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The spread of the novel Coronavirus around the world has impacted numerous countries, societies, and economies, as well as shut-down major cultural and sporting events. Learn more about the epidemic and its fall-out here...


COVID Risk: Why the Only Real Factor is Age

21WIRE + Market Monetarist | Why governments still refusing to admit that this is the only real variable they should be concerned with.

New Study: COVID Restrictions Killing 10,000 Children per Month, ‘Wasting’ and ‘Stunting’ Millions More

21WIRE + Washington Examiner | ‘By having schools closed and primary healthcare services disrupted – we are creating harm.’

Heneghan: Here’s Why COVID Cases in England Aren’t Rising

21WIRE + CEBM | Why inaccuracies in data and poor interpretation often lead to bad decisions by Government.

Singapore: COVID-19 Patients Have T-Cell Immunity

21WIRE + MIMS | There is a growing plethora of scientific evidence which demonstrates how other layers of adaptive immunity are being used to fight off the virus.

UK Expert: ‘Taboo’ Herd Immunity May Be Only Long-term Solution to COVID19 Issue

21WIRE + Telegraph | How long will public health officials deny natural immunity in their dogged pursuit of synthetic immunity?

Trump Suggests ‘Delaying Election’ Due to Postal Vote – Will COVID Decide 2020 Race?

21WIRE | President’s tweet draws Republican resistance as the media swarm the incumbent in another controversy.

UKC News: Silicon Valley, Big Pharma Team-up to Censor COVID Content Online

UKC News | Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up.

COVID-19: ‘How May I Cure Thee? Let Me Count the Ways’

Dr Thomas E. Levy | There already exist numerous ways to prevent, mitigate, and even cure COVID, including in late-stage patients.

(VIDEO) U.S. Doctors Speak Out Against COVID Hysteria

21WIRE | The first in a series of videos that have been heavily censored by Silicon Valley tech firms.

Chicago Residents Required to Quarantine After Visiting 22 states, Threats of Huge Fines

21WIRE | Mayor jumps the shark, implementing a mandatory two-week quarantine for travelers or face hefty fines.

COVID COPS: Police Arrest Florida Gym Owner for NOT Forcing Members to Wear Masks

21WIRE + Local 10 | Officers locked business after owner allowed members to choose whether or not they would wear a mask during workouts.

UKC News: Gov’t Push Dodgy Numbers, Masks, in Run-up to Vaccine ‘Panacea’

UKC News | Co-hosts Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with the midweek news round-up.

WHO Now Claims COVID ‘Not Seasonal’ and Will Be One Constant ‘Big Wave’

21WIRE | Since no real ‘second wave’ has arrived as hoped, health officials are revising their script.

HITCHENS: UK Gov’t Decision to Force Us to Wear Face Nappies Will Kill British High Street

21WIRE | Brace yourself: closures, job cuts, inflation, tax rises and a slashing of public services are all on their way. 

Vaccine Debate: Robert F. Kennedy Jr vs Alan Dershowitz

Valuetainment | Two high-profile advocates battle over the safety and efficacy of Big Pharma vaccines.

Missouri Woman Sues City Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Mask Ordinance

21WIRE | Could this be the start of serious pushback from the public in response to mandatory masks?

Prof Carl Heneghan: ‘Can We Trust the Gov’t COVID Death Numbers?’

UnHerd | Incredibly, Public Health England has been caught ‘double counting’ its COVID19 daily death totals.

Explained: America’s Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria

Mises University | Nothing about the current lockdown hysteria makes any sense.

Philosopher John Gray: ‘Today’s Global Shift is Bigger Than 1989’

UnHerd | How significant is this time in history compared to other major watershed moments of the last 100 years?

Hitchens: ‘Excessive COVID Fears Have Completely Changed the Country’

talkRADIO | “They deliberately stirred up excessive fear at the beginning, which has completely changed the nature of the country.”