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YEAR IN REVIEW: 2020 Top Ten (Real) Conspiracies

21st Century Wire

It’s New Year’s Eve again, which means we’ll do that important dance once more, our time-honoured tradition of looking back at the most important, most unusual, and dare we say conspiratorial events of the previous  year. It’s been said that 2020 wasn’t so much a year to be experienced, so much as it was a year to be endured.

Last year we said that “if 2019 taught us anything, it’s that conspiracies are real.”

This year we can take that a step further: if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right all along.

We realize that must be a really bitter red pill to swallow for many a mainstream media maven, who for years have tried to fashion careers out of deriding and persecuting anyone who defied the official narrative, labeling them as dangerous ‘conspiracy theorists’ and purveyors of ‘disinformation.’ Hence, the new paradigm going forward shall be:

Conspiracy Realists vs Coincidence Theorists.

There were a number of honourable mentions this past year which would have normally been good enough to break into the top ten, but sadly no chance this time…

Honourable Mentioned Highlights

The trial in the Netherlands of the downing of Flight MH17 began in March and was threatening to unhinged a major lynch-pin story used by NATO members states in order to demonize, isolate and geopolitically contain Russia. Before hearings really got off the ground, they were delayed – as nearly all of Europe began headed into ‘pandemic’ lockdowns. Another casualty of COVID it seemed. Court proceedings have since resumed, and may end up severely damaging the West’s main sacred cow of official anti-Russian fake news, so watch this space. Another saga which bled into 2020 was of course the Jeffrey Epstein affair. Back in August 2019, the notorious sex trafficker and friend to the rich and famous, succumbed “suicide by hanging” in his cell just before he was due to testify and give evidence. But the VIPs were still on the hook, including British royal Prince Andrew, but more importantly Epstein’s partner-in-crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was arrested this year and was recently denied $28.5 million bail request as she awaits court proceedings. Other high-profile Epstein co-conspirators were arrested too, including former French modelling agency procurer Jean-Luc Brunel, but where this story will lead is still murky. During the 2020 Democrat Primaries, the first glimpse of high-tech election fraud emerged during the Iowa Caucuses after the party insiders managed to funnel all of the votes through a dodgy digital election App which allowed spook-spoiler candidate Pete Buttigieg to come from behind and steal victory from the front-runner Bernie Sanders. One of the beneficiaries of this scam was Joe Biden himself, then struggling to keep up with the voters’ favorites at the time. Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley billionaires were behind this effort, which really foreshadowed the historic capers to follow in November. Big Tech, led by Google’s star chamber at YouTube certainly made their big play with an insidious new level of political censorship, while the mainstream media fired off its initial disturbing salvo deploying their “Deep Fake” illusion with the Queens Speech on Dec 25th. In terms of the outright bizarre and unusual, there is the mysterious Kubrick-style Monoliths which suddenly appeared in a number of exotic locations, first in the high deserts of Utah, and then on England’s Isle of Wight, and numerous others. And just like in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the primates showed up in droves (only this time taking selfies).

With that in mind, here are the absolute show-stoppers of 2020…

10. The Death of Russiagate At long last, one of the longest-running officially-sanctioned conspiracy theories was laid to rest in 2020. The year 2019 saw the complete collapse of the circus-like Mueller Investigation, a $30 million effort which produced no evidence of any alleged ‘Russian Collusion’ with the Trump campaign. This plot was officially closed out after a memo surfaced this past fall showing how even before Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Hillary Clinton herself floated the idea of creating a Russian hoax in order to deflect away from her own scandals during her disastrous election effort. You could say Trump was justified in calling CNN, MSNBC et al, “the fake news media,” because all of it was fake. Incredibly, the Media and Democrats are now trying to quietly tip-toe away from the issue and pretend they weren’t all harping on it for the last four years. Trump also pardoned most of his associates who had been politically targeted by the FBI, including Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos. Despite all of this, Democrats and Biden are still dipping into the Russiagate punch bowl, trying to scapegoat The Russians!™ after Joe’s son Hunter left his laptop in a computer repair shop with a reams of incriminating evidence on it. “This story isn’t real, it’s Russian disinformation!” they still cried in 2020. Old habits die hard. RIP Russiagate.

