’s only going to get worse…..I love it!”

The video, as of today, had 79,110 views and 296 comments. The video has background music and displays the image below for 13 seconds before TheRicoman begins his narration…

TheRicoman (in a raspy voice): It was the great hoax of 2012.

[YouTube image of the ‘Robbie Parker’ smiling video (Sandy Hook Shooting HOAX and LIES) below displays for 5 seconds]

[My commentary about the Robbie Parker YouTube above from Negative Energy for Dummies]

My all time favorite is video, Sandy Hook Shooting HOAX and LIES is of the father of one of the children who was killed at the school. Robbie Parker is allegedly “caught off camera” laughing and smiling before he gives a “B” performance playing the part of a grieving parent. The Robbie Parker video isn’t proof that Sandy Hook was a hoax; it’s proof that the Sandy Hook false-flag conspiracy is a conspiracy to make you believe in a conspiracy.

Robbie Parker wasn’t caught laughing off camera and asking if he should read from the cue cards; Parker’s performance started when he was allegedly, laughing “off” camera and asking if he should read from the cue cards.

Robbie Parker isn’t giving a B performance of a grieving parent; he is giving an A performance of a grieving parent giving a B performance of a grieving parent. [End of commentary]

TheRicoman (in a semi-raspy voice): On Dec 14 a bunch of knuckleheads got together and performed a skit or a play with the intentions of deceiving the masses, ahahahah.

Well things didn’t quite go as planned now did it. [TheRicoman continues without the raspy voice]

I love it. Oh, I absolutely love it because I see it unfolding before me. You know if you are going to tell a lie, especially a big lie where you say that you are a grieving parent and your child died ohhh … then you better pull it off. OK, you better pull it off so nobody suspects you are lying. OK, but your execution, your acting was so piss poor, that people are waking up daily to this. OK, we are only like 9 months out and this is huge, people hear about this left and right. And listen things progress and that, and that way.

First you hear, you hear that there is a conspiracy theory about Sandy Hook and at first you just discount it. Oh that’s just, that’s just Fred talking, but then Jimmy starts talking, and Emily starts talking the same thing, and Tyronne starts talking and then your boss starts talking, and then your Facebook friends start posting … and then you know what, you finally click on to that video, or you finally get online and you look it up yourself and I can tell you…

I can tell you first hand, anybody that I have told and they have gone home and actually done the research, they have come back and told me, you are right, this was a hoax. They are liars, they are actors. OK, so I have the utmost confidence, and if people, if people actually look it up and do the research they will see for themselves. This isn’t slick editing or great commentary by Truthers. I mean that helps a little bit. This is just, hey, here is a compilation of interviews done by the supposed grieving family members. Check it out yourself. You tell me, is this genuine emotion? OK, so they are condemned by their own … abilities, their own acting their own lie … but just think it’s going to get worse, it’s going to get worse and worse for them. I mean they are kind of uhh, kind of in a tight spot, they thought it’s was going to go down like this.

Yes, I’ll lie and I’ll continue to live a lie. When’s that money coming. hahaha I’ve got big plans for that money, hoho so you know money helps, but you know what they also anticipated respect from people, compassion from people, sympathy from people, donations from people uhhahha.

But here’s the deal, assume that it was a real event, all that stuff I just mentioned happens in large numbers, right away, but then it dwindles because people forget or get onto other things. You know what I mean. Umm it’s not going to continue at a high rate and they try, they try to stoke the fire, keep it going. You know you still have these knuckleheads doing public appearances, uhh trying to get more money, trying to get more money, keep the lie going but by doing that they haven’t gotten any better at acting.

Gosh my advice is just, just to stop, you’ve got enough money but quit putting yourself out there because… like I said, here is what I’m getting at. These things naturally decline, OK. So you are already going to lose out on the donations and what have you… it’s going to go down and down and you are going to lose out on people being sympathetic towards you. Or at least they are not going to come in droves.

