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(VIDEO) Paris Hero Spencer Stone In Night Club Brawl

21WIRE | Watch as gay club brawl spills out on to city streets last night.

Paris ‘Train Attack Hero’ Stabbed During Gay Club Bust-Up in Sacramento

DAILY SHOOTER | First class Airman and American hero caught up in a violent brawl at the city’s number one gay club.

Breaking the Fear Factor: War, Financial Fraud, State Terrorism and Propaganda

Peter Koening | Fear everywhere but worry not: America is there to help.

‘Let’s Roll’ Part Deux: American (Military) Tourists Thwart ‘Random ISIS Attack’ in Paris

Daily Shooter | Now if you are thinking to yourself, ‘what are odds of that?’ – you’re not alone.

Garland Shooter Elton Simpson ‘Handled’ By Paid FBI Informant

Daily Shooter | Court papers reveal that ‘gunman’ suspect was under FBI surveillance and had his own federal handler too.

Hebdo Redux in Garland, Texas? ‘Mohammed Cartoon’ Shooting Reeks of a Staged False Flag

Daily Shooter | This ridiculous event has all the tell-tale signs of a staged incident.

HEBDO U-TURN: In France Nearly 100 Jailed for ‘Defending Terrorism’ and Other Speech Crimes

21WIRE | French officials have been busy locking up its citizens for various ‘speech violations’ and other thought crimes.

Hebdo Part Deux in Denmark: ‘ISIS-Inspired’ Gunmen Attack Cartoonist and Synagogue

21WIRE | If this was a false flag, the staging could not have been any better.

Free Speech? British Police Hunt Down Buyers of Charlie Hebdo

21WIRE + The Guardian | The witch hunting, and the descent into absolute tyranny, begins.

Facebook’s New ‘Chinese-style’ Political Censorship System Goes Global?

21WIRE + Examiner | Now is the time to voice your opinion on this issue, before a Chinese-style system gains traction.

Hebdo’s Hangover and The Globalist Jihad

Daniel Spaulding | The usual suspects have called on the West to “stand up for liberal principles”, but what exactly are those principles?

Mockingbird: US Media Sets Stage For Yemen ‘Military Intervention’ Ahead of SOTU

21WIRE | CNN’s dazzling display of pre-war propaganda, in preparation for Obama’s SOTU tomorrow.

HEBDO CHASE: Anti-Terror Raids ‘Rolled Out’ After Paris Attacks Fraudulent Narrative

21WIRE + RT | The Paris Attacks served as a jagged catalyst for the security apparatus and media, while clouding the public conversation with highly deceptive propaganda.

Another Fake FBI ‘Terror Plot’ – Informant Frames Christopher Lee Cornell in Ohio

21WIRE | The latest high-profile ‘terror bust’ in the US yields a classic case of entrapment.

BBC Reporter Tim Wilcox Forced To Apologize For Making Comments Sympathetic To Palestinians at Paris Rally

21WIRE | BBC anchor falls foul of the the lobby, now fighting for his career.

Turkish President Says the Unsayable: ‘West is Behind Charlie Hebdo False Flag Attacks’

21WIRE + Mail Online | Erdogan is not the only senior Turkish politician publicly voicing false flag accusations at Western and Israeli intelligence agencies.

Mockingbird Fail: CNN ‘Reporter’ Chris Cuomo Calls French Terrorist ‘African-American’, Before CIA Handler Steps in to Correct Him

21WIRE + Mediate | CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo in full propaganda mode this week.

The Charlie Hebdo Attack: Geo-politics, Eurocentrism, Islamophobia, and ‘Blowback Theory’

Dr. Can Erimtan | Zbig’s big idea was that “Islamic forces could be used against the Soviet Union – and we’re still suffering his corrupt legacy it today.

VOILA: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist

Jay Dyer | Have the recent terror events in Paris met these criteria? Yes, they have.

The Charlie Hebdo False Flag in Paris: Theory, Evidence and Motive

Stuart J. Hooper | A definitive article presenting a theory of false flag terrorism in relation to evidence and motives available for the case of the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris.

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