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YEAR IN REVIEW: 2015 Top Ten Conspiracies

Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton

21st Century Wire

With the year coming to a close, it’s time to take stock of some of the more gripping conspiratorial events and stories covered by 21WIRE over the past year. Once again, it was a year that defied reason or logic the world over. From Paris to Palmyra, San Bernardino to Sanaa, or from Roanoke to Raqqa – there’s never been a year like 2015.

As was the case in 2014, there were a number of other high-profile news stories we could have included in this year’s conspiratorial exposé but within our top ten list, we’ve chosen to focus on not only the most important events, but also the most improbable ones as well. While CNN and other majors spent the summer doing a live reenactment of Prison Break ala milk toast, we remained busy digging into the false flag terror, NGO soft power complex, Operation GLADIO 2.0 and deconstructing the active-shooter paradox.

However, it’s worth mentioning some of the more notable stories from the year that didn’t make the top ten – such as the FBI-linked Chris Lee Cornell entrapment ‘terror’ plot, the Baltimore Riots that ensued after a local drug dealer, Freddy Gray, died while in police custody (a reboot of the Michael Brown saga), Tunisia’s mysterious Sousse Resort Shooting, the polarizing rise of reality TV star and real estate mogul Donald Trump into American politics, the bizarre death of a British journalist at a Turkish airport, Europe’s Great Migrant Crisis, the Greek euro-crisis and the rise and fall of Syriza, the formation of a New EU Army, the exposing of a faux NGO known as the White Helmets in Syria, the intensity of terrorist activity by Boko Haram in West Africa, and the emergence of the Iran Nuclear Deal, an explosive foreign policy drama that has only just started to unfold.

We hope you’ll find that this is the best ‘conspiracy countdown’ on the web this holiday season.

Below is our Top Ten list of conspiracies from 2015 – a year which saw the rise of the active shooter, ISIS going global, and a plethora of other synthetic plots, consensus realities and geopolitical memes…

10. The 
Burning of a Jordanian Pilot – This was perhaps the most dramatic production in the now infamous ‘ISIS Video Series’. The alleged burning of captured Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh was a propagandized event that should be treated with immense suspicion, as the pilot’s apparent death displayed all the signs of being a choreographed ‘geopolitically’ timed ISIS feature film. Along with other high-profile ISIS on-screen killings, the burning of pilot Kasasbeh, depicted a stylized scene that was completed with multiple camera angles, modern Hollywood-like editing and a gripping social media campaign tailor-made for Western audiences by which to be seduced. The video of the pilot’s ‘death’ was a flashy quick edit MTV-style production entitled, “Healing of the Believers’ Chests,” a production which was said to have been released through social media on February 3rd in 2015. However, Jordanian officials later changed the script, claiming that Kasasbeh was killed on January 3rd – something which was never fully explained by US authorities, Jordan, or the SITE Intelligence Group – all of whom held on to the details of the pilot’s alleged burning to be timed with other events related to the conflict in Syria (like Charlie Hebdo). Seemingly out of desperation from the botched Kasasbeh story, the media unveiled a ready-made-tragedy – the kidnapping and airstrike death of a American aid worker and ‘activist’ Kayla Jean Mueller. According to the official media narrative, an angry Jordanian leader immediately ordered airstrikes against ISIS, and if by magic, ISIS then announced that the American Kayla Mueller was killed in captivity during those same airstrikes. A perfect end to a near perfect story. Then the media claimed that Mueller was forced to marry ISIS leader Abu Bakr alBaghdadi who raped and tortured her – a fellow captive said. Mueller was said to have been taken hostage in August of 2013, although for over two years, there was zero media coverage about her alleged plight, no calls for her release, and yet oddly, in May of that same year in 2013, Syrian Rebel front-man US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was in the exact same area where Mueller was allegedly working in Northern Syria. He said he was there to meet with his “moderate” rebels who in fact turned out to be terrorist fighters, jihadists and mercenaries. Given the foreknowledge of the events listed above and their designed outcome, the burning of pilot Kasasbeh, and the apparent death of Mueller – became two more examples of the propaganda war waged by the West in the Middle East.

