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San Bernardino Media Hoax: CNN, Media, ‘Victims Families’ All Ransack Suspects Family Home, Faux FBI Crime Scene

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21st Century Wire

Today saw another new low-point in American broadcast journalism, as members of the media and public ransacked the shooting suspects family home in Redlands, California. On closer examination, however, what is on display here has very little to do with journalism, and everything to do with staged ‘synthetic terror’.

It appears that both mainstream media and law enforcement are becoming increasingly desperate to sell an ever-more embellished and fantastic story line surrounding this latest alleged ‘Mass Shooting’ event that we’re told took place on Wednesday in San Bernardino, California.

Earlier, CNN’s official “terrorism analyst”, Paul Cruickshank, stated that San Bernardino’s staged event was, “the deadliest Islamist terrorism attack on US soil since 9/11”. If that was true, then any venues or sites related to this investigation would still be secured by law enforcement – and yet, less than 48 hours after what we’re told was a ‘mass shooting’ and ‘international terrorism’ event – members of the mainstream media and unidentified members of the public were let loose completely unsupervised, inside what authorities are claiming to be “the killers’ home” located in Redlands. California.

More than any other aspect of the contrived narrative currently being assembled by the mainstream media – this latest bit of media exhibitionism has provided clear proof that much of this story is a staged production – completely engineered by the media and members of certain government agencies…

‘PRESS GANG’: Media and public barge into the family home of alleged shooters.

This gives a new meaning to the term “press gang”. The media frenzy at the family’s Redlands home can only be described as a disturbing spectacle broadcast LIVE this morning over ten different major networks.

Trial by Social Media (in absentia)

Today’s bizarre media stunt came only two hours after authorities and the media claimed it now had ‘evidence’ that Wednesday’s attack was “ISIS-inspired”. In a rush to establish a motive for Wednesday’s ‘Active Shooter Drill’ and staged terror event, a new piece of ‘virtual evidence’ appears to be as bizarre as it is laughable:

“We have evidence that while the attack was underway, the female shooter (Tashfeen Malik) is believed to have posted her allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – but not on her own Facebook account, rather on another different named account believed to be linked to her Facebook account. Malik then deleted the post, but the FBI managed to recover it (but cannot tell the public how they did it).”

Conveniently scripted, and hard to believe that this Pakistani housewife was wielding a pipe bomb in one hand and Tweeting to al Baghdadi in the other. This script story line mirrors another staged terror event from last spring in Garland Texas, where the alleged ‘ISIS sympathizer’ managed to send out his self-incriminating Tweets at the same time he was allegedly exchanging heavy fire with a SWAT team.

As 21WIRE pointed out yesterday, authorities are intentionally not showing any photo or image (see more on this below) of the alleged female shooter, Tashfeen Malik. It’s likely that this is because Malik was not actually involved in the shooting as the authorities are currently claiming. Based on this, we might expect investigators to turn around at a later date and claim that she “wasn’t actually one of the two shooters.’

Then things began to get even more ridiculous…

Media and ‘Victims’ Families’ Ransack Shooters’ Home on Live TV

CNN’s reporter Victor Blackwell began today’s news segment joined by a large group of at least 150 persons, including 30-40 unidentified people filming on their cell phones which CNN claimed were “members of the victims’ families”, as well as at least 75-100 media personnel and cameramen, all of whom followed behind the property’s landlord, Doyel Miller, who appears to have given an unsupervised, guided tour to the media and unidentified members of the public.

Blackwell even admitted that locals from the neighborhood and their dogs could also be seen wandering through the property.


CNN’s Blackwell claimed to have simply walked into the house, and by chance, finds a 4 paged FBI Seizure Document dated 12/3/15, which details evidence removed in the supposed federal terrorism investigation. CNN’s Blackwell then goes on to read out loud on air, in what he describes as a list which paints “a really clear picture”, before reading out all the items:

“… ammunition, hard drives, laptops, thumb drives, rifle cleaners roll-a-dex, gun cleaning kit, bolt for M-4 style rifle, boxes of ammunition.”

Although CNN and others appear to have gone to great lengths to portray this bizarre news event as authentic, it quite clear the FBI or police had left their classified investigation documents and various items as staged, props for the media.

It is not yet clear whether or not members of the media had paid a sum of money to Miller for access to the property.

In what authorities have claimed is a crime scene and “federal investigation related to terrorism”, the alleged home of the shooters has no police tape and has already been opened to random members of the public and the media – who could be seen rummaging through the alleged shooters belongings with no police or federal agents to supervise what can only be described as a free for all.

NOTE: After this staged media ransacking, ANY evidence found, or left behind in the Redlands house will now be thrown out of any court because of mass tampering of evidence – rendering the investigation null and void. So whoever set-up this desperate stunt today used the unwitting media – who gleefully played their role. If this rented house was part of an FBI-run ‘domestic terror cell’ then the trail just ended today. Good job CNN, MSNBC, FOX News (you did well).

MEDIA AGIT-PROP: CNN’s Anderson Cooper conducted today’s desperate media play, designed to sure-up the media’s latest “IS-IS- inspired” narrative for this week’s San Bernardino ‘mass shooting’ staged event.

The entire fiasco was being stage-managed by the highly dubious CNN operative, Anderson Cooper, who is then flanked by CNN junior ‘reporter’ Stephanie Elam who clearly states, “I was the first person who walked into this room [bedroom] and saw how it was before everyone started touching it… I don’t want to show you these ID’s over here [as the camera pans over and shows them] just because I don’t want to show you those addresses on there, but I do believe they belong to the mother based on the ages that were there.”

So Elam had access and tampered with the entire crime scene. If it were a real federal crime scene, then this would be a violation of numerous state and federal laws, including a violation of the family’s rights to privacy. In addition, under California state law, all media members and public present are in violation of breaking and entering, vandalism and as well as theft in the event that any personal items were removed from the scene.

NOTE: The fact that no one who participated in media this free-for-all today has been either arrested or charged – is proof that the home is not a real federal crime scene at all. It was nothing more than a dramatic set, staged for TV cameras.

MEDIA VANDALISM OR STAGED ‘PRESS’ EVENT? Less than 48 hours after ‘the biggest attack since 9/11’, CNN’s Stephanie Elam leads a mob of media and public in ransacking the alleged family home of dead suspect Syed Farook.

CNN Reporter Carelessly Tosses Religious Prayer Beads, Religious Books

CNN’s Stephanie Elam then starts picking up and throwing the family’s personal religious items. “When I first walked in this group of prayer beads was sitting on the edge of the bed, Several  prayer books that were all around, some business cards, receipts for store purchases, lotions and creams…”.

CNN’s Elam then picks up the set a prayer beads for the camera, before carelessly tossing religious items aside on to the bed below, and moving on to rummage through the home alongside other members of the “press”. She clearly states that, “These items belong to the shooters’ parents…” as she and others carelessly rifle through the family’s personal belongings.


A media entourage of at least 40 reporters and 50 random members of the public (who the media claim were “victims’ family members”) appear to have been involved in a forced entry, or “breaking and entering”, as the entourage followed the landlord who, according to CNN junior reporter,  “We watched him come back with a crow bar… and a drill… to removed the door that had been barricading with a piece of wood. Then everyone came in right after that.”

She then claimed that, “The police were ‘done’ with this building.”

Under the remote direction of Cooper, CNN’s on site cameraman then moves in for a close shot at a desk with a number of documents neatly arranged – including a passport, presumably belonging to family member of the alleged shooters.

STAGED: Passports were neatly on display for the media camera, in what appears to be staging of the supposed ‘crime scene’.

FRAMING THE STORY: CNN’s Elam claims as, “clear evidence of religious faith”.

San Bernardino: A Media Production

CNN’s law enforcement analyst Harry Houck then came on camera with Cooper to display some outrage, seemingly bedazzled and upset over, ‘how the FBI have allowed dozens of people to destroy the crime scene’.

What Houck and other media operative are not asking is the real question here: if this were a real federal investigation and crime scene then, obviously there would be police tape, and the property would be supervised as it is less than 48 hours after such a high-profile ‘mass shooting’. Clearly, this is not a real crime scene – and by extension – we can conclude now that this entire event was likely to be a staged one.

One of the most incredible media reports was turned-in by Democratic Party-affiliated media outlet MSNBC, who could be seen going through the family’s personal effects and photographs, and showing “Muslim items” on camera.

Shameless MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders has no qualms about rifling through family and childrens’ personal belongings while in the room of Farook and Malik’s 6-month-old daughter (allegedly), and points out her crib and what appeared to be a “Muslim prayer rug”. The following viewing is disturbing, bordering on unbelievable:

The bumbling MSNBC reporter Sanders seemed to be a bit desperate to make a case that these were ‘Islamic terrorists’, and whoever staged all the ‘evidence’ laying around the home – has clearly arranged passports and photos prominently in place for the media – in order for the hapless media to draw their own conclusions. One planted item is meant to be photos of Tafsheen Malik, shown here:

PLANTED PROP: Mystery photos: viewers are meant to think these photos belong to Tafsheen Malik, but “cannot be confirmed”.

MYSTERY WOMAN OR FBI HANDLER? The FBI and media are intentionally hiding the visual identity of the female suspect because it threatens to destroy the official story.

Once again, based on the FBI’s continued hiding of her identity, we can almost conclude that their alleged female shooter suspect, Tafsheen Malik, was not actually involved in the staged shooting event at Inland Regional Center on Wednesday, and based on the police’s own reports that the alleged ‘husband and wife’ shooting team were masked while attacking the Inland Office complex, then none of the supposed 85 ‘survivors’ would be able to actually ID Malik as the one of the shooters on site. From a forensic perspective, this means that there is no case which can place the female suspect in the role of ‘shooter’ at the scene of the crime (or the husband either, for that matter). Add to this one other fundamental problem with the official narrative which narrators will have to repair in order to sell this story: the average height of a Pakistani woman is around 5’5 and weighing roughly 125lbs and you another implausible FBI narrative which claims that this small petite Pakistani woman could manage to wear, carry and successfully deploy the following:

A tactic vest
• Body armor (media sending out mixed messages on this point)
• Smith & Wesson M&P .223 Caliber Assault rifle
• Magazine re-loading clips
• Hand gun
• Spare pipe bomb, detonator

In short, the official story is fast approach the Vaudeville zone now and hence, they cannot release her photo without having to then lie about her height and weight, as well as make-up an additional back story that this kitchen-bound, ‘radicalized’ Pakistani male-order bride was also lifting weights and was into top-level fitness and MMA training, and thus could handle a full combat package while running through the venue and hitting all of her targets (in short, a GI Jane Navy SEAL who could also cook a mean Vindaloo). This echoes the ridiculous official story of the alleged Sandy Hook gunman – the under weight, sleight-of-build teenager, Adam Lanza, who officials want us to believe had the skill and physical prowess of Chris Kyle. It’s beyond ridiculous.

Let’s Get Ridiculous

Since the media are happily off on a roller coaster of wild speculation, the Daily Shooter will do a little of its own…

Following this pattern of obfuscation by authorities, we can safely predict one of the two following scenarios next:

1. A single mugshot photo will be eventually be produced. Authorities will make-up a colorful back story about Malik’s military and physical prowess, or claim she was on some “wonder drug” which allowed her to overcome her earthly capabilities and carry out the Rambo-style raid on Wednesday.

2. An announcement will be coming soon which says that Malik was not one of the two shooters, and that authorities were somehow “mistaken”.

More likely is a scenario which sees Malik as the FBI female ‘handler’ for male suspect Syed Farook – a very similar scenario to a carbon copy modus operandi seen with Boston Bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his mysterious and highly illusive white American, Muslim convert and CIA -linked wife Katherine Russell.

Not surprisingly, not CNN, nor any other mainstream media organization, will ever chase up any of these leads, and after today’s debacle – we should all know why.

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