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YEAR IN REVIEW: 2023 Top Ten (Real) Conspiracies

21st Century Wire

It’s New Year’s Eve again, and with that our time honoured tradition of looking back at the most conspiratorial events of the past year. 

It goes without saying that 2023 has been a wild year that has left the world a lot more unstable than it was 12 months ago. To help get a glimpse of what’s ahead, we’ll release our other annual opus, Trends and Predictions for 2024, later this week.

Before we get to the top ten list, here are some of the honourable mentions from the past year…

Here are some of this past year’s standout stories which didn’t make the top tier. We should first mention the tragic Titanic submarine incident which gripped the world’s attention for 72 hours in June. There were also persistent rumours in western mainstream media that  Russian president Vladimir Putin had cancer and may have died (sadly, these faux reports have become commonplace in recent years), and speculation of an imminent assassination of 2024 GOP presumptive nominee, Donald J. Trump. In Washington, the national media was held hostage for a number of weeks following the surprise ouster of Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), as Congress struggled to find a suitable replacement. The irony being that McCarthy was supposedly bounced due to funding for an unpopular proxy war in Ukraine, only to be replaced by Mike Johnson (R-LA), a die-hard Zelensky fan and a loyal supporter of the Zionist project in Israel and its open war crimes in Gaza. There was also the bizarre story of Paul Pelosi’s midnight visitor at the palatial Pelosi home in San Francisco. Many were also surprised that the trial of FTX crypto Ponzi swindler, Sam Bankman-Fried ended in a conviction for the aloof gamer-cum-banker savant. Another strange and momentous event which dominated the headlines and surprised even seasoned conspiracy theorists was the Congressional UFO Hearings in June, where former military officials testified under oath about claims of unidentified aerial phenomena. Also, 2023 saw the categorial rejection of the World Economic Forum’s crown jewel in its global technocratic Great Reset agenda – the notorious “15 Minute Cities” agenda and the attempted ULEZ takeover of British city streets. Activists mobilised to remove the ULEZ cameras – an act of civil disobedience the likes of which we haven’t seen before from Gen Z’ers. Not to be deterred, the globalists have responded by ramping-up censorship efforts and passing legislation that criminalises protests and public forums which were previously protected under constitutional law. A slow creeping police state for sure. On the ‘green’ front, as the climate agenda continues to stall, the globalists were still trying to apply a full court press during the summer months by claiming that 2023 was somehow the “Hottest year on record”, a propaganda campaign designed to extend an increasingly problematic “climate change” narrative. This hysterical reporting has been thoroughly debunked by a number of skilled professional watchdogs – like climate scientist Tony Heller.  On the child trafficking front, a film originally shunned by major Hollywood studios, The Sound of Freedom, became one of highest grossing and most viewed cinematic releases in 2023, raising awareness about an issue not covered enough in today’s media.

These were only a few in a very long list of impactful events which didn’t make our final cut.

So without further ado, here are the Top Ten Conspiracies of 2023…

10. Maui Fire – After an apocalyptic blaze decimated large swaths of land in Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui which reportedly killed some 111 people, various local whistleblowers, along with internet skeptics – filled the information board with a number of theories as to the cause of one of the  deadliest US wildfires in over a century. Some claimed the fire was set on purpose by greedy property developers, or that it was caused by some kind of secret “directed energy weapon.” Other more conventional investigations made allegations that local agencies and local companies failed to prepare proper fire mitigated measures. The bottom line was that this was a circus of speculation.

9. The End of Covid (and vaccine debacle) – After 3 years of artificial drama and trauma, 2023 was the year when the Establishment finally decommissioned the ‘global pandemic’, with public health mavens claiming that the pandemic “has been on a downward trend” for the last 18 months, and since everyone has made sufficient billions fleecing the public purse over Covid-related rules and policies, the Establishment finally decided to back off and let people roam free without having to wear a mask, or having a long swab shoved up their nasal cavities, or to get injected with risky experimental toxic ‘vaccines’. In other words: the scam is basically over. But the infrastructure of the bio-surveillance and pharmaceutical technocracy is still in place, and can be activated at any moment. Conclusion: remain vigilant, and be wary of anyone pushing fear propaganda, or talking about ‘variants’. If you want to learn about every aspect of the pseudo-pandemic, visit The End of Covid online seminar.