Read more about the Jordanian Pilot story here 

9. The Unmasking of Jihadi John
– 2015 possessed a myriad of media-driven personalities, but none were more compelling than the media-friendly terror avatar known as ‘Jihadi John’. The ISIS frontman’s video threats and staged beheadings surfaced in August of 2014, and lasted into January of 2015.  They were carefully crafted propaganda pieces (presented by the highly dubious SITE Intelligence Group) and were meant to evoke an emotional response for the Western public – which they did. The media couldn’t get enough of the actor Jihadi John. While the black-clad villain’s videos appeared to be crudely staged green screen productions (but apparently good enough to fool the mainstream media and US and EU politicians) when compared to the heavily orchestrated large-scale ISIS executions that premiered in early 2015, there is no doubt that the ISIS video psychodrama has aided Western foreign policy objectives in both Syria and in Iraq, as coalition forces used the terror troupe’s media exploits for their surreptitious proxy war against the Syrian government, while also advancing a pretext for a larger conflict in war-torn Iraq. Moreover, the unmasking and alleged ‘drone assassination’ of Jihadi John in 2015, where US officials claimed, “we are reasonably certain he died in a drone strike” (if you believe that one, we have a compound in Abbotabad to sell you), the most amazing part of the Jihadi John drama was that British security services decided to disclose that they had known the identity of the terror mascot for over 6 months. It didn’t end there. While this news stunned the international community – it was then revealed that the man suspected of being the ISIS mouthpiece was known by MI5 for the past 6 yearsThe identity of the infamous ISIS actor was revealed to be a 27-year-old British computer programmer named Mohammad Emwazi from West London. This came after months of speculation that Emwazi’s friend from well-to-do Maida Vale, Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary was alleged to be the terror persona depicted in the beheading videos. In fact, it turned out that the pair had a longtime friendship, living just streets apart and were known as the “London Boys,” which featured a network of fanatics in West London linked back to the contemptible preacher Anjem Choudary (a likely MI5 informant alongside his previous cohort, the flamboyant tabloid mascot, Abu Hamza) who along with Omar Bakri, founded the terror labeled organization, Al-Muhajiroun. The banned terror group was known to be a prime recruitment tool by British intelligence as reported by The Guardian in 2005Back in 2009, UK intelligence services in partnership with Metropolitan Police, announced the existence of a covert social engineering effort known as the The Channel Project, which was being run in hopes of targeting children with traits that may indicate an affinity to “extreme” views and a susceptibility to being groomed by “radicalisers” in the future. It goes without saying, that a secret program of this kind could just as easily be used to groom future ‘radicals’ and informants, too. Western political leaders and their media arms publicly discuss the idea of so-called terror ‘sleeper cells’ hiding in a nation near you, but none of them will acknowledge the historical fact that they themselves help to harbor, grow, foment and radicalize individuals through secret counter-terrorism operations. The entirety of the Jihadi John saga is wrought with questions, about Emwazi, the apparent drone assassination, the fake videos, and what sort of bizarre operation is being run by the British Police State – and how it’s connected to Islamic terror internationally. With Jihadi John out of the picture (for now), expect even more media sleight of hand directed at Western audiences.

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8. Germanwings Flight 9525
– With Flight MH370 still missing, and the downing of Flight MH17 still unsolved, the last thing the world needed was another plane mysteriously falling out of the sky. The mainstream media plunged into overdrive in April 2015, spinning sensational theories regarding the suspicious high-flying tragedy involving Germanwings flight 9525. Immediately following the crash, news agencies systematically and collectively engaged in what can only be described as a post-mortem ‘character assassination’ of Andreas Lubitz, the German-born co-pilot and First Officer of Germanwings flight 9525. In keeping with the modern media circus, it quickly proved to be another case of trial by media and conviction in the court of public opinion. Lubitz was charged with deliberately crashing the Lufthansa owned aircraft prior to a full forensic investigation and without a full analysis of the black box recorder. The far-fetched claims about his mental well-being (suicide rehearsal theory) at the time of the crash only increased as coverage of this story grew, something which failed to explain how a pilot with limited flight time was able to manuever the A320 Airbus into a controlled descent without spiraling out of control according to flight experts. The Germanwings tragedy echoed other bizarre airline disasters in recent history; in 2014, there were a number of theories regarding the unprecedented loss of MH370 and the highly suspicious downing of MH17  and the cover-up by the West (engineered to blame Russian leadership) in the wake of crisis in the Ukraine. Other less talked about theories concerning some of these recent airline disasters include the existence of the rarely discussed breakthrough in avionics, a very real technology known as the Boeing Honeywell ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System. Once this advanced system is engaged, it can disallow any pilot or potential hijacker from controlling a plane manually, as the rooted setup uses digital signals that communicate with air traffic control, satellite links, giving government entities the ability to seize the airliner in mid-journey.