But now when you couple that with people around you waking up, or at least hearing that this is being called a hoax… things aren’t looking so bright for the hoaxsters, it really isn’t. OK, cause they were thinking short term, they were seriously thinking short term, but they have to continue to live, the rest of their lives and I don’t want them to go to prison. I don’t. I want them to live amongst us, the same people that they tried to deceive, I want them to live amongst as we wake up all around them. Ok, that’s what I want, that’s what I want. And don’t you dare come to my town, don’t you dare come to my town with your no more names bus tour,

Carly Soto, cause you will get heckled. I don’t want any physical harm, OK, I don’t want anybody to hurt anybody in this but I will use my 1st amendment right. OK, you will get heckled if you come to my town… you will, so I suggest that you just stay in your little town, Newtown or go back to Britain, half of you, or go back to Canada…

OK, but if you are going to continue to live this lie, then realize people all around you people are going to wake up because it’s already happening, it’s already happening and things happen in progression, and right now we are at the stage that a lot of people are hearing or seeing on Facebook that this is being called a Hoax but they haven’t quite clicked on to that button yet. OK, now… think about this when they finally click on to it, they’ll be convinced, I know it, they’ll be convinced and guess what and they are going to become a Truther, or at least they’re going to tell their little network of people.

See our numbers are going to grow and the hoaxsters numbers are going to stay the same and they are going to have keep trying to tell that lie or live that lie.

Oh I love it, it’s like poetic justice. The future for the hoaxsters is not looking good whatsoever. I don’t care how much money you get, I don’t care… you know that’s not, you know money helps don’t get me wrong but you don’t want to be publicly ridiculed…

Or if… most people don’t want to be in the public eye but if they’re in the public eye they want to be either the hero or they want to be a sports star or whatever, they want it to be for good or because of their own talents, or what have you.

Now you started out being in the public eye, what, for what seems to be … a not necessarily a good reason but people respected you and had compassion and stuff, but you are not going to take yourself out of the public eye, but the way the people are going to view you … is definitely changing.

So you can’t just disappear, can you? So now people are going to think of Robbie Parker and think, scum bag liar. Carley Soto, scum bag liar. Gene Rosen, scum bag liar, and on and on and on. You didn’t really think this out did you hahaha,

I love it

I love it

I love it

Oh ho ho ho, oo all right everybody, peace out.

[End of Sandy Hook Hoax: This Didn’t Go as Planned Transcript]

Now read an excerpt from September 11, 2009, Project Camelot: Robert Singer.

Kerry Cassidy (the other half of the Project Camelot team)

The following is the transcript of a speech from Kerry Cassidy delivered right after Duncan O’Finioan (headlined speaker at the conference) tells you to avoid anything with the word Project on the front. [2]

Kerry: OK, I want I want to say something here, what we are talking about is awareness OK, being awake and being aware knowing OK, becoming aware just the act of learning and becoming aware just what we are doing right here, this creates the power OK, its not enough to just send blind light blind love, OK, it must be intelligent it must have perception attached you must do more than just give the heart OK, you must understand what you are seeing and why you are doing what you are doing that’s so knowing, and putting that piece together that that’s the missing piece OK, and then, it’s awareness OK, what you want to convey is the awareness of all the aspects of what’s going on there OK, so if you are loving, you are loving consciously knowing all the parameters of what that means, not blindly OK, so don’t give your energy blindly. If you know if you want to give your energy… and power and light and love to the Illuminati, know what you are doing, be conscious while you are doing it.

Kerry: “So awareness is it’s best defense, that’s your defense OK, total awareness that means when the earth and all of humanity is an awake being one awake being – then nothing can stop you …ok

Now click on the Ustream video below and listen to the difference in Kerry’s presentation.

Bill & Kerry – Gerneral Discussion

OK, Who says there is no information in disinformation?

Whew! This Mind Control stuff is easy to figure out.

Robert Singer writes about Secrets, Sentient Creatures and The Federal Reserve at The Peoples Voice and The Market Oracle ([email protected]).


[1] * Colorado was flooded with a record 4,200 gun-buyer background requests. Gun sales surged after the Connecticut Massacre.
* The Colorado Bureau of Investigation says it set a new record for single-day background check submittals this past weekend.
* In San Diego, Northwest Armory gun store owner Karl Durkheimer said Saturday “was the biggest day we’ve seen in 20 years. Sunday will probably eclipse that.”
* In southwest Ohio, from dawn to dusk, a Cincinnati gun show had a line of 400 people waiting to get in, said Joe Eaton of the Buckeye Firearms Association.
[2] Kerry Cassidy on being Awake and/or Aware, at 4:57, http://www.ustream.tv/recorded /2197572

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