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YEAR IN REVIEW: 2021 Top Ten (Real) Conspiracies

21st Century Wire

It’s New Year’s Eve again, which means another edition of our time-honoured tradition of looking back at the most conspiratorial events from this past year. It’s safe to say that 2021 will go down in history as one of the biggest dumpster fires of all time.

This year, like in 2020, was the year that the conspiracy theorists were absolutely vindicated. All of the alleged ‘extreme views!’ turned out to be true. Once again, they were right all along.

Before we get to the top ten list, here are some of the honourable mentions from this past year…

Honourable Mentioned Highlights

As the official ‘global pandemic’ narrative continues to disintegrate, the public began to realize that proven off-label therapeutic drugs like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were not as evil as the mainstream media, Dr Fauci and Bill Gates had claimed they were. The authoritarians in Australia shocked the world with their COVID Interment Camps in the Northern Territory, and other heavy-handed fascist policies down under. Also, Austria and Germany became Big Pharma’s Anschluss by returning to their fascist roots to enforce mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports – effectively locking the unvaccinated in their homes. The Wuhan Lab Leak theory also took center stage in 2021, but upon closer examination, this looks more like a massive geopolitical red herring designed to help bolster the mythological superpowers of the coronavirus, as well as ratchet-up global tensions between the West and China. This has also opened up the very important scientific debate between Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory – a discussion which strikes fear into the minds of Covidian true believers who regard anything which challenges the almighty powers of the virus as the work of Apostasies to their church. The Jeffrey Epstein saga continued with the Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell which has undoubted left more questions than answers as to who was really pulling the strings in the world biggest-ever political blackmailing operation. There was also the GameStop short squeeze, Facebook’s fake whistleblower who was eerily welcomed by the establishment as she openly lobbied for more censorship of social media, and the George Floyd bookend: the Trial of Derek Chauvin – to name only a few. 

With that in mind, here is the top drawer for 2021…

10. Jan 6th ‘Insurrection!’ –
Never have we seen such a hurricane emerge from such a meager tea cup. “The barbarian hordes breached the temple of Democracy!’ shrieked Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, after scenes of angry Trump supporters questioning the 2020 election results became the crisis of the day. Enter the infamous Capitol Riots. After the MAGA supporters and Buffalo Man/QAnon Shaman (pictured above) were done taking selfies and doing internet pranks, the liberal establishment in Washington proceeded to mount a feverish political witch hunt which is still going to this day. In reality, DC police and National Guard were told to stand down that day, and the Capitol Police invited most of the protesters into the building. It was almost as if Democrats and the Deep State agencies wanted something to happen that day, and then use the political incident to activate a full-blown police state in Washington DC. And that’s exactly what happened as 15,000 troops were then deployed to the nation’s capital and miles of fencing put up for months – to protect the politicians from alleged gangs of rogue Trump supporters, bloggers and YouTubers who they claimed might try to mount another errant regime change operation. It would make a good tragic-comedy if it wasn’t so gushingly over-the-top.

9. The Trials of Jussie Smollett and Kyle Rittenhouse – One was a failed hate crime hoax, and the other was a failed trial by media. When actor Jussie Smollett tried to stage his own ‘hate crime’ in 2019, the mainstream media immediately bought the hoax hook, line and sinker, and proceeded to deride anyone who expressed doubt about his unlikely story. Empire TV star Smollett claimed he was jumped at 2am in a snow storm on his way to Subway Sandwiches in the dead of winter in Chicago by two MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters who supposedly threw a noose around his neck because he was black and gay. It was a comedy of errors from the word go. Fast forward two years later when this audacious story was presented to a real jury – they didn’t believe a word of it, and Jussie Smollett was found guilty. There was another key political element to this story which might explain why Smollett tried to stage this media stunt when he did – all of which tracks directly back to the current Vice President Kamala Harris who used the Smollett hoax to promote her proposed “anti-lynching” bill. As it turns out, VP Harris knew Smollett and attended Black Lives Matter linked protests together. Of course, no one in the media wants to talk about that aspect of this hate crime hoax. Then there was the Kyle Rittenhouse incident which took place in August 2020, a shooting that left two dead and one wounded, where the media and the entire Leftwing establishment immediately branded the 17-year-old as racist and “white supremacist” vigilante who illegally drove across state lines to Kenosha, Wisconsin with an illegally acquired semi-automatic rifle. For the MSM and the Democratic Party, including Joe Biden, it was case closed. However, when the case finally came to trial in late 2021, the jury managed to ignore the liberal mob’s trial by media, and found that Rittenhouse had acted in self-defense and was thus innocent of all charges. In other words, none of the MSM narrative was true. Rittenhouse had no connection to any ‘white supremacist’ groups either. It was all fake news, intentionally designed to gain political leverage and further polarize America. Even after the verdict, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refused to recant their previously misleading statements accusing Rittenhouse of a hate crime and branding the trial as a miscarriage of justice. This new ultra-politicization of legal proceedings is seems to be the new normal – which means that America is divided into two parallel universes – one based on reality, and the other as a warped political echo chamber.

