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REVEALED: FBI Aided, Abetted ‘ISIS’ Terrorist Attack at ‘Mohammed Cartoon Event’ in Garland, Texas

Daily Shooter | In Garland, as with so many other high profile ‘terror’ and mass shooting events, 21WIRE’s investigations have turned out to correct, while the mainstream media have been completely wrong.

BATTLE OVER PRIVACY: Why the FBI’s Case Against Apple is Falling Apart

Shawn Helton | The ongoing encryption saga between Apple and the FBI heats up.

YEAR IN REVIEW: 2015 Top Ten Conspiracies

Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton | Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to look back at the wild rumble that was 2015…

Lafayette Shooting: Echoes of Theatrical Mass-Killings & Emergency Drills

Shawn Helton | What’s behind the Acadian Ambulance connection and the event in Lafayette?

TRIPLE TERROR ATTACK: What’s Behind the Events in France, Tunisia and Kuwait?

Shawn Helton | What will come next in the global theater play of security and terror, as we approach the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings?

Ugly America: Another Staged ‘Mohammed Cartoon’ Event in Phoenix

Daily Shooter | Organizers claim they are “utilizing our right to freedom of speech”, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Garland Shooting Event Revised – Shining a Spotlight on FBI’s Role Before Attack

Shawn Helton | Details in the Garland cartoon shooting have changed, as spotlight shines on the intelligence community.

Garland Shooter Elton Simpson ‘Handled’ By Paid FBI Informant

Daily Shooter | Court papers reveal that ‘gunman’ suspect was under FBI surveillance and had his own federal handler too.

Hebdo Redux in Garland, Texas? ‘Mohammed Cartoon’ Shooting Reeks of a Staged False Flag

Daily Shooter | This ridiculous event has all the tell-tale signs of a staged incident.

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