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7. Summer of the Daily Shooter
– Undoubtedly, 2015 was The Year of the Daily Shooter. This year’s smoldering global political scene gave way to a string of unreal shooting events across America, many of which took place over the summertime, bleeding into the fall. While the public was still trying to comprehend the shocking and questionable Charlie Hebdo Attacks (see below) in early January, things began heating up in early May, when it was reported that two ‘Islamic’ gunmen allegedly opened fire outside of a cartoon ‘art’ exhibition and alleged “free speech contest” featuring provocative images of the Prophet Muhammad in Garland, Texas. The incident was quickly labeled a “terror attack,” along with the vague and forensically undefined ‘ISIS inspired’ tag for dramatic effect. A pair of shooters, Elton Simpson (shadowed by a paid FBI informant) and Nadir Hamid Soofi, are said to have targeted a bizarre “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” that was organized by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, led by anti-Islamic Israeli lobbyist and somewhat unsightly media personality, Pamela Geller. It was a staged event that clearly echoed the Charlie Hebdo story line, with the Garland incident preempted by a twitter post linked to Junaid Hussain, aka Abu Hussain al-Britani occurring around the time of the attack (British-born cyber hacker linked to  CENTCOM’s Twitter account by a group calling themselves the “Cyber Caliphate.”) similar to that of  Paris shootings, where an image depicting ISIS ringleader/operative Al-Baghdadi, was tweeted just two hours before the highly organized magazine shooting took place. Within a short period of time following the suspicious events in Garland, it was revealed that Simpson, one of the alleged suspects in the Garland shooting, had been under the watchful eye of the FBI for nearly a decade and was in close contact with an undercover informant during that time, similarly outlining the intelligence-linked Kouachi Brothers who were implicated in the Charlie Hebdo incident. And, as a hot and humid summer took shape during another strange Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, public perception was once again under assault. A hornet’s nest of media engineered tension was kicked – stating that 21 year-old Dylann Storm Roof supposedly joined a ‘bible study session’ at the all-black AME Church on the evening of June 17th, prior to opening fire on an unsuspecting group of nine parishioners. As the apparent motive in the Charleston church shooting rapidly emerged, authorities stated that Roof gave a full confession shortly after being captured. According to reports, Roof was linked to a racially charged ‘manifesto’ which was posted to a website believed to have materialized sometime in February of 2015. The alleged manifesto, which was not signed by anyone, and which seemed to belie the life experience of someone Roof’s age and interests. And When examining the tirade against different races, wars and patriotism in America, the writer of the vitriolic message claimed to have typed the manifesto up in a hurry – though it read as if it was scripted well in advance. Like many other bizarre shootings across America, the Charleston church shooting seemed to have many anomalies, in addition to a multi-agency mass casualty drill taking place in Eastover, South Carolina, sometime before the church shooting. It was then revealed that Roof plotted his attack for some six months and that he was from the Eastover area. While America was mired in a Confederate Flag controversy due to the imagery depicted (triggering a wave of Confederate flag props plastered all over the US media) featuring Roof in the many staged photos – perhaps the most unsettling and striking aspect of this event was that the Department of Justice apparently fast-tracked $29 million dollars in the wake of this tragedy to all the families affected during the event from the Crime Victim Assistance Formula Grant program. Incredible. This crucial detail will forever give critics of the incident much to question regarding the Charleston church shooting. And just as the dust was settling in Charleston, we learned there was even more “Trouble in the Homeland” with yet another alleged terror inspired individual named Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez. As bizarre and conflicting reports emerged regarding a shooting on July 16th at a US Marine Corps strip mall recruitment center and a secure Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the focus of media coverage, gave the false perception that people were shot within the mall area – out in the open. However, 48 hours later, it was revealed that victims of the shooting event – were actually shot and killed inside of a secure Navy Reserve Training facility. It’s also important to note, that on very same day as the apparent Chattanooga shooting, Dark Knight shooter James Holmes, was convicted on twenty-four counts of first-degree murder, 140 counts of attempted first-degree murder, one count of possessing explosives, for his role in the dramatic Aurora theater shooting in 2012. Less than a week after the Chattanooga incident, another ‘active-shooter’ scenario played out inside of Layfayette, Louisiana’s Grand Theater. According to reports, shortly after a film screening of the Hollywood trash-comedy Trainwreck had begun that evening, 59 year-old John Russell ‘Rusty’ Houser allegedly shot 11 people (13-20 rounds were fired) with many supposedly wounded multiple times – without any clear motive. According to Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft, 12 ambulances arrived at the scene within six minutes, while Houser’s apparent getaway vehicle was parked outside a theater exit. The medical response time was unprecedented by Acadian Ambulance, a company embroiled in legal woes and in need of a better reputation. Acadian’s vice president of marketing for Personal Emergency Response Devices, Randall Mann, rushed to the theater after being notified that his daughter Emily Mann had been inside the screening when the shooting occurred. And, it turns out, she just happened to be sitting in the same row as the alleged shooter. Lafayette’s Daily Shooter tale was one of strange coincidence, uncanny medical response, with a backdrop of legal trouble, mental illness and an informant related past. (In another bizarre coincidence following the Lafayette shooting, the Oklahoma City Bombing trial was finally concluded.) On the surface Chattanooga appears to have little in common with the Lafayette incident. However, there is some connective tissue between both events, as both tied into parallel fear and control based narratives in terms of perceived radicalism in America. Whether it’s the ‘grafting’ of an overseas terror based story line or the concept of a rogue patriot-like ‘lone wolf’ persona, we see a psychic assault on the masses, one that could potentially convince the public into giving up their civil liberties. Nearly two weeks after the anomaly ridden Lafayette shooting, there was what appeared to be a Multi-agency ‘Active Shooter’ Drill at a Nashville movie theater, as a suspect with a gun, hatchet, pepper spray and “hoax explosive device,”  was killed by authorities after an alleged shootout with police. Again, police response time was within minutes of the incident. The dog days of August brought us another heavily staged, Made-for-TV Shooting event in Roanoke, Virginia, (August 26th) an incident apparently caught on live television. However, it quickly emerged through alternative media sleuthing, that the alleged shooter’s skin tone in a self-produced video didn’t match the main suspect in that case, 41-year-old African-American man named Vester Flanagan, a person who also possessed the media stage name Bryce Williams. While holding a gun close-up in clear sight of the victims, Flanagan’s gunfire appeared to be consistent with that of blanks being fired. Additionally, one of the apparent victims, TV reporter Alison Parker quickly turned and ran away from the alleged assailant while taking three shots from less than ten feet away. There were ready-made love stories and tales of a gunman on the run who eventually – so we’re told, took his own life, as authorities closed in. The story conjured many other recent high-profile shootings including the dramatic case of Chris Dorner back in 2013. And just as the public was catching their breath over the apparent summer of the Daily Shooter, September ushered in a massive manhunt in Fox Lake, Illinois to find three alleged suspects in the shooting of a local police officer named Charles Joseph ‘G.I. Joe’ Gliniewicz, this strange case saw the mobilization of a “Shelter In Place” Martial Law lock-down on all 10,000 residents of Fox Lake – put in place within 90 mintues. 21WIRE highlighted a number of questions concerning the incident and if in fact there really were any real suspects involved in the officer’s death. In early November, the mysterious shooting was revealed to be an elaborate cover-up, which authorities now claimed was a self-staged suicide, that involved money laundering and a murder for hire plot. Hardly believable, after one of the biggest man-hunt hoaxes ever. Following the Fox Lake hoax, the month of October ushered in an incredible ‘mass shooting’ at Umpqua Community College located in Roseburg, Oregon (home of the Ford Foundation, coincidentally). It wasn’t long before this national media event was used to promote new gun control legislation, wrapped up in a winding plot line and a series of unexplained items. The dramatized mass-shooting occurred on October 1st, and revealed yet more staging of mass drills, as well as uncanny links to gun control advocates and military celebrities (military reservist Alek Skarlatos, the Paris Train Hero), a large cache of weapons, changing narratives, a heavy-handed social media campaign, a ‘USB manifesto’ and unexplained family history. The event had shades of Sandy Hook and many other questionable shooting incidents, revealing the usual media array of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) designed to alter societal or individual behaviour. As these televised shooting events have become intertwined with our daily lives, with their strikingly similar gunman profiles, media talking points and staged (mass drills) press conferences – a virtual reality is now on full display in America’s ‘active-shooter’ paradox (see the San Bernardino shooting story below).

