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TIMELINE: French Police in ‘Hot Pursuit’ of Hebdo Suspects in Village (press not allowed in)

21st Century Wire says…


7:00am – A day after the Paris attack, officers carried out house-to-house searches in the village of Corcy, a few km (miles) from a service station where police sources said the brothers were sighted in ski masks. Helicopters flew overhead (via Reuters).

9:30am – French Police have now confirmed a ‘major police operation’, as police have moved out of wooded area and are said to be engaged in ‘highway pursuit’ heading towards Paris, with 2 suspects and closing in on a stolen Peugeot.

9:35am – Reports suggest that 1 hostage has been taken by fleeing pair. Two helicopters are positioned over the high-speed chase. Shots have been fired during the chase.

9:45am – Suspects are now said to be ‘cornered’ by police near a village farm. – Police are currently working ‘to keep press away’ from immediate scene.

10:00am – Earlier reports from French prosecutors, that an additional  2 victims are dead, and 20 injured – but 2 dead has now denied by Interior Ministry, but 20 injured stands.

10:05am – Ministers describe operation to ‘neutralize’ suspects.

10:10am – Chase, shootout is ended. Police are now in hostage negotiations with suspects.

Printing Building with Police on standby (IMAGE: 21WIRE)

10:20am – Suspects and hostage(s) are held up in a small free-standing printing business building/workshop called ‘CTD’, which employs ten persons, in the town of Dammartin en Goele, just northeast of Paris.

10:30am – Armed police are now ordering the media OUT of the area, saying it’s ‘too dangerous’ for media personnel, with approx 100 journalist still together, 300 meters from siege building.

10:40am – Residents describe town of Dammartin en Goele as ‘a war zone’.

10:50am – From a camera distance of 300 meters, approx 4-6 armed police can be seen pacing casually outside of the printing workshop building.


10:55am – People inside other building adjacent to industrial complex with printing business, named ‘KUEHNE HAGEL’, have been told by police to ‘stay inside, pull down shutters and stay away from windows’.

11:05am – French President Francois Hollande is scheduled to speak to press corps in minutes in Paris.

11:25am – Police announce that suspects are still holed-up inside business and that contact with the suspects has been made by hostage negotiators.

11:30am – There are confirmed multiple hostages inside business, including one woman, and that suspects have told negotiators that they “intend to die as Martyrs”.

11:40am – Hundreds more police are arriving on the scene every minute, in Dammartin en Goele. In addition, hundreds of media workers are also arriving, and being corralled on to a nearby hillside by law enforcement – away from the siege area.

Siege building – rear view (IMAGE: Telegraph)

 11:45am – A new French ‘Unity Movement’ has just announcement that the National Front Party of Marine Le Pen is NOT invited to join the large demonstrations which are being scheduled for this Sunday in Paris and at multiple locations around the country.

11:50am – French police and soldiers have instituted a “shelter in place” order for all residents and all schools in the area were being guarded and the children kept inside, with a perimeter being set around the village of Dammartin en Goele and adjacent areas and access roads located just north of the Charles De Gaul International Airport.

11:55am – French authorities have just announced that Charles De Gaul International Airport has now been closed.

12:00pm – Police have now indicated that they are drawing up plans to ‘neutralize’ the two suspects in the event hostage negotiations fail.

12:25am – French police have announced that they are planning to take the building ‘by force’.

12:55am – Around 1,000 children have been evacuated from the nearby two primary and two secondary schools and taken to a nearby town. Some were heard shouting: “Charlie! Charlie!” (via Telegraph)

French Tac Teams assemble in parking lot of adjacent industrial estate to siege building (IMAGE: Telegraph)



January 8, 2015 

It’s being touted as ‘France’s 9-11’. This evening French Authorities have announced they are in hot pursuit of the two Charlie Hebdo shooters, who are believed to now be fleeing through the forest – but what are their chances of survival?

1-Charlie-Paris-Shooter-TroopsIn what global media are now describing as “the largest man-hunt in Europe’s history” involving some 80,000 plus law enforcement personnel, French SWAT units have now entered the forest of Retz, a large wooded region located 50 miles northeast of Paris, this after receiving ‘reports’ that the two fugitive suspects, Cherif and Said Kouachi reportedly abandoned their vehicle on a nearby country road.

The fugitive suspects are said to be the ‘French-born’ sons of Algerian-born parents, who incredibly, were already under police surveillance, with at least one already on a “no fly list”, and even jailed for 18 months for trying to travel on jihad to Iraq 10 years previous. US officials have also leaked to the media the talking point that one of the brothers, Said Kouachi, was also in Yemen in 2011 for a number of months “training with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)”.


Two suspects’ photos released by French police on Wednesday.