9. Kosher Encounters of Third Kind We know what you’re thinking, but don’t laugh, this really happened. All bets were off after a retired Israeli general went public saying that an alien confab known as the “Galactic Federation” have been in contact with US and Israeli top brass for years, but are keeping a low profile to prevent hysteria among humanity. Indeed, intergalactic whistleblower retired General Haim Eshed intimated it’s because “humanity isn’t ready” (mind you, if you accept this story on face value, then that last bit is somewhat plausible considering how utterly irrational and insane everyone has become during the ‘pandemic’ in 2020). You may laugh, but this story about Tel Aviv’s ET hotline ran in most mainstream media outlets, so it’s hardly coming from the internet fringe. In a roundabout way, you could say this was a belated PR fodder after Israel’s privately-funded “Beresheet” unmanned spacecraft crashed into the lunar surface in 2019. But the narrative had potency nonetheless – Eshed’s story was also read as a tacit nod towards another long-running popular conspiracy known as Project Blue Beam, which describes an above top-secret plan to stage a fake alien arrival using holographic wizardry. Engineered by global powers, Blue Beam is said to be designed to bamboozle the masses with what will ultimately be unmasked as the Anti-Christ. Eshed’s wild story did trigger a QAnon-UFO venn diagram overlap of followers, after the Israeli general said that Trump was ‘in the loop’ on this one, which piqued enthusiasts interest, and lent additional credence by the President’s earlier announcement of creation of the Space Force as the fifth branch of the US armed forces. Yes, it’s bizarre and quite likely far-fetched, but who can really wave the finger of normalism at anything in 2020? To add even more fuel to this conspiracy fire, in April the Pentagon announced that it was releasing three UFO videos taken by US Navy pilots. Incredible, no? Combine this with the Monolith story and you’ve definitely reinvigorated the UFO community. As Hunter S. Thompson once famously said,When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” Now, even the much-maligned ET community can hang their hat with confidence on that little gonzo ditty.

8. BREXIT (without the exit) – Right before the new year was due to ring-in, Boris Johnson miraculously managed to pull-off that oven-ready turkey he’d been basting for the last 18 months, known affectionately as the “Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community” and its subset, the “EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement”, colloquially known as BREXIT. But after all the fuss – the Deal or No Deal, the fear-mongering, and diplomatic warfare not only between Westminster and Brussels, but an internecine war between British politicos – what exactly did Britain achieve? Exactly how much are they ‘out’ of the EU? After his Christmas caper, Boris Johnson said, “We have taken back control of our laws and our destiny.” Is this really about “Global Britain“, or is it a glorious return of the British Commonwealth? Critics have pointed out that Britain is still very much tethered to most EU institutions, laws and conventions, and while the Tory government may claim this was a victory for UK sovereignty, Johnson has quietly tied Britain into the highly unpopular transnational corporate takeover known as the TPP (Transpacific Partnership), and who knows, possibly into some form of the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) by fiat at a later date. So this story has only just begun, and the real motives for BREXIT may emerge soon enough.

7. The George Floyd Riots – Late May saw an incredible series of events unfold, following the death in custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The death was caught on video, and erupted on social media, leading to cascading “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) protests and rioting across the country. Floyd became a global media phenomenon and martyr overnight. This came at a time when much of America was under a Coronavirus lockdown, and many were wearing masks – which certainly didn’t help police in their effort to arrest scores of looters and arsonists. While cities were being set alight and looted on camera, the Democrat-oriented mainstream media were doing election-year PR damage control as they kept telling their audience that these were “peaceful protests.” Few stopped to really ask the question: was America’s latest wave of ‘anti-racism’ protests really about racial equality, or is there a much deeper political agenda at play? Clearly, this seemed to be case of police brutality, but was the killing of George Floyd really racially motivated, or was there another more empirical explanation? As it happens, state prosecutors filed no hate crime charges for the trial of officer Derek Chauvin and the other officers, presumably because there was no evidence that Floyd’s death was racially motivated in any way. In fact, numerous studies have been conducted which have disproven the popular media claim that white police officers are bias in shooting African-Americans in America. The numbers simply do not add up to support the popular BLM-led, liberal-left politicized narrative – which means this national upheaval was really based on a false, politicized bag of ‘woke’ soundbites. In a nutshell, that’s 2020 flash mob politics.