8. Elon and X – In late 2022, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk (and his fellow investors) ponied-up some $44 billion to rescue Jack Dorsey’s censorship cesspit known as Twitter. This move was followed by Musk’s reinstatement of thousands of previously banned accounts (including @21WIRE) leading to a relative renaissance in free speech on the platform and with its Spaces feature, which Musk has since rebranded as “X“. However, ever since then, his anti-free speech opponents in the US Government, the Deep State, the Democratic Party, the ADL, and the European Union – have all been trying to damage the platform’s revenue potential, and ultimately bring it to heel. The crisis that began on Oct. 7th between the Israelis and Palestinians brought yet another challenge to Musk and X, with the broader Israeli Lobby applying incredible pressure on Musk to regulate what they claim is “antisemitic” and “hate speech” on the platform. Musk was then summoned by the Lobby to Israel while its leader Netanyahu carries out a genocide against the native population in Gaza. The odd pilgrimage left many speculating whether Elon would capitulate to the Lobby and throttle criticism of Israel on the X platform, or allow notorious Israeli tech firms under the hood of the social media giant. The jury is still out as to whether Musk can hold the line on the First Amendment. We certainly hope he does! 

7. The Rise and Demise of Prigozhin – Ever since the Battle for Bakhmut gained steam in Ukraine in the winter of 2023, the mercurial head of Russia’s private military company, Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, known in western media circles as ‘Putin’s chef’, became the focal point of international coverage. With a bigger than life personality, Prigozhin could not resist being at the center of attention, and took that concept to the ultimate extreme when he attempted to marshal his private Wagner army in a haphazard attempt at a military coup d’etat, or rather, a colossal “internal MoD dispute,” and one which the West relished at the time as a “challenge to Putin’s rule”. In the end, it was nothing of the sort. After this incredible 24 hour standoff, Prigozhin was exiled to Belarus, and not long after was reported to have died in a plane crash in Russia. The conspiracies range from Prigozhin being assassinated by the Ukrainians, the Americans, the British, and even talk of Prigozhin faking his own death.

6. The Rise and Rise of A.I.
– Everyone is talking about it. This past year saw the ascendancy of A.I. platforms like ChatGPT, Bard, and other similar chatbot applications beginning to dominate the global discourse around technology, business, and the direction of society in the 21st century. Suddenly, “A.I. began looking more A.I.” and along with rapid advances in robotics – people are now seeing the very real prospect of jobs being replaced en mass by these advanced technologies. How will the historians of the future regard the legacy of A.I.? Or will this just become a speed bump on the way to a mega technocracy? This trend will continue to move up the list with each passing year, and society will have to adjust to the prospects of a major disruption in business and the economy. Look out…

5. Trump Lawfare – This year has seen an unprecedented attack on democracy in America, as the Democratic Party and Deep State team up to try and knock out the GOP frontrunner, Donald J. Trump, from the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election… before it begins. This practice, common in third world political economies like Brazil and Pakistan, is known as lawfare. Welcome to Trump’s many trials and tribulations, with various civil and federal cases – all timed to perfection – spanning from the courtrooms of New York City, to the federal dock in Washington, D.C., and all the way down to Fulton County, Georgia. So far, he’s still alive, but the forces of the political underworld aren’t done with him yet. The latest move has been to try and remove him from the primary ballot in Colorado, Michigan, Maine and California. By trying to prevent Republican voters from being able to choose who they can vote for, this underhanded tactic has exposed a real low point in American politics. In addition to this, no one real even knows if the Democrat incumbent Joe Biden will even be on the ballot for the general election in November. Rumours persist as to who might be the last minute replacement for the absent minded octogenarian at the DNC Convention in August – will it be Gavin Newsom, or Michelle Obama (or both on a new ticket)? Expect everything to be appealed, and this fight to go right down to the wire.

4. Downfall: Zelensky and the Ukraine Project – September 22nd was a day that will live in infamy, because that was when Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Zelensky held a bizarre Nuremberg-style midnight rally inside the Canadian Parliament to honor a Ukrainian Waffen SS Nazi war criminal. The cringe-worthy scene was strange and bizarre to say the least, as Canadian lawmakers quickly mounted a PR rare guard action, all pointing fingers at each other over this global embarrassment. However, this awkward moment would mark a real turning in the Ukraine narrative in the West – allowing pro-war politicians a quiet exit from their previously staunch support for NATO’s ill-advised and increasingly disastrous proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. The Western retreat has left Zelensky as nothing more than a parody of himself, as he moves from capital to capital, leaving mostly empty handed on his billion dollar begging bowl tour. And things aren’t looking any better for him and the losing war effort back at home. Russia is clearly winning on every front, and Ukraine is clearly losing, badly. It’s only a matter of time before his time is up.