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6. The Fall of Yemen
– One year on, few are aware of just how this monumental debacle kick-started its media coverage and was cycled into the mainstream ‘humanitarian interventionist’ narrative. Painting a new target on Yemen required some creative script writing which cast the protagonists in the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the Kouachi Brothers, as having a connection to Yemen. This bit of international intrigue was achieved by first claiming that the younger brother, Chérif Kouachi, had somehow traveled from France to Yemen in 2011, and received weapons training from the CIA’s celebrated comic book terror villain Anwar al-Awlaki (a CIA-FBI double agent/informant who dined at the Pentagon before his role was retired on September 30, 2011) head of the illusive Al Qaeda in the Arabian Penninsula (AQAP). The only problem here was that Tom Clancy Unit had to deal with the fact that Chérif  actually had his passport revoked years earlier. To fix this crimp, ‘sources’ then claimed that Cherif used his brother Said Kouachi’s passport to travel to Yemen. Later, the story was changed again, claiming that both brothers had gone to Yemen between 2009-2010. As if by magic, a single French journalist (gatekeeper) from BMFTV somehow spoke to all three Hebdo shooters, and claims to have spoken to ‘the terrorist’ Cherif who politely told him,“I was sent, me, Cherif Kouachi, by al Qaeda in Yemen. I went there and Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki financed my trip!” How convenient. This triggered yet another script crisis where security sources could not explain how Awlaki had ordered the mission when they it’s been claimed that the terror icon was supposedly killed by a US drone strike… in 2011. Their answer was simply, ‘they were a sleeper cell, laying in waiting for 4 years.’ After endless script revisions, the media eventually gave up and moved on to the world’s newest ‘terror hot bed’… in Yemen. After a gradual media build-up of months demonizing Yemen, and with the paid-for Right-wing US media outlets recycling the false talking point that Iran was responsible for the ousting of the defunct US and Saudi puppet leader President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, the US finally announced in March that Saudi Arabia would break every international law by doing the same dirty operation which NATO had done in Libya – namely, destroying the country by months of carpet bombing and backing jihadist militants on the ground. This was the first time that a US Gulf ally took over the role of military enforcers in the region, unleashing the wanton brutality and mass “collateral damage” normally reserved for war hawks in Washington.  The Saudi-led massacre in Yemen is an illegal war of aggression according to every international law – complete with cluster bombs, ethnic cleansing and US covert operations. It remains of the most under reported stories in western media and 2015 – and now we can see why.