6. The Assassination of Soleimani The new year had hardly rung-in before the US announced it has successfully assassinated Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. To justify this act, US officials claimed to have had “intelligence” (likely from Israel) that the US embassy protest in Iraq was somehow organized by Washington’s newest premier villain, Iranian Quds Force leader Soleimani. Later, in the early hours of Friday January 3, 2020, the US government launched a drone attack outside Baghdad International Airport which assassinated Soleimani, along with senior Iraqi PMU commander, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Again, it is likely that Israel prompted the US to take this action, and construed by Tehran and others as a blatant act of war by the Trump Administration. The public justification for this act of terror by the US was the king of all official conspiracy theories – the nonsensical claim by US officials that “Soleimani was a terrorist” – this bit of fiction was coupled by the usual trope repeated by Neocons that “Iran is the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism.” In fact it was Soleimani  who was leading the fight – and winning – against in ISIS and al Qaeda militants in Syria and Iraq. Everyone with a pair of eyeballs and a working brain outside of Washington knew that, but for some reason, this canned line still gets traction in the US. As it turns out, two Israeli loyalists – John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, for months had both been pushing Trump to attack Iran following the highly embarrassing downing of a US drone by the Iranian air defenses back in June 2019. What happened next would shock the hawks in Washington and alter US policy forever in the region: on January 8th, Iran launched a retaliatory missile strike which destroyed two US bases in Iraq. The strikes were both accurate and powerful, and sent political shockwaves through Washington. Later, the Pentagon would admit that at least 50 US service members suffered head injuries after missile strikes. It’s still a mystery how they were injured and whether the number was even higher – and included fatalities which the US were too embarrassed to admit. That’s likely classified, because more than anything, this standoff is about optics as much as it is about firepower. The irony for Washington is that this series of events has elevated Iran’s strategic position in the region, and beyond.

5. The Persecution of Julian Assange After the apprehension of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy by the British Security in April 2019, he was then into the notorious Supermax Belmarsh Prison in southeast London. Soon after, 18-count superseding indictments for espionage and ‘hacking’ were filed by the US government. By then, a slow but steady global movement began building to raise awareness of his plight and demand his freedom. This full-frontal attack on the free press and human rights was unprecedented, with the British Courts, led by hawkish judge Vanessa Baraitser, made it clear that their intention was to deny Assange all of his legal rights by keeping him incarcerated on a decade-old spurious and now defunct bail-skipping charge, and denying him proper access to his defense team. Baraitser and the British Establishment seemed intent on pushing Assange through the rigged US extradition process, and to hell with the legal ramifications of this historic abrogation of basic rights enshrined in Western democracy. If this persecution is allowed to stand, then it means that a global superpower like the US can move across borders to apprehend or render any journalist or person anywhere in the world on the basis that they published information which exposed or embarrassed the Government. It’s a level of state barbarism and tyranny on a scale never known before. No sooner was his hearing due to begin in the spring of 2020, everything was delayed – because of the pandemic. This also conveniently curtailed the international protest movement in support of Assange too. That’s right – COVID is the gift that just keeps on giving (to the Establishment). A decision will rendered by the British High Court in just a few days time, on Jan 4, 2021. Which way will it go? Will Baraitser return a verdict of extradition, or freedom? Millions around the world are hoping for the latter.

4. Vaccinating the World – One of the most insidious byproducts of the COVID-19 ‘global pandemic’ crisis has been the break-neck rush to produce and distribute a vaccine. Normally, the process of testing and approving a vaccine takes between 4 and 10 years, but because of the mass hysteria surrounding COVID, governments have waved normal safety protocols in an effort to fast-track the vaccines in what they are calling “Operation Warp Speed.” The title in itself is frightening enough, as it seems to put little value on safety and everything on the speed of delivery. This was the clarion call from day one, with global magnate Bill Gates on nearly every major global media outlet imaginable promoting his new plan to “vaccinate the world” – all to supposedly protect humanity with synthetic immunity from the dreaded ‘novel’ Coronavirus. He then fronted billions of his foundation’s cash to kick-start this operation to jab 8 billion souls. According to Bill and his elite establishment cohort, “life can only return to normal with the vaccine.” Few in the Media ever bothered to ask the simple question: why does everyone suddenly need to be vaccinated when, statistically speaking, the only demographic which was badly effected by COVID were elderly people with multiple long-term chronic health conditions? Worse yet, this new ‘miracle’ vaccine in question isn’t your average dangerous cocktails squalene, thimerosal, aluminium and mercury. No, this is a new experimental mRNA vaccine which despite what Big Pharma and Big Media claim – has no long-term testing for safety and efficacy. So this “moonshot” is really a shot in the dark. Through this corporate power-play, we are now beginning to see the rapid emergence of a new Pandemic Industrial Complex. As far as Gates is concerned, critics have hinted he may have ulterior motives, not least of all his own family’s long standing commitment to global population reduction. Naturally, this unusual confluence of events and interests have set the global conspiratorium ablaze. And with good reason – here you have one of the richest men with a global saviour complex, a penchant for crazy pseudo-science, coupled with an extremist ideological worldview, now personally bankrolling a potentially dangerous mass-pharmaceutical intervention, and using his fortune to dictate planetary public health policy to governments and the World Health Organization (which he also funds). What could possible go wrong?

