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REVEALED: Zelensky Delayed Banning of Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Order to Secure U.S. Aid

SPECIAL REPORT | Unbeknown to many in the western sphere, widespread religious persecution has been taking place in Ukraine at the hands of the Zelensky government.

Germany Confirms: ‘We Will Execute ICC Arrest Warrants Against Netanyahu, Gallant’

21WIRE | A German spokesperson says their government will act on determination of the ICC regarding Israeli war crimes.

Former UK Ambassador to Iran: ‘Western Idealism Has in Middle East Has Been Disastrous’

UnHerd | Insightful interview on how wildly misguided western policies for Iran have been.

No Survivors Found at Crash Site of Iranian Helicopter Carrying President and FM

21WIRE | Iranian Red Crescent confirms there are ‘no signs of life’ among passengers traveling on board the downed craft.

U.S. Court Rules University’s Covid Vaccine Mandate Was Illegal, Opening Door to Massive Lawsuits

Zachary Stieber | Universities and administrators around the country could now be pursued legally for their reckless authoritarian power-grabs during the Covid hysteria.

Zelensky Blames ‘Whole World’ for Ukraine’s Failure in Kharkov

21WIRE | Ukrainian actor is wallowing in abject horror at the realisation that Russian has gained the upper hand in region.

Trudeau’s Horrific Blueprint for Canada’s Dystopian ‘Hate Speech’ Bill

Racket News | Sure, you may think you have rights and freedoms, but ‘only within reasonable limits’ prescribed by this new Orwellian law. 

The Davos Class is Desperate

The Bomb Thrower | It’s now pretty clear that the Davos class is desperate and scared, as is evidenced by their panicking luminaries.

Episode #505 – ‘Iran and The West’ with guest Dr. Sam Torabi

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

FM: Russia May Strike Britain’s Military Facilities if Westminster Threats Materialise

TASS | ‘If such a scenario is implemented, Russia reserves the right to respond accordingly.’

‘Madkind vs Mankind’ – A Race Against Time

Julian Rose | ‘The Great Reset’ is the appropriately named most recent clock-setting event initiated by ‘Madkind’.

Ukraine Creditors Form Committee to Try and Claw Back Their Money

21WIRE | “Now we know the debt is unsustainable, it doesn’t make sense to kick the can down the road.” 

Belgium Prepares Sanctions Against Israel

21WIRE | ‘Can we now simply continue with Israel as a trading partner?’

Episode #504 – ‘Reclaiming the Internet’ with guest Larry Sanger

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

Cameron: ‘Ukraine Can Use British Weapons to Strike Russia’

21WIRE | British FM believes that Ukraine ‘has the right’ to use UK arms to strike targets inside Russia.

Turkey Announces Sanctions Against Israel – Will Halt All Trade With Regime in Tel Aviv

21WIRE | The government in Ankara are citing ‘the worsening humanitarian tragedy.’

EXCLUSIVE: The Roots of U.S. Corruption in Ukraine – Interview with Andriy Derkach

Patrick Henningsen | A stunning account of US influence and corruption in Ukraine, the fate of Zelensky, and new revelations about the Nord Stream sabotage.

New Study: Cable News Viewers Have More Hawkish Views on Israel’s War on Gaza War

21WIRE | A new survey on media consumption shows why Americans are so polarised on the issue of Israel and Palestine.

SES and Intelsat Join Forces to Compete With Starlink

21WIRE | Will Starlink maintain its monopoly on satellite internet?

Bucking the Trend: Can Ukraine Avoid Its Path Into Oblivion?

Arnaud Develay | The link between Burisma and terrorism has now been made, but will US officials act to avert a looming disaster?

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