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“Be Awesome & Do Cool Sh*t!” – R.I.P. Brian ‘Chopper’ Wilcox

BOILER ROOM | Join the Boiler Room in some memories of our friend and colleague, Brian Wilcox, aka ‘Chopper,’ who sadly passed away on August 15th, 2023.

What Kinds of Hazards Trigger a Product Safety Recall?

Alternate Current Radio | Mark Anderson and Hesher, on Boiler Room discussing how and why the vast majority of consumer products are recalled if show to be even slightly unsafe. Why is this not the case with pharmaceuticals?

Patrick Henningsen On Boiler Room: What Is Your Compelling Future?

Alternate Current Radio | Patrick Henningsen on the Boiler Room podcast talking about what it means to thrive in the current societal environment and the importance of holding a compelling future close.

BOILER ROOM: The COVID ‘Global Cities’ Agenda with Patrick Henningsen and Mark Anderson

BOILER ROOM | Discussing the outrageous overreach of multiple US Governors in response to COVID and its roots in the “global cities” initiatives.

Shawn Helton on Boiler Room – PARKLAND REVISITED – Boiler Room EP #212

Boiler Room | Hesher and Shawn Helton meet in the BOILER ROOM to discuss the Parkland mass shooting event, one year after that fateful day. The timeline, the anomalies, the media misdirection, power politics and the effect on the public.

Culture War To Infinity and Beyond – Boiler Room EP #203

Boiler Room | Say goodbye to political correctness, NPCs beware, propagandist mass media cartel operatives take cover! Boiler Room is back to take on the Culture War for the first show of 2019.

Poisoned Public Discourse & G9 New Word Police With Guest, Mark Anderson – Boiler Room EP #194

Boiler Room | Mark Anderson of TheTruthHound.com joins the Boiler Room for a discussion on the poisoning of public discourse by the Mass Media Cartels and the formation of a new G9 World Order initiative in direct response to the resurgence of nationalism.

Blame Orange Man and the Trojan Caravan – Boiler Room EP #189

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore and the Boiler Room Social Rejects Gang are back! Get ready for a wild look into the news stories of the week with that special Boiler Room irreverence.

The ‘Torture Experience’ & Soy-Boi Apocalypse – Boiler Room EP #187

Alternate Current Radio | Hesh, Spore, Jay Dyer, Jamie Hanshaw, Randy J and Infidel Pharaoh for this meeting of the ACR Brain-trust. Get ready for a wild look into the news stories of the week with that special Boiler Room irreverence.

Kavanaugh Coverage & Airborne/Subterranean Cartel Invasion with Mark Anderson

Alternate Current Radio | Special report with Hesher and Mark Anderson. Mark continues his breakdown of border issues for a look at the realities of human & contraband trafficking and Mark covers the Kavanaugh hearing from Capital Hill.

Rage Against Fake Everything and The Liberal World Order Downfall – Boiler Room #179

Alternate Current Radio | Boiler Room returns for its weekly analysis of all things interwebz, news, events and oddities.

Political Censorship of InfoWars and Ron Paul Institute – Dialectics in Action – Boiler Room EP #176

Alternate Current Radio | The Boiler Gang explores the recent coordinated attacks against InfoWars and other popular media outlets by Facebook, Apple, Google and Spotify. What does this mean for ALL citizens of the United States and of the Interwebz!?

NXIVM Cult and Eyes Wide Shut Style Pedocracy – Boiler Room EP #175

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer, Fvnk$oul and Max explore the questions: Was the Trump/Russia Collusion narrative a smoke screen to obscure the real story? Should the REAL story be MSM/Deep State Collusion to protect sex cults?

Radioactive Buzz Lightyear Lands on Epstein Island – Boiler Room #174

Boiler Room | Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer, Max and Infidel Pharaoh talk potentially radioactive wines, TedX presenters attempting to normalize sexualization of minors and just what did Buzz Aldrin mean when telling an 8 year old that ‘we never went’?

Everything is Toxic, Problematic and Russian – Boiler Room #173

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer, Randy J and Infidel Pharaoh talk SCOTUS, Immigration hysteria (feces flinging protesters), the ‘walkaway’ hashtag gone Russian, colleges vs. toxic masculinity and more.

The Purge – 2nd Civil War 101 – SCOTUS Hysteria – Land Rights – Boiler Room #172

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Max Fvnk$oul and Infidel Pharaoh talk SCOTUS Hysteria, Brexit, Trump v NATO, Turkey, Middle East Policy, weapons of mass migration, “rights” for robots dinosaurs and clones, Trump Pardoning the Hammond ranchers, abortion and more.

Trump-North Korea (Art of the Deal) & Trump-Russia (Two Years of Fraud) – Boiler Room EP #165

Alternate Current Radio| Hesher, Patrick Henningsen & Daniel Spaulding discussing the Trump/Russia phenomenon and the upcoming meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Gun Control vs. Boiler Room – EP #151

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher and the ACR-Braintrust gather the A-team to debrief from SXSW in Austin TX and discuss what’s new(s) since our last meeting.

BOILER ROOM special LIVE show from SXSW Festival, Texas USA – EP #150

ACR Radio | Join the crew for very special LIVE broadcast of The Boiler Room ‘off broadway’ at SXSW Festival in Austin.

Not Socially Viable – The Social Rejects Club: Boiler Room – EP #149

Alternate Current Radio | The ACR Brain Trust cutting up the cards of political correctness, discussing the social media services ramping up their efforts to silence dissenting voices, socialism in the form of free government breast implants and much more.

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