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Shooting near Pittsburgh high school reveals ‘active shooter drills’ in region

21st Century Wire says…

Another shooting, another drill?

IMAGE: Pittsburgh Brashear High School 

Local news reports have stated that three students were shot Wednesday afternoon near Brashear High school in Pittsburgh, no arrests have been made.

IMAGE: A show of force – local police and SWAT teams deployed to lock down the surrounding area.

Lisa Sylvester from WXPI a local affliate in Pittsburgh, said that the suspects were seen “wearing all black” and coming out of the woods near Brashear High School firing at the students before exiting into the surrounding tree lined area.

One of the three victims is said to be in critical condition.

Currently, police are said to have apprehended five or six persons of interest. Early reports claimed the shooting was directly outside the school.

At the moment there is  no known motive or information about the weapon or weapons used. 

Diane Richard of the Pittsburgh police, gave a news brief around just after 4pm EST where she was quoted as saying: ” We do have units out that are looking for actors.”

Given the circumstances this was a strange description, why wouldn’t you say suspects – instead of actors?

Over the course of the last year, Pennsylvania police, as well as those in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area have been conducting a number of “active shooter drills” at local schools and education centers. We’ve seen the trend of ‘active drills’ coinciding with shooting media events all too often in the past year, whether it was the Aurora theater shooting, Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombing, and now most recently the LAX shooting. 

The LAPD ran drills at the L.A. /Ontario airport with the exact shooting scenario which was said to have taken place in LAX.

In January of this year another active shooting drill was conducted at South Fayette High School in McDonald, Pennsylvania as part of a regular “mock emergency drill” under the guidance of the Texas based group, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT):

The group of officers, who make up the CharWest Council of Government, were dispatched throughout the hallways of South Fayette High School. There were several different scenarios they had to respond to, but all included an armed person inside the building.”

John Leininger, who is with the South Fayette Township Police Department stated this following the drill:

We incorporate using simunition rounds, which are basically like paint rounds.”

Continuing, he added: 

And again we just put the officers under stress, and dispatch, possibly involving an active shooter in the school district.”

IMAGE: 2012 ALERRT Conference

ALERRT, is said to have be working in conjunction with the FBI and was apparently established after the Columbine shooting.

In April of 2013, there was another shooting drill conducted by Clairton police at  Clairton High School. 

Mass casualty drills seemingly serve to traumatize and desensitize the public with their choreographed violence…

We knew this was coming and we knew this was an exercise.”

Watch for more breaking news at 21wire, as this story develops…

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