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MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS: Was Sandy Hook Shooter Known to FBI Prior to School Massacre?

21st Century wire says…

The FBI recently released new documents regarding the bizarre and still forensically critiqued Sandy Hook elementary school shooting tragedy.

‘SANDY HOOK’ – Many questions still remain in this perplexing case.  (Photo Illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton)

KEY POINT: It’s important to remember that even though the events at Sandy Hook were said to have been carried out by a deranged lone gunman named Adam Lanza, initial reports on several CBS and ABC affiliates following the Sandy Hook mass shooting stated there was a ‘second shooter’ who was apprehended at the scene.

We should also be reminded that mainstream media reportage of the Sandy Hook tragedy took audiences down several rabbit holes of their own making, eventually implicating an unlikely suspect (left photo) with Asperger’s syndrome, in an apparently motiveless crime.

Not since the forensically questionable Columbine High School shooting massacre, had the corporate media been so fixated on a tragic shooting, focusing their efforts on politicizing the apparent crime while investigators initially offered very little in terms of evidence to support the official story. Only after public pressure and a storm of speculation (and conspiracy theories) did Connecticut state and federal officials finally release pieces of information.

On March 28th of 2013, a few short months after the Sandy Hook shooting, an article entitled “Newtown Killer’s Obsessions, in Chilling Detail” was published by the NY TimesIn that article, the public learned that the Lanza family were unknown to authorities and that there were never any disturbances at the family residence that would have prepped law enforcement prior to the school shooting:

“Two law-enforcement officials who were initially involved in the investigation said in recent interviews that the Newtown police had never been called to the Lanza home for any disturbances, and that before the shootings the family was basically unknown to the authorities.

They said they believed that Mr. Lanza had spent most of his time in the basement of the home, primarily playing a warfare video game, “Call of Duty.” 

This aspect of the story had remained virtually unquestioned until the recent release of FBI information this week – a full five years after the fact.

Earlier this week, an NBC affiliate in Connecticut published an article disclosing the newly released FBI documents regarding the Sandy Hook case. Here’s a short passage of that article:

“The documents include reports by FBI agents who interviewed people about Lanza. Large portions of many of the documents were redacted, including the names of the people who spoke to the agents.

The documents also offer a window into the early days of the investigation, as agents chased false leads and gathered evidence of Lanza’s isolation.

A year after the massacre, state police released a final investigative document that concluded Lanza was obsessed with firearms, death and mass shootings, but that the motive may never be known.”

While the article continued by placing a heavy emphasis on the media crafted stage-like persona of the alleged shooter Adam Lanza, we’re told for the first time of his alleged sexual perversions, as the video game/gun obsessed millennial, apparently also spent time analyzing mass shooting crimes.

This murky portrait of the Sandy Hook shooter finally emerges nearly five years after the media sensationalized school shooting. But perhaps the most shocking claim has come from an unnamed Newtown resident alleging that Lanza may have already been well-known to the ‘FBI or possibly the CIA’ – prior to the Sandy Hook school massacre occurring:

“A Newtown resident told the FBI that Nancy Lanza said Adam had once hacked into a government computer system and federal authorities — either FBI or CIA agents — showed up at their door.

Nancy Lanza told the person that she had to convince the agents that her son was just very intelligent and was challenging himself to see if he could hack into a government system. She said agents told her that if Adam was that smart, he could get a job with their agency someday.”

This new information has major implications for the official Sandy Hook story, and yet, it is being completely glossed over by the mainstream media.

QUESTION: Why is the public just now learning that Lanza may have already been known to authorities via his government computer hack – and why wouldn’t various intelligence agencies continue to monitor his behavior after committing an illegal act and federal felony crime with potential national security implications?

The troubling Sandy Hook saga continues to produce more questions than it does answers.

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