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Hitchens on UK COVID Crisis: ‘We Face Months of Continuing Idiocy’

21WIRE | “Eventually there will be an accounting for this. It ought to be soon, and I hope it will be.”

Hitchens: ‘In many people’s eyes, the UK’s Lockdown is already over’

Talk Radio | Concerns are even more real now about long term economic damage done as a result of lockdown policy.

Hitchens: ‘Coronavirus Lockdown is Like a National Heart Attack’

Talk Radio | Lockdown governments are now faced with the horrific conundrum of not being able to exit their own failed policy decision.

A Voice of Reason in Storm of Corona Hysteria

Peter Hitchens | Restricting civil liberties, locking down a healthy population, and stalling a healthy economy is extremely dangerous – risking irreparable harm to individuals, society and the nation, and will ultimately threaten our very way of life.

Peter Hitchens Dismantles the Government’s Lockdown Policy

John Anderson Show | Questioning the validity of the extreme actions democratic governments are taking around the world to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Hitchens: ‘Why the Left Think They Are Better’

Peter Hitchens | From where does the political Left derive its self-belief of moral superiority from?

Hitchens: Why the West Repeatedly Misrepresents Russia

Peter Hitchens | Can the West overcome its own self-induced collective psychosis about all things Russian?

Peter Hitchens: How Tony Blair and New Labour Ruined Britain

Peter Hitchens | A brilliant exposure of one of the biggest political frauds in modern times.

Peter Hitchens: ‘UK is a Doomed Society For Young People’

Peter Hitchens | For those who are able to get past the Establishment’s banal ‘Trump’ and ‘Brexit’ talking points, much deeper socioeconomic problems start to emerge.

Peter Hitchens on Britian’s Attitude Towards Russia and the Skripal Poisoning

Peter Hitchens | Discussing the problems with Skripal case with leading British columnist.