5. The Charlie Hebdo Event
– Only a week into the new year, the world received a strong dose of false flag terror. The now legendary Charlie Hebdo Attacks will certainly go down as one of the most spectacular and convoluted staged media events in the modern Daily Shooter genre. Who would have known… a failing French ‘satire’ cartoon magazine, Charlie Hebdo, would suddenly enter the world spotlight over its offensive publicity stunt which magically morphed into an international terrorist event. Two French-Algerian gunmen are said to have stormed the offices of the magazine in the morning, killing 12 people and injuring others. The gunmen, known in fictional media circles as, “The Kouachi Brothers”, were chased down to a warehouse outside of town where they were said to have been shot and killed by brave security services. As it turned out, they were caught because one of the brothers allegedly left his I.D. on the seat of the abandoned get-away car (see later, ‘magic passport’). Suddenly, a third actor emerged, Amedi Coulibaby, who is said to have taken over a Kosher store in Paris, where he is said to have shot and killed four people there. The kosher leg of the story served two important purposes: 1) It made this an attack on the world’s Jewish community and by extension somehow, Israel as well, and 2) The gunman was said to have been “inspired by ISIS” (he printed out an ISIS flag on an A4 inkjet and taped it on the wall behind him during his obligatory ‘martyrdom’ video), which made it an “ISIS Attack”, in media terms. After the terror hell, came the hashtag hell. Not only were all three terrorists “known wolves” – well-known by the French security services, they were also under surveillance at the same time of the incident. Amazing right? Just another coincidence, right? Unfortunately for the script writers of this event, all evidence points to this being a staged false flag event. Within hours of the news, #hashtags, posters and banners began to suddenly appear everywhere, with the words #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie, or ‘we are all Charlie’). It echoed previous sophisticated Twitter campaigns like the US State Department’s previous farcical ‘interventionist’ marketing campaign #Kony2012, and more recently the White House’s #BringBackOurGirls ‘Bokoharam’ social media campaign. If that wasn’t bad enough, all of the world’s leaders and brutal dictators then jet-setted into Paris for one of the most disgusting and hypocritical photo-ops ever seen. What’s more, this group of middle-aged, xenophobic Lotharios and marginally talented cartoonists at what used to be a failing publication – became international heroes overnight, and magazine went on to sell millions of copies, literally overnight. What this staged production achieved, however, was that it started a wave of anti-Muslim paranoia which ripped through western Europe and North America, where it was suddenly ‘OK to hate Muslims’ and all in the name of “free speech” – a movement which then gradually gained steam, culminating in an even bigger and more elaborate staged event yet to come. The Clash of Civilizations narrative was back, and bigger than ever.

