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INTERVIEW: ‘Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran Unite to Refuse a Kurdish State in Syria’

Steven Sahiounie | Despite US attempts to divide them, both countries still share the same interest in securing their border and the elimination of terrorist and separatist groups.

INTERVIEW: Sam Husseini – ‘Biden Escalates in Iraq, Syria and Yemen’

TNT Radio | The U.S. are inflaming the situation across the Middle East with the recent wave of air strikes.

INTERVIEW: Dr. Mohammad Marandi – ‘Iran and The New Middle East’

SUNDAY WIRE | The position of the “Axis of Resistance” and the formation of a New Middle East.

INTERVIEW: Trish Wood – ‘Trudeau & Israel’s Genocide of Palestinians in Gaza’

TNT Radio | Why are Western governments continuing to support Israel’s genocide in Gaza?

Middle East on Edge as US Launches ‘Retaliatory Strikes’ on ‘Iranian Proxies’ in Syria and Iraq

21WIRE | While war hawks in US celebrate the missile barrages, the reality is that the US position in the region is completely exposed.

After Israel Strikes Damascus, Middle East Braces for US Attack, ‘Possibly Hours Away’

21WIRE | Mixed messaging coming from the White House show the US doesn’t have a clear idea of what they are doing in the region.

INTERVIEW: Chay Bowes – ‘Gaza and Yemen + Ukraine’s Collapse’

SUNDAY WIRE | Yemen’s showdown in the Red Sea and why the US always historically backs violent extremist factions across the globe.

‘Swarming’ the US in West Asia, Until it Folds

21WIRE | The state of play: The U.S. have created too many enemies in the region, with no viable path left that would legitimise their imperial posture.

INTERVIEW: Syrian Girl – ‘Reaction to ICJ Genocide Ruling’

TNT Radio | After the ICJ ruling, Israel’s global brand is now damaged beyond repair. What happens next? 

INTERVIEW: Leila Hatoum – ‘Air Drop Aid For Gaza + ICJ Reaction’

TNT Radio | The campaign for Jordan to increase air-drop aid for Gaza, and reactions to ICJ genocide ruling against Israel.

INTERVIEW: Yasser Almohallil – ‘Yemen’s Sanctions on Israel Explained’

SUNDAY WIRE | Yemen’s Ansar Allah government’s official position regarding the genocide in Gaza, and Israeli vessels and cargo in the Red Sea.

INTERVIEW: Basil Valentine & Freddie Ponton – ‘Analysis: ICJ Genocide Ruling’

TNT Radio | The ICJ Genocide ruling at a glance.

INTERVIEW: Trish Wood – ‘Gaza, Genocide and Trudeau’

TNT Radio | Why is it that Western governments continue to support Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza?

INTERVIEW: Leila Hatoum and Yousef Mawry – ‘Yemen and Axis of Resistance’

SUNDAY WIRE | The US and its allies have declared war on Yemen’s Ansar Allah government. How will the Axis of Resistance respond?

Ballistic Missiles May Have Been Used in Strike on US Base in Iraq

Zero Hedge | Another indicator that the US position in Iraq is completely indefensible.

Iraq Wants to Give the Boot to US Occupation Troops

21WIRE | The Pentagon still claims it’s there to ‘fight ISIS’, but Baghdad is calling Washington’s bluff.

INTERVIEW: Marwa Osman – ‘Gaza & Lebanon Escalation’

TNT Radio | Hezbollah have raised the stakes after destroying an entire Israeli military base in Lebanon, as Yemen also joins the fray. 

Not Much Time Left To Save Julian Assange From Extradition

21WIRE | Assange will likely face the prospect of being buried alive for decades in some federal dungeon.

INTERVIEW: Tulsi Gabbard on ‘Wokery and The Military Industrial Complex’

21WIRE | Former US Congresswoman from Hawaii takes on a number of big issues facing America and the world.

Never Mind Who Lost Syria, Who the Hell Lost Saudi Arabia?

Peter Ford | As the Kingdom begins to face east, the US empire is losing one of its greatest assets in maintaining its global empire.

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