8. The Collapse of CNN – It couldn’t have happened to a nicer network – the paragon of broadcast journalism? Hardly. It’s been a particularly rough year for “the most trusted name in news.” It began with the most rapid ratings drop in cable news history, as viewers fled the network once Trump wasn’t on their TV screens every day. Then came the fall of disgraced New York governor Andrew Cuomo who was implicated in multiple sexual harassment cases in which his younger brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, was caught helping to discredit witnesses behind the scenes. As it turns out, Chris Cuomo was also implicated in a sex-pest case of his own at CNN, forcing the network to fire him. Before that, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was caught performing a lewd act of self-love on a company Zoom call. In addition to that, anchor Don Lemon was embroiled in his own sexual assault case, as well as being caught using his CNN contacts to tamper in the Jussie Smollett case. But that’s not all. The pièce de résistance came in late 2021 when it was revealed that CNN senior producer, John Griffin, 44, was arrested and charged with luring multiple victims, including multiple underaged females, to take part in illicit sexual activities. According the UK’s Daily Mail, according the Justice Department, “Griffin used instant messaging apps last year to contact the parents of minor daughters, persuading them “to allow him to train their daughters to be sexually submissive.” If convicted, the CNN lead producer could face between 10 years and life in prison for each count. No doubt there will be more dirt emerging from this MSM cesspit. CNN may be the most damaged brand in media now, which has left some speculating whether the company’s new owners will be cleaning house, or even changing the name of the international news network.

7. Inflation and The Supply Chain! – 2021 was the year Americans (and to a lesser degree the UK and Europe) finally got a sharp taste of what a failing Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) looks like. They were all happy during COVID when the government was printing trillions in order pay people to stay home and businesses to close their doors, not to mention the government paying for endless COVID vaccines, tests, and mountains of PPE. The naive plebs thought there would be no monetary consequences to the devaluing of their currency, and running the real economy into the ground over hysterical fears of the virus. In the US, the biggest losers of the Federal Reserve’s devaluation of the dollar are working-class and middle-class people whose pay cheques simply cannot keep pace with the Fed-induced inflation. The media ignored this until it was too late. Meanwhile, leftwing progressives are still clinging to the delusion that lower income people will somehow benefit from the continued dollar devaluation – which is really like a stealth tax on everyone. While many well-connected businesses and bankers are making fortunes off of the wild COVID era money printing frenzy, there is a bigger design at play – the globalists’ scheme to destroy what is left of the fiat money system before introducing their centerpiece of the Great Reset global technocracy – the Central Bank Digital Currency and total cashless society. While gas prices soared in the US, we also saw a massive spike in the cost of energy and fuel in Europe, largely driven by a geopolitical agenda to keep Russian gas out of Europe, but more so due to the West’s pivot towards “Green New Deal” style policies. But you won’t hear the MSM talk much about that. This is designed to damage certain industries and serves Klaus Schwab and the globalists’ Great Reset agenda. Also, did anyone notice how all of the sudden the new buzzword in politics is “The Supply Chain!”? Everyone is muttering this previously unspoken basic term in economics and trade. “We must fix our broken supply chains!” became the well-worn talking point of 2021. But no one asks how these supply chains were broken in the first place – and the answer to that question is simple: anything which is severed or not functioning – is because of government policy on COVID-19, lockdowns, ‘test and trace’ and the draconian vaccine mandates. Pure and simple. They broke it, and now they say they want to “Build Back Better.” The damage inflicted on economies will last for decades. The only good news is that many people are able to see through their lies.

6. Russian Invasion! – No yearly list is complete without an officially approved good ‘ole Russian conspiracy theory. The theatre of unreality continued, as the intelligence community in Washington claimed to have ‘secret information from anonymous sources’ that Russia had amassed “a hundred thousand troops” on the Ukraine border and was planning an imminent invasion of its neighbour in January 2022. The only problem was none of it was true – the West had concocted a new phantom invasion conspiracy theory in order to help keep NATO from being irrelevant, drive more arms sales to Europe and Ukraine, and increase the tension geopolitically. As it turns out, Russia was only conducting its usual annual military drills. Consequently, Moscow has officially raised the alarm to the international community about NATO’s plans to militarize the Black Sea. But that hasn’t stopped the usual suspects and devoted warhawks from continuing to use NATO as a cudgel to goad Ukraine into triggering a full-blown war with Russia, as well as incessant threats of sanctions against Moscow. Someone in Washington wants a war, and they will continue pushing until they get one, unless Russia calls their bluff. But the signs are still worrying going into 2022.

