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LAX Shooting: A Made-for-TV Drama? Part 1

21st Century Wire says…


‘The Hype and the Fear’, this episode is courtesy of FOX News.

Here’s one ‘couple’ who seemed to get all the right lines in before the camera finally cut…

So FOX News interviews this lovely couple, ‘Mark & Audrey Henry’, who’ve just survived the horrific LAX lone gunman, anti-government, AR-15 shooting. OK, roll camera…

FOX: “I noticed you’re only wearing one shoe…!”

Audrey: “Yes, I’ve only got one shoe…”
“It was like a dream, it wasn’t real, it was like a mooovie…
“We started flooding through the screening area, TSA was RIGHT WITH us…”
“I’m scared… I don’t know if we’re still safe” (as she stands safely outside among TV crew, firemen and police).
“They say that could still be a gunman on the roof…”
(now she’s over doing it a bit, so FOX presenter moves in quickly, steps in for his monologue…)

“Now the bomb squad has to go through the entire terminal and make sure that all those bags are ‘clear’…”

(Wait a minute, didn’t all those bags go through TSA checkpoint to begin with? Oh, never mind)

Audrey starts up again: ‘We were separated from his dad and mom, his (husband actor) dad has health issues, he has a heart condition and…’

Still, throughout all Audrey’s crying and emotion’, never once does husband Mark put his arm around her, or make any body contact with the wife. Sack the acting coach.

Mark: “My question is, are TSA agents… are they armed? Because they were running away with us – I’d think they’d be there to ‘keep us safe’, I didn’t know if they were armed or not. Kind of scary when they’re running WITH us…” 

Great commentary Mark, we get the idea – the federal government needs to arm the TSA workers in airports, or maybe even military troops. Thank you for that talking point Mark, really.

Alright folks, that’s a wrap. Break for lunch…

Most will agree that the acting for camera on this scene of the production was just a bit over the top.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue