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MORE THAN A COINCIDENCE? Sponsor of Gun Bill ‘Related’ to Victim in Umpqua College Shooting

21st Century Wire says…

With the dust barely settled following President Obama’s ‘political’ visit to Roseburg, Oregon – there are still a number of questions regarding this latest mass-shooting incident.

As 21WIRE reported previously, there were a large number of improbable coincidences attached to last week’s mass shooting event at Umpqua Community College, enough to keep odds-makers and actuaries up at night. Here is one more coincidence

‘POLITICAL DEBATE’ –  Oregon Senator Merkley, is actively pushing new gun reform legislation days after a tragedy in Oregon. (Photo Jeff Merkley)

On October 2nd, it was reported that US Senator Jeff Merkley‘s family was also effected by the tragedy said to have taken place at Umpqua Community College, near the small town of Roseburg, Oregon – the Senator’s hometown in Douglas County.

Below is a passage from The Register-Guard, that displays Senator Merkley invoking a family tragedy right before discussing a set of statistics concerning mass-shootings. Given the circumstances, it might have been more appropriate for a seated US Senator to withhold his political aspirations for the sake of his own family and the UCC tragedy itself:

“One of the dead is the great-granddaughter of his first cousin, Merkley said.

“So she is MY cousin,” he said amid the clicks of hundreds of cameras.

“No one could have envisioned that here in this wonderful place of Roseburg that this could happen,” he said, adding that it was the 45th mass shooting in America so far in 2015. “This is a small community. It’s a community where everyone knows someone who was hurt or killed yesterday.”

The Oregonian revealed the name of Merkley’s family member said to have died during the UCC shooting:

“The shooting at Umpqua Community College hit close to home for U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley. The Oregon Democrat lost a relative, the great-granddaughter of a cousin.

Rebecka Ann Carnes of Myrtle Creek was 18.”

‘UCC SHOOTING VICTIM’ – Rebecka Ann Carnes was related to a local paramedic and US Senator. (Photo Oregonlive)

In another strange twist, Carnes, one of nine victims during last week’s shooting at the UCC Roseburg campus, was also the niece of a local paramedic. Additionally, Carnes, was said to be pursuing a career in medicine, echoing other shooting victims over the past couple of months.

More than a coincidence?

As the central focus for mass media concerning the UCC shooting is now zeroed in on hot button socio-political issues including ‘gun control/reform’ and those concerned over ‘mental illness’ background checks – we have to consider whether the public is being steered away from the forensic side of the investigation. 

As we’ve stated before, events like Oregon, along with other ‘mass-shootings’, have become a catalyst new protocols for ‘security’, inter-agency fusion, emergency medical procedures – calling into question the very nature of each new incident. 

Initial reports regarding Carnes’ family connection were kept relatively quiet in media.

Considering that Senator Merkley has been so vocal about gun control and his role in crafting new gun reform legislation, it’s surprising that larger media outlets have not made this a much bigger story. 

Stay tuned for part two of 21WIRE’s investigation into the Oregon shooting…

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