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What is NATO? What are they up around the world? Read our extensive archive of NATO activity and learn more about this globalist instrument of war...

10 Signs That Global War is Rapidly Approaching

Michael Snyder | The signs are worrying: we are in far more trouble than most people realize.

NATO’s Proxy War Against Russia in Ukraine: How Close to Armageddon?

Propagada in Focus | This is a terrible, horrific war, and one that is historically unprecedented.

INTERVIEW: Dr. Piers Robinson – 9/11 Redux + NATO False Flag?

TNT Radio | Is NATO preparing a large false flag event in Europe?

Why NATO and Europe Are Concerned After Biden-Trump Debate

The Press United | Biden’s public display of senility continues to shake the confidence of the western hegemonic institutions.

Col. Douglas Macgregor: ‘Ukraine Nearing the End, Netanyahu Desperate’

Judging Freedom | Is Israel attempting to trigger a wider regional war in order to drag the United States into a WWIII situation?

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton – Casualties of U.S. Irregular Warfare

TNT Radio | Everyone is paying the price for U.S. unconventional warfare.

Lavrov on Death of International Diplomacy: ‘West is Unable to Negotiate’

21WIRE | US client states are now willing to sabotage any international agreement – at Washington’s orders.

INTERVIEW: Larry Johnson – War Crime: Ukraine, NATO Attack on Crimea

TNT Radio | Was the latest missile attack by US-Ukraine on a beach in Sevastopol designed to derail peace negotiations?

INTERVIEW: Arnaud Develay – Exposing NATO’s Role in Crimea & Dagestan Attacks

TNT Radio | Ukraine-NATO and Western intelligence are using attacks in Dagestan to increase tension in Russia.

Russian Intel: ‘West Plan to Replace Zelensky is Underway’

21WIRE | The clock is ticking before the dramatic season finale of Servant of the People.

Russia Fears a NATO Attack – Here’s Why

21WIRE | Will this hubris lead to a global conflagration?

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton – NATO’s New Leadership + EU Does Damage Control Mode

TNT Radio | The EU is proving to be the world’s most undemocratic institution.

INTERVIEW: Dan Kovalik – ‘U.S. Plays Dangerous Game In Ukraine’

TNT Radio | Why is Washington openly arming Nazi militants in Ukraine?

Intel Chief: Russia’s Next Peace Offer Could Come with ‘Tougher Terms’ for Kiev

21WIRE | There are no benefits for Ukraine to continue fighting this losing endeavor.

INTERVIEW: Ilay Aksoy – Turkey Turns to BRICS?

TNT Radio | Will the geopolitical balance shift when Turkey joins the BRICS alliance?

INTERVIEW: Mats Nilsson – ‘European Elections Are Not What You Think’

TNT Radio | Will the latest EU election results really change anything?

Scott Ritter: ‘Washington is Risking Nuclear War’

Judging Freedom | Can the collective West pull back from the brink?

REPORT: The West Now ‘Losing Trust’ in Ukraine, Zelensky

21WIRE | An unhinged Zelensky is now purging ministers, and anyone else which the regime believes might expose their corruption.

INTERVIEW: Tarik Cyril Amar – How Germany and Europe Are Being Pushed Into War

TNT Radio | Washington and its partners are intent on pushing Europe into a major war with Russia.

INTERVIEW: Lt Col Daniel Davis – Russia Early Warning Nuclear Radar Targeted By Ukraine-US

TNT Radio | Is Ukraine provoking a nuclear exchange with Russia with the assistance of the U.S. and NATO?

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