4. Russian Su-24 Fighter Jet Downed
– On November 24th, Turkey admitted that it had shot down a Russian Su-24 Fighter Bomber that was flying a mission along the Syrian-Turkish border earlier. NATO member Turkey claimed that the Russian aircraft had ‘violated’ Turkish airspace – and the western media swallowed that claim hook, line and sinker. Turkey also claimed it had “warned Russian fighter 10 times” before it fired its air-to-air missiles. That turned out to be a lie. As per their previous ‘deconfliction’ arrangement, the US and NATO had sent the Russian mission details in advance of the incident, and despite denials from the West, Turkey had actually shot down the Russian Fighter inside of Syria’s airspace. The move was a clear provocation by NATO and Turkey. Russian pilots who had ejected were then fired upon by US/Turkish-backed “moderate” jihadist terrorists on the ground in northern Syria. After killing one of the pilots, the “moderates” then dragged his body through the woods and posted their video on Twitter. This incident pushed an already tense situation closer to the WWIII scenario that many feared could cascade as a result of the international chaos in and around Syria. Experts are now pointing out that while Russia is flying missions legally (under international law, at the invitation of the Syrian gov’t), the US-led ‘Coalition’ is not. It wouldn’t be the first time. While some pundits began speculating about Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan suffering a ‘Sultan Complex’, others were worried that Russia’s Vladimir Putin would up the ante and escalate military tensions between Russia and NATO. In the end, it was Russia who showed restraint and appealed to the international community to help resolve the crisis. For Turkey, however, things went from bad to worse. This incident was significant because it switched on an electron microscope of scrutiny over shadow operations of the region’s most dubious actor – Turkey. Perhaps it was no coincidence that just before Turkey shot down the Russian plane, it was Russia who had just bombed ISIS oil supplies heading to Turkey from Syria. Up until then, Turkey appears have made-off like a bandit, getting away with allowing complete and free movement of ISIS fighters, weapons, and black market oil – in and out of Syria and northern Iraq. The incident, coupled together with the previous downing of the Russian Metrojet passenger airliner over Egypt’s Sinai a few weeks earlier – killing all 227 passengers and crew, served to harden Russia’s resolve and has since won it more support internationally than before. Although CNN and the western media still maintain that “ISIS terrorists” brought down the Metrojet with a can of Schweppes Soda (no, seriously), and even as crash investigators have concluded that explosives were involved, there is still no actual forensic evidence which suggests that ISIS itself brought down the passenger jet, although other suspect actors in the region seem to have been active in the area.