Police helicopters have been scrambled, along with several dozen police vehicles, tactical RAID off-road units, as French teams scour the 13,000-hectare woodland and adjacent farming properties. CNN has keen to announce that police were “using night vision goggles” as they worked their way through the densely wooded area. Additionally, French military soldiers have also been deployed, firstly in Paris itself, but it’s unclear yet if the military are joining in the dragnet operation near Retz.

French official now report that, in addition to the two fleeing suspects still at large, and the 18 year old ‘false positive’ suspect currently in police custody (a student who police still cannot tie to the Charlie Hebdo shooting), at least 7 other ‘friends and associates’ of suspects have also been arrested today.

The police were apparently ‘tipped off’ when reports emerged from the nearby village of 300 people, where they claim to have located the two suspects’ abandoned the Renault Clio hijacked in Paris after Wednesday’s shooting, and claim the suspects fled on foot, leaving the vehicle stocked with “jihadists flags”, and ‘Molotov cocktails’ (the only thing missing from this story so far is a copy of the Koran on left the seat of the vehicle, and ID’s of the suspects*).

* As if by magic on Wednesday evening, the British media appear to have broken the story that one of the suspects, Said Kouachi, had (too conveniently) left his ID Card on the seat of the original get-away vehicle, a Citroën C3 which police say they abandoned during their escaped.

US media quickly constructed a new headline talking point around this seemingly improbable development, exclaiming that, “How can such a well-planned operation make such a mistake?”

This scenario is a fact an exact re-run of another unlikely story put forth by US authorities immediately following the attacks of Sept 11, 2001, where one of the alleged hijacker’s passport, said to have belonged to Egyptian national Mohamed Atta (Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta) was found in mint condition amidst the rubble in Manhattan after the collapse of WTC Buildings 1, 2 and 7.

After this amazing disovery, US Media and law enforcement then fashioned Atta into a central character in the 9/11 story, even though at least one of official photos released of Atta has since been proven to be a forgery. Atta’s passport has never been made available to the public for an independent forensic examination.

SEE ALSO: PARIS SHOOTING: Charlie ‘Magazine Murders’ Reveals Evidence of Deliberate Staging

What abundantly clear now after scanning US and European media outlets, is that the two suspects which French police are claiming to be presently ‘on the run’, Cherif and Said Kouachi, have already been tried, convicted and sentenced in the court of public opinion, so it’s unlikely that anyone who believes the official narrative of this event will shed a single tear for these two alleged fugitives should they turn up dead at the hands of French SWAT units.

If indeed tonight’s French manhunt ends up in a rural wooded area, then it’s also fairly certain that there will be no real public witnesses, and only French police to tell the official story once the assailents have been either shot, or burned alive in a farm house building, in a similar set staged for the Dorner Siege at Big Bear Mountain in 2013.

Ostensibly, the minute their photos were released in the media on Wednesday, both Kouachi Brothers could be classed as ‘dead men walking’. As 21WIRE has detailed in previous reports, this pattern of SUSPECT, MANHUNT, and DEAD SUSPECT mirrors the official narratives of both Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Boston in 2013, and LAPD fugitive ‘cop-killer’ Chris Dorner in Los Angeles in 2013.

SILENCED: FBI recruit Tamerlan never made it out alive to tell the real story.

Based on how this Paris manhunt is being scripted by the police and media, it’s very likely that both Cherif and Said will go the way of Boston Boming suspects the Tsarnaev Brothers. Older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who himself was recruited by US security services (FBI) as a federal informant long before the alleged bombing took place, was in fact ‘alive and well’ while initially in police custody – a fact blacked-out by the US media, but reported here at 21WIRE. Later on it appears that he was in fact killed sometime after being taken into police custody before his mutilated body was dumped off at the local morgue outside of Boston.  Younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was more fortunate, narrowly escaping with his life during the arrest following a stand-off near Watertown, MA, but was severely injured to his neck and throat after being taken into custody by police and federal agents.

Like with the Tsarnaevs, when authorities release the photos in public, it almost guarantees that the suspects will never make it out alive, and hence, will never tell their story in public.

Will Cherif and Said be ‘Dead in the Woods’ by Friday morning?

It would certainly be an open and shut case for authorities and media is the story ends there – as global press ignore the real underlying narrative which could connect Wednesday’s violent shooting to a covert NATO Intelligence operation in the vain of declassified Operation GLADIO where CIA-NATO cells were allowed to murder innocents on European soil in order to make these events look like the work of a nefarious terrorist organization.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Based on the timing of the photos released by police and the professional contract/mercenary attributes of the attack, therefore, it is VERY UNLIKELY that the two suspects presented by French Police, Cherif and Said Kouachi, are the same men who carried out today’s sophisticated attack. Note also the height and build of the shooters, and do not be surprised if the two suspects are short and look nothing like the tall, muscular-frame shooters depicted in news reports on Wednesday.

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