3. The Stealing of the 2020 Election – Not only was 2020 the strangest of years, every event contained within it was the strangest of its political phenotype. The US 2020 Presidential Election between Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden was no exception. Behind the chicanery: you guessed it…. COVID. Alarm bells went off in May and June when Democrats began pushing for “universal mail-in ballots” – totally unprecedented in US history, and for obvious reason. Democrats insisted that “it’s no longer safe for Americans to vote at the polls, because of the virus.” Through this strategy, and by filing no less than 300 lawsuits in multiple states, Democratic Party operatives were able to overturn election laws, extending mail-in voting deadlines, and even removing the ballot harvesting safety checks such as ballot signature verifications. Incredible, no? In fact, unsolicited postal ballots have always been regarded as an invitation for mass voter fraud. This set the stage for the “miracle comeback” that would transpire on election night. Bizarrely, Biden hardly campaigned throughout the summer and fall, not until the last two weeks before election day in November. His rallies had dozens, rather than thousands. Meanwhile, Trump was filling up stadiums as he barnstormed across the country, often hitting three states in one day. On election night, Trump went into midnight with a commanding lead, but then something strange happened. US media outlets were reluctant to “call” any state wins for Trump, and instead announced after midnight  that “the vote counting has stopped” – not just in one state, but in at least eight states, simultaneously. Then America went to bed, and when they woke up the media were now reporting a miraculous comeback by Joe Biden which supposedly happened around 4am after millions of votes appeared in counting stations in the very key swing states Biden needed to win in order to oust Trump. Who knew? To add more tinder to the conspiracy fire, at 78, Biden is suffering from visible cognitive decline, and is not expected to last a year or two in the job, meaning he will be automatically replaced by the radical left-wing (and highly unpopular) Vice President Kamala Harris. In the election data post-mortem, the data and statistical anomalies were too many to count, some of which were detailed in a recent US Senate Hearing on election fraud. But despite copious amounts evidence and sworn witness testimonies, the mainstream and Big Tech firms like Google, Twitter and Facebook jointly erected an information firewall (one that would make China blush) to censor and suppress any information or dissenting opinion to the Democrat Party’s own ‘consensus’ on whether or not there was any foul play in the 2020 election. This was unprecedented and prompted Senate hearings looking at Big Tech election meddling and abuses of their monopoly power. In just a few days from now, two major events will take place: the double US Senate run-off election on January 5th which will decide who controls the US Senate (a result which could permanently change the political structure of the US going forward), followed by a potential final challenge to November’s election results by President Trump and his supporters on January 6th in Washington DC. Already, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has announced he will object when Congress convenes to certify the electoral college vote – the final step in confirming election results and preparing for Biden’s inauguration on January 20th. Is this stand-off nearly over, or is it only getting started? Will this grudge match spill into the streets? We’ll know soon enough.