3. Paris Attacks
– Friday the 13th. It was the year’s most spectacular terror production, broadcasting internationally for weeks on end. The Paris Attacks took the Charlie Hebdo narrative to a new level. A wave of “ISIS inspired attacks” are said to have taken the lives of 130 victims and injured many others. The media frenzy kicked into action. Amid the hysteria, 21WIRE took to the airwaves, and made a series of predictions – all of which came true shortly after. Upon closer examination, however, the Paris Attacks had all the telltale signs of being yet another false flag attack, designed to scare the global public, further demonize Islam, and provide the pretext for NATO to escalate their campaign of violence against Syria. Right on cue, less than 48 hours later, French president Francois Hollande seized the opportunity and launched airstrikes in Syria, supposedly against “ISIS targets” (although none were actually hit, instead France bombed museums and stadiums in Raqqa). Although the media and authorities jumped on this event as an “ISIS-inspired event” where the terrorists had allegedly “sneaked into France undercover of the Syrian migrant crisis”, there was never any real, hard forensic evidence that tied any of the alleged gunman to ISIS. In order to bridge this incredible gap, however, script writers conjured a “Magic Passport” of Syrian origin at the scene of the attacks, which they claimed proved this was an ISIS event. When the passport turned out to be fake, and was likely planted at the scene of the crime (in order to create the entire narrative), the media then went into rear guard mode, spinning ever more incredible stories about mentally challenged “Masterminds”, “sweeping terror raids” and an endless litany of reports about “dangerous fugitives on the loose” in both France and Belgium. The Paris Attacks saw another ridiculous hashtag campaign overtake Twitter, this time it was #JeSuisChien in memory of a police dog that authorities said was blown up during an anti-terror raid. The festival of fear carried on through December. As with other similar events, numerous reports depicting crisis actors began circulating, causing a wave a skepticism about whether or not Paris was staged for geopolitical ends as with previous NATO-run domestic terror efforts like Operation GLADIO. What this staged event achieved more than anything, was that it managed to join two mainstream narratives – ISIS and the Migrant Crisis. What followed was a wave of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim fervor which spread through European political discourse, with calls to shut down European borders internally and externally – and in the US Republican presidential election cycle, it prompted calls to ban all Muslims from entering the US. Islamophobia had now reached mainstream status it seemed. In Britain, PM David Cameron used the momentum of Paris to pass his war vote through Parliament. All of the sudden, half of America was talking about more “boots on the ground” in Syria and Iraq. For the war hawks, Paris was the gift that kept on giving…

