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GLADIO Goes ‘Full-Retard’: Belgian Hive Mind Sees Residents ‘Fight Terror’ By Tweeting Pics of Cats

21st Century Wire says…

This week, Belgium authorities have gone completely over the Orwellian cliff, declaring its capital city Brussels under lock-down, all the while pumping-up their extremely questionable “An Attack is Imminent” public alarm campaign.

Here’s an interesting question: why would Operation GLADIO hit its own base of operations?

Now Belgium citizens are being encouraged to send out pictures of their cats on Twitter (see full report below). It can’t get any more ridiculous than this.

How did we get here?

‘MASTERMIND’: Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

A Tale of Terror

We’re told by ‘security sources’ several of the Paris terrorist attackers had lived in Brussels, including the operation’s alleged “Mastermind”, a 27 year old academically challenged student drop-out and unemployed son of a Moroccan immigrant, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who authorities insist was the plot’s ‘orchestrator,’ and who they also claim was killed last Wednesday in the town of Saint Denis in France. Although the world’s media have since labelled him as a top “ISIS Commander”, he is still only listed as a suspect by police. That’s right – there is no actual proof of Abaaoud being involved, let alone being a mastermind. For some odd reason, not one member of the mainstream media has even dared to question this official narrative.

Somehow, you get the feeling that this is just a bad joke being played by the media, but sadly, it’s not.

These same ‘security sources’ and mainstream media ‘journalists’ also claimed that Abaaoud’s ‘cousin’ was a female suicide bomber who was also killed in the raid. That piece of disinformation was distributed worldwide – the only problem was this was a complete lie, released by unnamed ‘law enforcement officials’ and the media. How did that happen? They also told the world that this gallant French raid featured “a hail of bullets, automatic weapons” from the alleged terrorists. That was also a lie. It later emerged that only a 9mm pistol was actually found at the scene in Saint Denis. Another giant fish story – which was planted into the minds of the global public. By definition – this is a state-media psy-op.

If they were wrong about all of these details – in what we are told is ‘the most important terror case’ in European history, then why should the public believe these ‘sources’ at all?

Fog of Terror

Being able to play Terror Table Tennis back and forth between Belgium and France, is a near genius strategy for operational partners who can outsource any potential political fall-out, public blame or angst to their hapless neighbor. Between the endless conveyor belt of minute-by-minute state ‘threat’ announcement, the tanks on the streets of Brussels, threat of ‘imminent’ sarin chemical weapons attacks, and the suspension of all rights, and even a Batman-Joker plot to spike the Brussels water supply with a secret deadly nerve agent – it seems as if the real architects of the Paris Attacks have managed to keep the public suitably confused and disoriented long enough that maybe no one will actually be able to figure out all of the anomalies and misfire statements and rampant misinformation disseminated by the state’s “intelligence” and “security” officials over the last 10 days.

Bear this in mind when you see the same authorities touting the other “mastermind”…

Another ‘Matermind’: Salah Abdeslam.

Currently on the run is the world’s newest most wanted man, and ‘Public Enemy Number 1’, a 26 yr old Frenchman named Salah Abdeslam. The narrative for this character goes something like this: “He fled the bloodbath of the Friday 13 attacks rather than blow himself up.” Just like his fellow mastermind Abaaoud, this one is also only a “suspect”. Today, authorities claim that a French street cleaner suddenly just happened to find his ‘suicide bomb belt’ (10 days after the attacks? Right…) in a public garbage bin in the town Montrouge, near Paris.

Twitter Cats ‘Cloak and Dagger’

Perhaps the stupidest and most condescending Orwellian move came yesterday, as the state security hive told its citizens, “not to reveal details of security operation on social media,” because they believed that this would somehow tip-off fugitive suspects during the weekend’s televised LIVE anti-terror operation coverage (if that were really the case, the MSM would have done that job for them). Clearly, the security chief and media operatives do not have a lot of respect for the intelligence level of the average member of the public. The contrived PR campaign meant to look like a grass roots movement – where a lemming-like public were encouraged to Tweet photos of your cat (see pictures below), in order to somehow “throw off the terrorists from knowing what security services are doing” – is perhaps the most pathetic attempt yet to cultivate a sheep-like mentality, herding the public into the establishment’s over-the-top ‘security theatre’.

The reality is that Belgium authorities have already decreed Martial Law by deploying the military on the streets, shutting down public transport, closing schools, restricting movement, free speech, closing schools, sealing borders and instituting ‘pre-crime’ measures (arresting and detaining anyone for any reason, with no evidence of being involved in any crime) – all because of a supposed suspicion that the Paris Attacks were planned and run out of Brussels, the headquarters of NATO and the European Union. And everyone is expected to believe everything that ‘official sources’ are telling them about the ‘true nature’ of the terrorist threat.

We’re also told that so far, 21 arrests have been made by Belgium police. We’ll see how many of those are actually convicted for terrorist offenses. We’re guess that number will eventually be: zero.

If there was ever an ultimate national lock-down drill – this is it.

It appears that this psy-op was launched via a mainstream media outlet and then somehow immediately “went viral”, after a cameraman for Dutch TV channel NOS, Hugo Janssen, tweeted out: “Instead of tweets about police activity in Brussels, here’s a picture of our cat Mozart”.

Not surprisingly, with the help of the mainstream media – the campaign gained public traction. It wasn’t hard to tell this was a planted social media campaign because the usual mainstream media suspects have been amplifying this “safe” story which has all the signs of a cheap, and highly camp Euro psy-op. 1-CNN-propaganda  CNN senior media operative and war propagandist, Christiane Amanpour (above), proclaimed that Belgians ‘went above and beyond the call of duty’, calling the contrived Twitter campaign “Belgium’s furry fight for freedom.” We expect nothing less from CNN. But hey…  the cat photos are really cute though..! 


Bravo GLADIO… hate to see what’s next…

Tropic Thunder’s Kirk Lazarus (played by Robert Downey Jr): “Everybody knows, you never go full retard.”

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