5. Sleepy Joe – With just one year under his belt as Commander and Chief, Joe Biden, is already being touted as the most shambolic presidency in US history, even surpassing the one term wonder Jimmy Carter. It’s so bad that Democrats are already searching for someone to replace the gingerly 79 year old Biden before the 2024 election, assuming Joe makes it that far without being forced into early retirement. Biden rarely gives any press conferences or genuine interviews, and is often incoherent in public, and appears to be in a terminal state of cognitive decline. For many, he’s already become a national joke. Things have gotten so bad that even CNN is already throwing Biden under the proverbial bus and touting possible replacements in 2024 for the octogenarian president. This also coincides with tanking approval polls for both Biden and VP Kamala Harris. Which begs the question: who is actually running the White House? The answers to that question will eventually come out, but how much damage will be done between now and then?

4. Silicon Valley Censorship – Big Tech is now the corporate manifestation of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. Only it’s not just freedom speech – it’s also freedom of reach. The virtue-signalers in Palo Alto and San Francisco claim they are de-platforming accounts in record numbers in order to “protect the public from the virus” and to promote ‘public health’ by protecting any officially-endorsed vaccine, mask, and lockdown narratives, and more importantly – protecting manufacturers and government agencies from any criticism from the emerging debacle of vaccine adverse reactions, injuries and deaths. Firms like Google/YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are also cynically using the banner of “COVID/medical misinformation” to permanently purge any political dissenters from their platforms. It’s now clear that these corporations do not respect or believe in concepts like critical thinking, debate and freedom of speech. In reality, their sanitisation operation is meant to ‘cleanse’ public discourse in order to protect the State and its corporate partners, and to redefine what will be considered as ‘acceptable speech’ in the global commons. By definition, this is fascism writ large. But their facade is cracking, and with every negative vaccine report, these firms, along with the government agencies and NGOs and pharmaceutical firms they are actively colluding with – will eventually be held accountable, at least in the court of public opinion. It’s only a question of time.

3. OMICRON INVASION! – It sounds like a cheap 1960’s Sci-Fi space horror thriller, only this was in 2021 and has been given top billing by government and the media. It began when some South African epidemiologist announced she had discovered an exotic (of course, it’s out of Africa which means it has to be rare, unusual and dangerous) new coronavirus ‘variant’. It wasn’t long before the Western media and government found a good brand name for the alleged microscopic particle. Working their way through the Greek alphabet, and before skipping over “Xi” (for obvious reasons), the OMICRON variant was born. Big Pharma needed an Omicron invasion to help sell its boosters shots, but it wasn’t long before Omicron’s super powers diminished and the media could no longer prop-up this pseudo science tale. The variants have also served as a great distraction from the growing number of vaccine injuries. As a result, Omicron may well have marked the death knell of the ‘global pandemic’ narrative. It will be a slow and painful collapse though, and who knows what further damage will be incurred as a result of this endless mythology being conjured by the globalists.

2. Endless Boosters for an Endless Pandemic – Again, COVID and vaccines continue to dominate this year’s top ten list, and for good reason. The heavily marketed ‘variants’ were not only designed to keep Great Reset-style ‘New Normal’ restrictions in place, but also to keep the experimental mRNA vaccines sales flowing for the transnational drug cartels. With the world facing a seemingly endless stream of coronavirus variants, manufacturers have become more aggressive in pushing the need for endless ‘vaccine’ jabs. First it was one booster, then two. Now some countries will be requiring their citizens to inject no less than SIX gene-jabs in order for citizens to participate in society. Worse yet, vaccine manufactures enjoy total protection from liability so long as governments allow them to hide behind the deceptive shield of “Emergency Use Authorization.” It is a scandal of epic proportions. Meanwhile, Big Pharma shareholders are over the moon at the prospect of government mandated automatic sales of their experimental injections, with scores of new billionaires created since the beginning of the ‘global pandemic.’ When will it end?

1. Vaccine Passports – What was callously dismissed out-of-hand as an ‘extreme conspiracy theory’ back in 2020, has now become an Orwellian reality: a state-sponsored medical apartheid regime, enforced by the insidious invention of Vaccine Passports. By now, most intelligent people have copped-on to the fact that the global rollout of Vaccine (aka ‘Health Pass’ or ‘Green Pass’) Passports has nothing to do with your health and everything to do with exclusion, discrimination, and social control. Vaccines themselves were only a means to corral the population into a Vaccine Passport trap and its global digital ID and cashless dystopian control grid. In this way, the ‘global pandemic’ project led by the Central Banking cartel, World Economic Forum, Bill Gates Foundation and the Transnational Pharmaceutical cartel – was just a trojan horse designed to create a completely new type of controlled and surveilled society: a cold and calculating technocracy where the freedoms we enjoy today will become a distant memory. It is a global coup d’etat, with local henchmen like Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron as mere puppets whose job is to dupe their electorates into this terminal technocracy. These globalist oligarchs want nothing less than to establish total command and control for the next 100 years. Is it too late for this elite plan to be stopped in its tracks?

What a wild year. Expect the unexpected in 2022.



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