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Delving deeper into the world of America's unexpected chief executive who, for better or worse, is actively reshaping US and international political conventions...


Tucker: The System Was Rigged Against One Candidate

Tucker Carlson | In breathtaking fashion, the deck was overwhelmingly stacked against the incumbent.

Sidney Powell on Election Fraud Revelations: ‘It will be BIBLICAL’

NewsMax | The President’s legal team claims to have ground-breaking evidence of election fraud, but how strong is their case?

Andrew Neil Challenges Candace Owens on Trump’s Election Fraud Case

Spectator TV | What are Trump’s prospects with his election challenge, and can the Republic Party sustain its current surge without him?

Ingraham on Biden’s Great Reset: ‘Get Ready for the Fight of Your Life’

21WIRE | An agenda forged by unelected technocrats on which citizens never had a chance to vote on. 

INTERVIEW: Tim Canova on Real Election Fraud in USA

21WIRE | No doubt about it: voter fraud and election fraud are a very real and widespread problem in the America.

Michigan Election Canvasser Blows Whistle After Being Threatened by Democrats

21WIRE | Election whistleblower reveals a culture of partisan intimidation by Democrats.

Trump’s Legal Team Presents Substantial Evidence of Election Fraud, Vote Machine Tampering

21WIRE | Team confirms that the President be challenging to the results of the 2020 election.  

Trey Gowdy: ‘We Should Have Zero Margin of Error in Our Elections’

21WIRE | Former US Congressman warns of danger of brushing shoddy elections under the rug.

NEW POLL: 86% of Trump Voters Say Biden ‘Did Not Legitimately Win’ Election

21WIRE + YouGov | Pollsters admit to ‘troubling findings’ about public confidence in US elections.

Giuliani Revealed Evidence in Election Fraud Cases in Michigan and Pennsylvania

21WIRE | Evidence continues to grow regarding illegal election fraud in multiple states.

Iowa: Republican House Candidate Moves Ahead After Ballot Audit Uncovers ‘Error’

Townhall | Evidence of election fraud continues to mount all over the country.

Introducing The Biden-Harris Paid-For Online Troll Farm

Patrick Henningsen | Taking online trolling and bot farms to a whole new level this election cycle.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Presents Evidence of Election Fraud

21WIRE | White House vows to fight on with contesting the 2020 election result in states where fraud has been detected.

INTERVIEW: Mark Crispin Miller on US Election Theft

21WIRE | Can this controversy be resolved, or will it be consigned to the dustbin of political scandals?

Mike Pompeo Tells Reporters ‘President Trump Will Have a Second Term’

21WIRE | Reporters taken aback by Secretary of State’s comments on the ‘peaceful transition of power.’

Graham: FBI Knew Hillary Clinton Invented the ‘Russia Hacking’ Narrative in Sept 2016

21WIRE | More evidence that the entire Russiagate narrative was pure fiction invented by the Clinton campaign and Obama administration.

Tucker: ‘Let’s Repeal Our National Dishonesty Mandate’

21WIRE | DOJ now pursuing ‘substantial allegations’ of voter irregularities, while the MSM are declaring Biden as their new Commander ‘n Chief.

National Poll: Half of Americans Think Biden is Illegitimate, One Third Say Trump Won

21WIRE | These numbers should send shockwaves through the DNC and the Biden-Harris camp.

Trump’s Legal Battle: Constitutional vs the Political Arguments Explained

21WIRE | Can the mainstream media really ‘call’ the winner of US elections?

Victor Davis Hanson on US Election and Current State of the Union

John Anderson Show | In America, the ultimate winners and losers of the election are yet to be decided.