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Harvard Bomb Hoax reveals ‘Mass Casualty Drills’ conducted in Cambridge

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*UPDATE* 20 year-old Eldo Kim, majoring in psychology at Harvard University, was allegedly behind the bomb threats via emails to the school. Authorities have claimed that the “emails were sent through a service that allows users to create anonymous email addresses free of charge.”

Was this hoax also a crackdown on internet privacy, getting the public to call for more security in the wake of a supposedly anonymous threat using a secured email service?

It seems to be quite a coincidence that the student in question, is an undergrad at the Department of Psychology

21st Century Wire says…

Tis the season…

Was the Harvard bomb hoax and UMass shooter alert a part of an active terror drill during Ivy League finals?

Economic Times reports:

“Harvard University is returning to normal after a bomb hoax Monday forced authorities to evacuate four buildings on the Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus where final exams were being given. 

University police found no trace of the alleged explosives during their investigation and they were unable to verify any specific threat against the campus or students, and so the all clear was given for the university to return to its normal activities.” 

During the past eight years, Boston has been ground zero for a number of large-scale emergency terror drills, running exercises for “oil spills, chemical attacks, active shooters, blizzards, train crashes, hurricanes and building evacuations,” according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

In October, Los Angeles Ontario International Airport conducted one such emergency drill that was identical to the shooting incident that led to the death of  TSA agentGerardo Hernandez at LAX, on the 1st of November, 2013:

It was an overwhelming display of state security assets. The exercise involved some 3oo police officers to perform an active live drill, a massive fire department presence including dozens vehicles and even more support personnel – along with teams from federal agencies FBI, ATF and DHS.”


This should come as no surprise to anyone following some of the recent mass casualty events in the Untied States, such as the Aurora theater, Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook, all of which were said to have had some type of drill prior to the “real-life” event.”

A Public Safety Symposium on March 23rd, 2013 conducted by Harvard Ambulance Director Steven Beckman, Assistant Director for Human Resources Jill Reiter, as well as many others, revealed a call for more statewide emergency preparedness drills, drills that were mentioned in an article from the Harvard Press on the ‘Ides of March’ this past year:

They first needed to strengthen trust and cooperation among Harvard’s public safety services and put their focus on education before considering a mock MCI for the town.”

In the fall of 2013, the Harvard Extension School listed a course called Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness that teaches people to respond “creatively to high-stakes and novel circumstances.”  The course focuses on the managerial process during crisis management and preparedness scenarios:

Not only traditional emergency responders (police, firefighters, and emergency medical teams) must be ready for crises, but also private and nonprofit organizations, as well as a wider spectrum of public sector responders (for example, public health, transportation, and public works).”

Given that so many “real-life” terror events have occurred during or after planned drills, this new program should be a major concern for the public, as these drills have become so prevalent and pervasive throughout the United States and seem to happen simultaneously with active events.

Was the latest incident a planned hoax, or dry-run for a future event?

Keep a close watch on crisis drills in an area near you…

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