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Since March 2015, the US and UK have used client states Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to wage a brutal and illegal proxy war against the country of Yemen. 21WIRE has exposed many aspects of this dark operation which readers can find in our extensive archive of articles, audio interviews and videos here...

INTERVIEW: Yousef Mawry – Yemen Just Raised Military Stakes in Region

TNT Radio | Yemen changes the balance of power away from Western-allied Gulf powers in the region.

INTERVIEW: Yousef Mawry – U.S. and UK Bomb Yemen, Killing Dozens

TNT Radio | America ‘quietly’ bombs Yemen, killing dozens of civilians.

INTERVIEW: Yousef Mawry – Yemen Escalates Maritime Sanctions Against Israel

TNT Radio | Yemen steps-up the naval blockade of ships they deem to be helping Israel in its ongoing genocide.

INTERVIEW: Yousef Mawry – Iran & The Axis of Resistance

TNT Radio | What we can expect from Tehran as well as the rest of Axis of Resistance?

INTERVIEW: Leila Hatoum – How Will Iran Respond to Israel’s Attack?

TNT Radio | As Israel attempts to draw the US into conflict with Iran, we ask: what’s next for the region?

INTERVIEW: Leila Hatoum – ‘Analysis & Updates: Rafah, South Lebanon and Yemen’

TNT Radio | The Axis of Resistance in the Middle East continues to improve its capabilities and reach. 

Red Sea Crisis Sends Maersk Shares Crashing As Outlook Darkens

21WIRE | War underwriters have raised their premiums on global shipping. What next?

INTERVIEW: Sam Husseini – ‘Biden Escalates in Iraq, Syria and Yemen’

TNT Radio | The U.S. are inflaming the situation across the Middle East with the recent wave of air strikes.

INTERVIEW: Dr. Mohammad Marandi – ‘Iran and The New Middle East’

SUNDAY WIRE | The position of the “Axis of Resistance” and the formation of a New Middle East.

INTERVIEW: Chay Bowes – ‘Gaza and Yemen + Ukraine’s Collapse’

SUNDAY WIRE | Yemen’s showdown in the Red Sea and why the US always historically backs violent extremist factions across the globe.

INTERVIEW: Yasser Almohallil – ‘Yemen’s Sanctions on Israel Explained’

SUNDAY WIRE | Yemen’s Ansar Allah government’s official position regarding the genocide in Gaza, and Israeli vessels and cargo in the Red Sea.

INTERVIEW: Leila Hatoum and Yousef Mawry – ‘Yemen and Axis of Resistance’

SUNDAY WIRE | The US and its allies have declared war on Yemen’s Ansar Allah government. How will the Axis of Resistance respond?

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton – ‘WEF at Davos: Ramifications for Geopolitics’

TNT Radio | The 2024 geopolitical climate is more volatile than ever. 

Episode #494 – ‘Yemen and Goliath’ with guest Leila Hatoum, Yousef Mawry

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Your weekly omnibus news and analysis radio program and podcast.

European Powers ‘Back-Out’ of US-led Bombing of Yemen

21WIRE | More Europeans are now getting cold feet over this Anglo-American escalation.

ANALYSIS: ‘Yemen is Blocking US Hegemony in West Asia’

21WIRE | The West are now discovering what the “Axis of Resistance” is, and what leverage it has.

INTERVIEW: Sam Husseini – ‘Stop Israel in Gaza – Invoke the Genocide Convention’

TNT Radio | Invoking the International Genocide Convention to stop Israel from massacring the native Palestinian population in Gaza.

INTERVIEW: Marwa Osman – ‘Gaza & Lebanon Escalation’

TNT Radio | Hezbollah have raised the stakes after destroying an entire Israeli military base in Lebanon, as Yemen also joins the fray. 

INTERVIEW: Marwa Osman – ‘Israeli Bombing, Invasion of Gaza Could Trigger Regional War’

TNT Radio | Israeli officials are ordering Palestinians to “leave Gaza or die” with no regard for collateral damage.

Iran Reopens Embassy in Saudi Arabia After Seven Years

21WIRE | A historic breakthrough in diplomacy has left many hopefully that real stability and peace may now return to the region.

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