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DAILY SHOOTER: Made-For-TV – Virginia News Crew Gunned Down Live On Air (VIDEOS)

21st Century Wire

This morning, on live TV, a reporter Alison Parker, and cameraman Adam Ward, were shot and killed during their local news report. The crew was reporting live for WDBJ7, a CBS affiliate in Roanoke, Virginia at about 6:45 am at Bridgewater Plaza near Smith Mountain Lake.

MYSTERY IMAGE: ‘Chilling’ still image of shooter allegedly supplied via WDBJ7 camerman who was laying on the ground, yet, this still image doesn’t appear on actual footage.

A third victim, Vicky Gardner, a member of the Chamber of Commerce who took part in the report, was said to be wounded and in stable condition.

Watch this news report video here:

This latest ‘Truman Show’ shooting takes this all-American genre to a whole new level. According to reports, the shooter posted his own video of the shooting on social media – on his Facebook account and on Twitter. Watch his video, shot low-res on either an iPhone or Galaxy phone (vertical rectangular format) and not on an HD GoPro as CNN and others wrongly claimed today.

As it’s still an open investigation, it should be fair to ask the following: did the alleged shooter really shoot this video, or was it someone else? Have any witnesses actually ID’d Flanagan at the scene of this alleged double homicide? Clearly, the media have already decided that it was Vester Flanagan. See the shooter’s own video here

DAILY NOTE: All day Wednesday, authorities and unnamed government officials have been pressuring YouTube and other websites into removing Flanagan’s video. Our re-posted video below has been removed a total of 6 times already today. The media are calling this video ‘Graphic’ – even though it does not actually depict any blood or any recognizable shots connecting with alleged targets. So why have authorities been so aggressive trying to remove a video which doesn’t actually depict any identifiable visual graphic violence?

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised:

Both local and national media, apparently in conjunction with law enforcement, immediately identified their shooter as Vester Lee Flanagan II, a 41 year old gay African-American man, allegedly a “disgruntled employee” whose media stage name is ‘Bryce Williams’ – first calling him a “person of interest”, and later as a “suspect” driving a “2009 grey Ford Mustang,” (later revised by media/police as a ‘rented’ Chevrolet Sonic).

Very early on in this story, as far the media were concerned, his guilt has already been concluded by CNN and others, effectively a fait accompli.

YOUNGER PHOTO: Vester Lee Flanagan aka ‘Bryce Williams’.

As is now standard protocol with all Daily Shooter events, a series of Tweets were sent out, first he tweeted out 12 min before the LIVE shooting, and then during Flanagan/Bryce’s pursuit, presumable from the alleged shooter himself – although there is no way to actually confirm this yet (although media absolutely insist that the alleged shooter posted all of these social media items himself).

At least 12 local, state and federal agencies including the ATF, FBI, US Marshall Services, Bedford Country Sheriffs, City Police, County Police, State Police, Virginia Dept of Emergency Management, and the Rocky Mountain Police Dept – were scrambled in a massive “fusion” dragnet operation in order to apprehend the alleged shooter.

The spokesman for the CBS affiliate WDBJ7, President and General Manager, Jeff Marks, described by the desk anchorwoman as the network’s “fearless leader” – went on air at 12pm EDT, and said that their station was placed on lock-down with a barrier set-up by police, “just in case the shooter was returning to the station”.

It’s also been reported previously by local press (above) that Flanagan was suing his former employer in Florida, a local NBS News affiliate, Channel 40, for “racism in the workplace” as well as ‘gay discrimination’, and it’s also believed that a similar lawsuit was filed against WDBJ7 in Roanoke.

CNN’s Drew Griffin is also reporting that according to ‘past employees’ of WDBJ7, Vester Flanagan/Bryce Williams was “difficult to work with” and “would often yell at people”, and would also post ‘aggressive Tweets’ at other staff. Griffin also said that the WDBJ7 new room had to be evacuated when Vester Flanagan/Bryce Williams came to clear out his desk after being fired back in February 2013.

As with most other Daily Shooter events, it’s reported that the alleged shooter has already shot himself after being “confronted by authorities” in his car on the side of the highway. He is in ‘very critical condition’. Expect hour and hours of psychological profiling and wild speculation on the part of the media.

UPDATE: Alleged shooter Vester Lee Flanagan was pronounced dead today at 1:30pm EDT at local hospital.

After the news broke of  Flanagan shooting himself before being captured, station boss Jeff Marks (photo, above) lashed-out live on air: “I’m stepping out of my role as a former journalist, I’m not really sure if I want him to live or die. If he dies then he took the coward’s way out, and if he lives he goes to prison for the rest of his life.”

He continued, “I think I’m expressing what viewers think, and what the co-workers of Allison think.”

Marks then announced that there will be a memorial service at the station’s community room this afternoon.

Law enforcement agents are already preparing a massive press conference for the national media which is scheduled to air at 3pm EDT. Expect lots of talk about “fast response times”, and “great coordination between local, state and federal agencies”, “see something, say something” sound bytes, and also the benefits of “federal training programs” that prepare first responders for these exact scenarios.


NOTE: In the first police press conference today, a police spokesperson claimed that the suspect was caught using Virginia’s new state-of-the-art license recognition system, or ‘license plate plate reader. Unfortunately, the media did ask the police how this system could ID a driver in a rental car not registered to him?

Originally CNN reported that ABC News claimed to have received a lengthy FAX from the actor ‘Bryce Williams’ sometime between late last night and early this morning. The FAX was 23 pages long, and already CNN and other outlets are calling it a “manifesto”, blaming the “racism” in the recently staged Charleston Shooting for his motives, and he also evoked the infamous nearby Virginia Tech Shooting of 2005. Later in the day, authorities revised that timeline (perhaps to avoid possible criticism of doing nothing about the threat?) and now claim that ABC News received the FAX a full ONE HOUR after the alleged shooting.

Then, at 10:00 am EDT, ABC News claims that a person claiming to be the shooter called the news desk to confess to the double murder.

Coincidentally, the cameraman who is said to have been killed, Adam Ward, was a graduate of Virginia Tech University (2011). See Ward’s Facebook page here, and reporter Alison Parker’s Facebook page here.

It should also be noted that only last week, reporter Allison Parker has just filed a major exposé report on child abuse in Virginia.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest wasted no time weighing-in on the Virginia shooting, delivering a snap speech on ‘gun control’, imploring that Congress ‘act’ to move forward on gun control measures, in order to “prevent gun violence”. 

Other predictable talking points which will be generated by this event:

1. Concerns about “mental health” and how the government can ‘tackle’ this issue (increased funding)

2. “The Press” are under attack, or the mainstream press, anyway.

3. Police must provide ‘security’ to protect journalists in the field. Already, CNN announced that the NYPD will be providing such support to mainstream media crews in New York.

Stay Tuned to 21WIRE for more updates

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