3. Africa and the Multipolar World Order – The tectonic plates of the international system are moving under our feet. US-led sanctions against Russia accelerated the de-dollarisation and subsequent development of alternative economic channels of trade and commerce, as an increasing share of global direct foreign investment began flowing east, into Eurasia and the Far East. But the big swing in global power dynamics came in July, in the African country of Niger, where a dramatic coup d’état occurred which saw the country’s president Mohamed Bazoum replaced by military brass. This was followed by a similar ouster in neighbouring Mali. Similar moves are afoot in Burkina Faso. Anti-Imperialism and anti-colonial flavour, and the eviction of France’s military assets and effective control over its former former colonial possessions – are nothing short of a game changer for Africa, as investment continues to go native, and governments look to taking a more assertive role in BRICS network of nations. Leading the way is South Africa, who just invoked the Genocide Convention against Israel over their ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. Add to this, the increasing trade and cooperation between Russia and China (a reaction to US imposed sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict), and emerging independent foreign policies coming out of South America – and we can now see a new multipolar world order coming into view. This will eventually displace the previous US-dominated unipolar global order that emerged following the collapse of the Soviet empire in 1990. This is a historic development, but not without its risks of instability and potential for a major global conflagration putting East Asian and Eurasian powers against the former Western hegemon.

2. Yemen Sanctions Israel – Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement (aka ‘The Houthis’) shocked the world when they stepped-up enforce their own naval blockade against any ships entering the Bab al-Mandab strait which they deem to be Israeli or providing material support Israeli war crimes in Gaza. The Yemenis are basically doing what the United States does to countries it wants to punish or strangle economically – sanctioning them, and then backing up those sanctions with military intervention. This fact has left the Beltway foreign policy blob in shock. They simply did not see it coming. And from the Yemenis point of view, it’s working – with major shipping firms and countries now re-routing trade around the Red Sea. For Israel, the move its costing them billions, as well as making Israel and its genocidal policies a liability to other nations and the market. They have vowed to target all ships heading to Israel, regardless of their ‘flagged’ nationality, and have warned off any international shipping companies dealing with Israeli ports. The results of these surprising sanctions by Ansar Allah have been both effective and far-reaching. “If Gaza does not receive the food and medicine it needs, all ships in the Red Sea bound for Israeli ports, regardless of their nationality, will become a target for our armed forces,” said a Yemeni spokesperson in December. As a result of this, the West is now discovering what the “Axis of Resistance” is, and the global leverage it possesses.

1. Israel’s Genocide in Gaza – Just as the Ukraine Conflict looked like it was settling down and a peace deal was on the horizon – and the world could at least breath a sigh of relief at averting WWIII, events unfolded on October 7th which would shock the world and place the Palestinian issue back at the top of the geopolitical priority list. Following a surprise military operation by a confab of armed Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza, the Israeli military would retaliate with a brutal bombing campaign, targeting civilians living in the densely populated area of Northern Gaza. Israel claimed it was only targeting Hamas militants they believed were responsible for carrying out “mass atrocities” against Israelis on Oct. 7th, but it wasn’t long before it became clear that the ‘IDF’, armed almost exclusively by the United States, was engaged in an ongoing ethnic cleansing operation against the native Palestinian population – attempting to displace millions of innocent residents under the threat of total annihilation and genocide. Many veteran journalists who have covered this ongoing crisis have noted how in 17 years, they had never seen a story anything like Israel’s merciless war on the people of Gaza. This crime against humanity has been a turning point for the world in terms of support for the State of Israel and the Zionist settler project. Support for these questionable endeavors has evaporated since Oct. 7th, as the world looks on in horror at the industrial-scale killing which Israel has unleashed live over global media. The extent of the brutality – a genocide happening in plain sight – coupled with the sheer volume of fake reports, propaganda and disinformation being disseminated by the Israeli government and its media adjuncts – has been a phenomenon not witnessed in the modern digital era. Back in the US, the Biden Administration is also hemorrhaging support from its progressive Democrat base over the White House’s blind support for the Netanyahu regime in Tel Aviv. For the world, the story is now clear: everyone has witnessed the horror which Palestinian human rights organizations have long warned about – and the likelihood that Israel would eventually conduct an open genocide, with its US and UK allies working to cover-up its widespread and systematic violations being committed against the native people across the occupied Palestinian territory. At the time of publication of this article, the Israelis have killed some 27,000 civilians, including 11,800 children. Can Israel be stopped? Will this massacre in Gaza eventually draw-in Hezbollah, Syria and other members of the region’s “Axis of Resistance”?

What an unbelievable year. Expect more impactful moments in 2024.



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