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Dr Michael Yeadon: ‘Strong Evidence’ of COVID Herd Immunity in the UK

Dr Mike Yeadon, a former chief scientific adviser for respiratory research with Pfizer, has claimed there is “strong evidence” that the UK has developed some herd immunity against coronavirus.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, the lockdown sceptic said that herd immunity is evident by a number of proven facts including “lack” of COVID deaths happening in metropolitan centres like London.

Yeadon said he would accept any vaccine provided it was well developed, eg. went through all proper safety and efficacy research, and also if it ‘fulfilled as health need,’ both of which do not appear to be evident in this case.

“It was about 200-250 a day seven months ago. I checked three days ago, it was nine – so about 90-95% lower”.

Yeadon also voiced concerns over the mass roll out of the newly approved Pfizer and BioNTech jab, because it was “too early” to know its the long term safety or effectiveness. Watch:


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