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Michelle Obama’s Kony-style ‘Boko Haram’ PR Stunt Inspires Viral Anti-drone Campaign

21st Century Wire says…

Whenever a First Lady tries to astro-turf over a political event to boost White House approval ratings – it never ends well. Remember Michelle’s foray in the Knucklehead issue?

Michelle Obama made a big splash on Twitter and Facebook this week, but it only took a few days before the predictable blow-back to her PR stunt has turned into a storm of ridicule.

Her detractors are right point out how her own husband has sanctioned the murders of thousands of innocents across central Asia and Africa with his shiny new drone toys, but is immune from giving any testimony, nor any prosecution as he claim Presidential privilege.

It should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain in America and further afield, that no amount of tweeting and hash-tagging will speed-up to rescue, or recovery of hostages. In fact, excessive political and military meddling by Washington in Lagos could do the opposite – and create a powder keg which could cost lives and fray international relations.

What is obvious, however, is how the seemingly authentic ‘Boko Haram Terror Crisis’ in Nigeria is being used by the White House to swing public opinion back in favour of a walking wounded Obama Administration mired in multiple scandals, and also guilty of backing a NeoNazi fascist military coup in the Ukraine this past winter, and further seeking to capitalise financially in the arms, oil and gas sector through a permanent stand-off with former ally Russia.

Add to this Obama’s under the radar pledge of $1.7 billion of US taxpayer money to armed Islamic terrorist fighters in Syria this week – and it’s not hard at all to see the benefits of a Boko Haram comic book crisis at this moment in time. If the White can somehow stage – and take credit, for some kind of rescue of the African school girls, then it will have all been worth it. Beltway insiders are already saying that plans are already underway for a White House repeat of the dramatic Bin Laden/Navy SEAL Raid. Although the May 2011 raid in Abbotabad, Pakistan failed to produce an actual body of the deceased Osama bin Laden, ironically, it gave the President the only real bounce in the polls he ever had during his two terms.

By cynically targeting school children, the #Bring Our Girls Home campaign is merely a picking up where the globalised ‘Kony 2012’ social zeitgeist movement left off. Kony 2012 was a state-of-the-art, multimillion dollar, US State Department-backed media effort – disguised as a grassroots ‘schools campaign’, designed to engage US school children in the process lobbying Washington for US military intervention in Uganda to hunt down a non-existent villain who hasn’t been seen for 8 years.

The bottom fell out of the KONY 2012 public relations campaign when it was revealed that the organisation behind the KONY 2012 campaign, Invisible Children Inc, was exposed as not only a ‘charity money spinner’, but also with questionable links to CIA front organisations running out of Africa, specifically Uganda and South Sudan. Similar accusation regarding CIA management of Nigerian’s theatrical terrorist outfit Boko Haram, who, rather embarrassingly, were exposed in a WikiLeaks cable as being part of the US Central Intelligence Agency’s global network of managed ‘al Qaeda-affiliated’ terror cells:

“Boko Haram is an ODS – an Obama Death Squad. The President has several such groups, carrying out Lynchings in Africa, and Murdering journalists in Honduras and Mexico. Boko Haram stepped up its operations exponentially when Obama became President. According to US officials, Boko Haram has Murdered over 10,000 Africans (Some were ordered by President George W. Bush, before Obama was in office)”.

Other high-profile journalists have also made the Boko Haram-CIA connection, including author Naomi Wolf.

The Military Takeover of Africa

Despite its being exposed as cheap piece of Washington DC propaganda, in the end, Kony worked, as Obama gleefully signed off 200 US military special forces to be deployed to Uganda – not to hunt down the ghost of Joseph Kony, but to establish a forward operation base for the second wave of US military assets to that country – which came last month during Obama’s KONY 2014 push to move more us aircraft, troops and “advisors” to the Washington’s new AFRICOM beach head in Uganda (After 21WIRE and others published of a series of articles on AFRICOM, the US government has removed the files online associated with the links in our articles).

AFRICOM is the Bush-Obama strategic directive for increasing US military presence in Africa, as well as helping to support CIA efforts to control and direct dozens of terrorist organisation who can be used in future to help destabilise governments seen as not favourable to US and NATO-aligned nations and their international corporations.

RT reports…

When US First Lady Michelle Obama appeared in a picture supporting the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria, she was praised for taking a stand against Boko Haram. But others quickly subverted her message and turned it into an anti-drone campaign.

Michelle Obama appeared in the viral image last week, holding up a sign that said “#Bring Back Our Girls“. The hashtag quickly spread online, hitting home with an online audience that had read about the tragic kidnapping of the schoolgirls by a radical Islamist group.

Her contribution to the ongoing conversation did not go unnoticed by critics of President Obama. Twitter users either photoshopped the image or held their own sign, posting pictures that raised various concerns on topics ranging from American conservatism, sports, and drones.

The Britain-based non-profit Bureau of Investigative Journalism announced earlier this year that, in the five years that Obama has been in office, at least 2,400 people across the Middle East have been killed by drones. Even critics admit that many of those may have been militants, although the strikes have unleashed unimaginable devastation on civilians and their families – particularly in Pakistan, where drones have greatly contributed to anti-American sentiment…




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