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Another Fake FBI ‘Terror Plot’ – Informant Frames Christopher Lee Cornell in Ohio

21st Century Wire says…

This is potentially one of the most bogus and crass government plots we’ve seen yet, as the FBI rushes to grandstand over what appears to be another case of entrapment, joined by a media keen to push the fear envelope in America in the wake of last week’s international terror event in Paris.

Eager to capitalize on the media wave generated by the Paris Attacks, jobsworth FBI agents decided to accelerate the frame-up of 20 year old Christopher Lee Cornell (photo, left) from Cincinnati, Ohio, claiming the youth was planning a “pipe bomb attack” against the nation’s Capitol in Washington DC.

Amazingly, US media jumped all over this story, trying to somehow tie it to Paris, and also claim that Cornell was “linked to ISIS”, and that this was somehow an “ISIS-inspired attack”, only no attack actually took place.

It was soon revealed that the young Cornell, who was employed part-time and living at home with his parents and who had “showed interest in converting to Islam”, was suddenly ‘befriended’ by another man who was playing the role of informant, under the direction of the FBI. The informant had pending criminal charges against him and as part of his plea, he had to work as a low-level undercover, or ‘confidential’ federal informant, working with the FBI to help to lead on, and eventually entrap new potential terror suspects.

FOXCATCHER: Cornell as a high school wrestler.

The FBI admit that their informant was tasked to help ‘suspect’ Cornell “develop his plans” to supposedly carry out a random act of terror. In other words, the FBI’s snitch appears to have egged-on Cornell into fantasizing about terror attacks on Washington DC and choosing political targets. It is highly unlikely that Cornell would have conjured up such radical idea on his owns, or even gone to the gun store where he was reportedly ‘taken down’ by the FBI on Wednesday.

Incredibly, the FBI claimed that Cornell was “taking the final steps” to travel to Washington DC for “the attack”, when he allegedly purchased two semi-automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition from an Ohio gun store.


The FBI’s image of Cornell.

The FBI’s entrapment squad gallantly swooped-in to arrest Cornell and then charged him with “attempting to kill a U.S. government official in Washington DC”, even though he had not yet stepped foot outside of the local town. The FBI then goes on to claim – on the basis of their own criminal-turned-informant’s fantastic testimony – that Cornell had allegedly planned to detonate pipe bombs at national landmarks, and that “the suspect would have opened fire on any employees and officials fleeing after the explosions”, according to government documents.

According the Cornell’s father, John Cornell Sr., his son Chris only had $1200 saved in his bank account from his part-time job, and did not have the money or additional funds required to afford  $800 for the fire arms he is said to have gone to purchase yesterday.

Cornell’s father stated live on air with CNN last night that the FBI would have had to give his son the money for the guns, because there was simply no way Chris could have afforded to buy such expensive firearms and ammunition – much less afford to travel to the capital in Washington DC for what the FBI claims would have been a ‘suicide mission’. “These guns cost almost $2,000. Where did that money come from? Well, it came from the FBI,” John Cornell Sr. said. “They set him up.”

The father maintains that there is no way his son could have contrived the alleged ‘terror plot’ on his own.

“He told me he had went to a mosque and now I know, in hindsight I know, he was meeting with an FBI agent,” he told ABC News. “And they were taking him somewhere, and they were filling his head with a lot of this garbage.”

There are also some reports circulating around this story, that the gun shop may have been contacted by FBI agents approximately two weeks before the arrest, in effect giving them a ‘heads up’ about the impending arrest.

After all this, US authorities admit that US government officials or persons “were never under any imminent threat”.

THREAT LEVEL RAISED: Terror Chiefs in DC has raised their ‘Terror Threat Level’ as a result of the Paris Attacks.

The FBI first began targeting Cornell several months ago, after another informant tasked at monitoring social media had notified the agency that Cornell had developed opinions which seemed to support “jihad”using the Twitter alias, “Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah”. Cornell is also accused of posting videos and statements (Tweets) which appear to have “expressed support for ISIS”.

Cornell is due to appear in court on Friday for face federal terrorism charges.

The formula for creating a ‘terror icon’ has been well-established in recent years, and with many well researched examples to compare with clearly appears to be another case of entrapment with Christopher Lee Cornell. Other real, successfully constructed and ‘would-be’ high-profile terror icons and patsies, including ‘Paris Shooter’ Amedi Coulibaby (see his compelling informant case here), ‘Ottawa Shooter’ Zehaf-Bibeau (see his informant story here), ‘Boston Bomber’ Tamerlan Tsarnaev (see his informant story here), ‘The Underwear Bomber’ Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (see his patsy story here), Buford Rogers (read his informant story here), Jerad Miller (read his informant story here), Naji Mansour (read his informant story here), Quazi Mohammad Nafis (read his informant story here), Mohamed Osman Mohamud (read his informant story here), ‘OKC Bomber’ Timothy McVeigh (read his informant story here), and although unconfirmed to date, we have to consider the infamous ‘Sandy Hook Shooter’ Adam Lanza (see the MSM work overtime to validate his fictional role here).

EDITOR’S NOTE: If this sounds suspicious, that’s because it is – and the FBI cannot plead ignorance or ‘incompetence’ regarding these glaring facts in the Cornell case, as well as numerous other faux ‘terror busts’ in recent years. The pattern of involvement and outcomes is undeniable. 

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