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BREAKING: Russian Su-24 Fighter Bomber Shot Down By Turkey On Syrian Border

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21st Century Wire says…

This is certainly not good…

Turkey has admitted that it just shot down a Russian Su-24 Fighter Bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border earlier today.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian jet was shot down this morning from the ground while flying over the Kazildag Mountains where intense fighting has been taking place between the Syrian Arab Army (government forces) and terrorist insurgents.

Both pilots are said to have ejected and parachuted to safety but their current status is yet unknown.


Some social media reports now claim that one of the two Russian pilots is dead. Russian helicopters tried to evacuate both of them but were shot at from the ground by pro-Turkish militants, US-backed ‘moderate’ al Nusra Front (al Qaeda) rebels.

UNCONFIRMED VIDEO here of “Mujahedin” (al Nusra Front) seemingly gloating over the body of the dead Russian pilot…

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Russian Defense Ministers maintain that the Russia jet fighter which was shot down did not violate Turkish airspace and has mission data to prove this is the case. It’s confirmed that the plane came down in Syrian territory. Although reports indicate the Russian plane was shot down from the ground, Turkey is claiming that its own F16 fighter intercepted and shot down the Russian aircraft.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was briefed and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu ordered consultations with NATO, and the United Nations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to address a press conference late this afternoon to comment on the situation.

Last month, a ‘deconfliction’ contact center was set-up precisely to avoid this very situation. In this way, this has all the hallmarks of a premeditated act of aggression by Turkey designed to break-up cooperation between Russia, France and other NATO countries, and also to assert Turkey’s role as a protector of the Pro-Turkish, al Nusra Front and other armed insurgents in the north of Syria.

NATO’s Provocative Policy

Turkey is well-aware that Russia is now the leading member of the international coalition doing real damage to terrorist forces by airstrikes against ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria, and seeing that ISIS does not have an air force of its own – it makes no sense why Turkey would want to shoot down a Russian plane and risk an international incident – unless it has become a rogue geopolitical actor, or more likely – this dangerous stunt was in fact green-lighted by either the US, or NATO command in Brussels. NATO’s previously hawkish rhetoric towards Russia last month over alleged violations of Turkish air space only indicates that their agenda is quiet clearly an aggressive one. Another tense incident last month saw Turkey accuse Russia of violating its airspace. Turkey calmed down quickly over it, but NATO then seized on the incident in order to escalate tensions with Russia who had just recently entered the conflict by invitation of the Syrian government.

Regardless of how you look at this incident, the fact that Turkey is a NATO member – and would still knowingly shoot down a Russian fighter jet involved in operations against ISIS and al Nusra (al Qaeda) terrorists – is defacto proof that Turkey is not only coordinating with terrorist paramilitary forces on the ground, but is effectively providing counter air defense for the terrorist forces on the ground. In this way, Turkey is attempting to sabotage the fight against ISIS terrorists in Syria.

Evidence suggests that this is what the US-led ‘Coalition’ is actually doing, via a likely CIA arms-running rat-line running out of Ukraine. Oriental Review reported 48 hrs ago:

“The fact that the ISIS infrastructure in Syria and Iraq is absolutely vulnerable to the airstrikes of the international coalition is undoubtful. During the last week only the Russian Air Force and Navy hit around 826 ISIS targets (training camps, munition and explosives plants, depots, oil refinery and transport objects) causing critical damage to the terrorist groups and its revenue sources. The sponsors of the ISIS are certainly committed to acquire and supply to the jihadist brigades the air defense systems efficient enough to at least hamper the activities of the coalition in the Syrian sky. Back in September 2015, being aware of the Russian plans to launch anti-terrorist air campaign, a Qatari delegation from the Ministry of Defense came to Kiev to take part in the Arms and Security Expo, September 22-27, 2015:

A letter by the Director of Ukrainian SpetsTechnoExport enterprise Pavlo Barbul to Ukrainian MFA with the list of Qatari delegation.

Turkey: Aiding ISIS

Turkey is also playing THE pivotal role in helping ISIS traffic its illegal oil trade, allowing ISIS trucks to drive into Turkey on a daily basis – and then allowing terrorist convoys to sell its ‘black market’ oil in Turkey to buyers. The US is always touting ISIS’s $1.5 million per day income from selling stolen Syrian oil, but over the last 18 months, have done nothing to either hit, or slow down the lucrative terrorist trade. As a NATO member, Turkey should be held directly responsible for its obvious and corrupt role in enabling the financial health of ISIS.

RT confirmed:

“A Russian Su-24 fighter has been shot down in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry said, adding the plane hadn’t violated Turkish airspace and was at an altitude of 6,000 meters.”

“The pilots managed to eject from the downed jet, the ministry said, adding their fate is as yet unknown.”

Reports of a downed plane emerged earlier in Turkish media. A Habertürk TV reporter on the scene said the aircraft “turned into a fireball.” Numerous witnesses wrote on social media, saying thick plumes of smoke have been rising from the jet crash site.

A Turkish military official told Reuters the jet was warned before being targeted, adding the plane was shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter jets. He said the plane had violated Turkish airspace.

The plane reportedly crashed in a village mostly populated by Syrian Turkmen. The place has been a hotspot between the opposition and the Syrian Army.

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