2. The San Bernardino Shooting
– This highly improbable tale involved a laundry list of anomalies – bringing the “active-shooter” genre to an entirely new level. The San Bernardino Shooting picked up where false flag events such as the Charlie Hebdo incident, Garland and Chattanooga left off, while at the same time unfolding like the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook, an event with multiple eyewitness accounts, and multiple suspects apprehended at the scene. It was a striking event that didn’t seem to make any sense – one filled with whitewashed reports, a media-scripted ransacking of the alleged ‘shooters’ home (tampering with a potential crime scene) and eyewitness accounts that contradicted the official narrative. And, in the very room where 14 people were reportedly killed (along with 21 injured) during a deadly shooting attack at the Inland Regional Center, there was an active-shooter training drill involving some of the victims almost a year prior to the attack. Detailed eye-witness testimony from Sally Abdelmageed in a CBS interview with Scott Pelley revealed that three white men in tactical gear dressed in black were involved in the shooting incident. This report was confirmed by other eyewitness testimony. The militarized police response during the San Bernardino Shooting also echoed various aspects of the Virginia TV shooting, Fox Lake’s shooting/lock-down, the famous Chris Dorner Manhunt from 2013, and the Lafayette and Nashville shootings’ emergency response overkill. We were also told, that the suspected shooters Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik had died in a dramatic chase/shootout with police, and the entire event unfolded like a multi-agency drill as several armored MRAPs methodically approaching the apparent shooting suspect’s SUV with some 380 rounds fired at the vehicle in a televised scene. Incredibly, two weeks after the shooting event, the FBI revealed that the ‘terror couple’ did NOT post any radical posts on social media – something which was central in providing a subliminal motive for the apparent crime. The San Bernardino story seemed to serve several purposes, creating further cultural and religious divides with blanket xenophobia spreading like wildfire, while reigniting the old War on Terror meme, now rebranded as the ‘War on Radical Islam’, for new audiences to be politically seduced by for future war-theater in the Middle East, in addition to opening the door for sweeping national security changes. San Bernardino also mirrored the Chattanooga shooting narrative, in that both events that failed to provide a solid motive or believable timeline. An All-American appellation added to the enigma of the ‘Muslim-American’, thus dispensing a massive viral, wide-spread subliminal fear and Islamophobia. Similar to the Charlie Hebdo connection to the US-Saudi proxy war in Yemen, San Bernardino seems to have set the stage for an apparent Al-Qaeda connection via Pakistan, along with an invented ISIS link. The Federal government wasted no time in using this event to call for a ban on consumer encryption and privacy protection by using the bogus argument that the govt could not keep tabs on the alleged shooters because of consumer cell phone and social media encryption. This is a blatant power-grab by Washington. This event should be a case study for anyone interested in media criticism or critical thinking, as it displayed both national and international implications, all wrapped in a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ psy-op. Above all else, however, San Bernardino serviced both sides of America’s left-right political paradigm. For the left, it delivered loud liberal cries for “gun control”, and for the rabid right – it fueled a demand for more “national security” at home and abroad. Could this be the new false flag prototype for America going forward into 2016?

ISIS Unmasked – Who are ISIS really? Incredibly, most western governments still cannot decide what its proper name is – ISIS, ISIL, IS, Daesh, or “Dash”as president Obama calls it.  Still, unbeknownst to the globalist architects of chaos and instability, many of the staged provocations mentioned above did more to unmask the synthetic “ISIS Crisis” than they did reinforce its weakening mythology. Perhaps the greatest revelations which came of top conspiracies like the Migrant Crisis, the Turkish Shoot-down of the Russian Su-24, and the infamous ISIS Video Series – was that each of these helped to reveal Turkey’s pivotal role in facilitating the rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups currently destroying Syria and Iraq. Besides hosting a vast network of training camps and other terrorist R&R venues, Turkey has enabled the free flow of terrorist fighters, weapons, cash, as well as a lucrative black market ISIS oil trade – all of which exposes how Turkey is a prime mover in fueling the progress of the so-called ‘Islamic State’. 21WIRE’s comprehensive report on the illicit ISIS Oil Trade provides some shocking revelations on this subject. We also learned how neighboring Jordan has also played a key role in facilitating the terror brigades, as has Israel too. Another revelation happened in October; with Russia entering the Syrian quagmire, and with its rapid success in degrading and destroying ISIS and al Nusra terrorist positions in Syria – the world quickly realized that the US and its allies did nothing to repel ISIS and al Qaeda over the previous 18 months – and actually allowed these terror groups to advance their strategic positions and grow instead. This revealed the US-led ‘Anti-ISIL’ Coalition’s real motivations, not in containing ISIS, but actually helping it – in the hopes that the terror scourge could help Washington in its regime change goals to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al Assad and turn Syria into a Libyan hell-hole repeat. As Turkey is also a NATO member state, this has raised many important questions about NATO’s general role in the terrorist take-over of the region. Not only this, but the Turkish government has now also been implicated the false flag ‘sarin gas’ chemical weapons attack in Damascus in 2013 – the same event which both the US and UK tried to use in order to pass declarations of war at the time. We can now see how this was just another version of the fake WMD plot which led to the Iraq War in 2003. Before the Paris Attacks erupted, 21WIRE warned that Turkey could be helping to engineer the migrant crisis in order to create a ‘EU’ Hegelian outcome and one which could increase the migration of terrorists into Europe.

The stage is now set for an incredible 2016. We only hope that this list will be shorter, and not longer, this time next year…


21WIRE’s Top 10 CONSPIRACIES of 2016


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