2. The Global Pandemic – What can be said about the COVID-19 ‘global pandemic’ that hasn’t already been said. What began exactly 12 months ago in Wuhan, China, has since made it’s way around the globe, and while hardly the most lethal or deadly pathogen in history, it’s certainly the one with the biggest political and economic gravy train in tow. It changed the world overnight, sort of. Well, it wasn’t the actual ‘novel’ Coronavirus that brought heaven and earth to a screeching halt, but rather Governments’ coordinated mass-panic and draconian lockdown policies – effectively shutting down whole sections of economies, forced closures of businesses, schools, locking most people up in their own homes, along with endless over-blown fear stories about how COVID is spreading – even on cash and Amazon parcels. These reports turned out to be false, but the fear remained. Governments are still having to pay-out for lost wages, and subsidizing corporations for a loss of business, effectively bankrupting the public purse in the process. As a result, tens of millions are being needlessly added to the unemployment rolls every month. Trillions are literally being wasted for no reason other than to constantly reinflate a bubble of mass-hysteria and fear. Initially, some countries like Sweden look the sane route and thus managed to avoid the suicidal policies of the UK, Spain, Italy and others, but in the end, even the Swedes were bullied to lockdown this winter. If there was an actual pandemic, it was likely over last March, but the idea of it has been continually resuscitated and brought back to life as a hollow “casedemic.” Governments keep touting “cases” but can’t show any serious illness hospitalizations or deaths to correlate with their infinite mountain of “cases.” Why? As it turns out, and as any remaining sane individual will tell you, all of the novel emergency ‘pandemic’ New Normal police state measures – social distancing, lockdowns, mandatory masks, mass testing, contact tracing, shutting schools and living life on Zoom – are all built upon two fraudulent premises, the first being the fraudulent use of the PCR Test which could conceivably give anyone (or anything) a positive test result, instantly making them a “case” according to the state – even if they have no real viral infection. Second, is the widely held assumption that everyone is a potential vector of the disease, aka the myth of the “asymptomatic spreader“. Both of these two fatal flaws and are what is propping-up the entire ‘pandemic’ narrative and endless crisis – with no end in sight. During this last year, Governments have partnered with Media and the Pharmaceutical-Medical Industrial Complex with a relentless propaganda campaign that’s determine to keep the public in fear and compliance for as long as possible. “Our hospitals are being overrun!” is the weekly Orwellian mantra, meanwhile all the public can see are empty hospitals and dancing nurses on TikTok. In the end, Project Fear has successfully turned hundreds of millions of formerly normal people into insecure, paranoid hypochondriacs. Will people come to their senses and reject the contrived consensus-reality narrative in 2021, or will they continue to defer to the ‘power of the virus’? Humanity is at a real crossroads.

1. The Great Reset – While COVID and the idea of the ‘global pandemic’ is really number one in terms of conspiracies of 2020 (and likely of all time), what lays beyond it could really be the progenitor of the conspiracy itself, which is something called “The Great Reset“. It is a master plan to restructure the global economy, away from capitalism as we know it, and towards a new oligarch-run New Normal global feudal system, micromanaged by self-selected technocrats. They plan to transform society in the blink of an eye, by 2030, supposedly to save the planet from… climate change. Forged in the ski lodges of Davos, Switzerland, this new green gospel is the ‘good news’ being preached by the globalists’ newest Pope figure, their intellectual and spiritualist icon, Klaus Schwab (image, left), founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and a man who could easily be the living embodiment of James Bond’s nemesis Blofled (the only thing missing here is a fluffy white cat). When attending esoteric ceremonies, he even sports a real life Star Trek villain’s outfit, or is it Logan’s Run? According to Herr Schwab and his technocrat lieutenants, a New World Order must be fast-tracked, including a global Green New Deal and an end to owning things (according to Schwab in the future ‘reset’ world we must only rent things, not own them), in order to “save humanity from imminent extinction.”  Low and behold, COVID-19 is what is magically “providing the people of the world the opportunity to make the Great Reset a reality now.” Playing out by design as, Thesis (Brave New ‘Sustainable’ World), Anti-Thesis (Carbon-Energy Driven Economy), and Synthesis (COVID and The Great Reset), or Problem, Reaction, Solution, as it were. What a coincidence. Throughout the 2020 pandemic, how many times have you heard some talking head say, “Things will never be the same again” – a line they keep repeating ad nauseum, pundits and politicians alike. At the core of this neurolinguistics reframing operation is the dubious premise that it’s the virus which has transformed the world, forcing societies to re-order and re-engineer life on earth as we once knew it. But it is not the virus, it’s just government, and the WEF, the WHO and their cheering section in the Media and Silicon Valley. Together, they form the globalists’ syndicate. According the WEF, this new global order is the gateway to their Fourth Industrial Revolution – a new gilded age of robotics, where humans will be largely surplus to requirement, leaving the ultimate fate of this giant new class of UBI proletariat – up to futurist musings and TED-inspired mindscaping of Schwab and his elite Sanhedrin of technocrats and Big Tech gurus. Money will be replaced by a new digital “nature-backed” currency which will be used to put a price on every move you make as it relates to your carbon footprint. It’s a level of authoritarian technocracy never before seen in the history of mankind, and with some very uncomfortable transhumanism proclivities according to WEF’s new cultural clerics. Naturally, Bill Gates is backing this movement, as is Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Germany’s Angela Merkel, former Bank of England head Mark Carney, along with Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Bono, and Greta Thunberg – they’re are all onboard with this new global “Build Back Better” crypto-communist (run by corporate monopolists) Brave New World. But according to coincidence theorists in the mainstream media, there’s no conspiracy here.

What a wild year. Expect more of the same in 2021.



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