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SICK BAG PLEASE: “Stand with Hillary” Country Song Review

Truthstream Media | Out of sheer compassion for our readers we’re not posting the full video here.

ACHTUNG BONO: U2 Singer ‘Cheats Death’ at 10,000 Feet in Private Learjet

21WIRE + Independent | Globalist bopper Bono nearly lost it all in midair.

Death Is Not The End: Investigating The Kurt Cobain Case After 20 years – Part Two

Shawn Helton | More of the dark details in this compelling case point to foul play.

Bleach, Blood & Lies: A Look Back On The Death Of Kurt Cobain 20 Years Later – Part One

Shawn Helton – Was Kurt’s death a suicide, or was it murder?

Groupie-Sourced Intel: Courtney Love Claims to Have Cracked the Missing Malaysian Airliner Mystery

21WIRE + Perez Hilton | Yes, we should feel safe in the knowledge that Hollywood has some of its best chemically-altered minds on the case.

(VIDEO) ‘NSA Slow Jam’: Not-so-cool NSA agent comes clean on the dirt they do

21WIRE + 365JamZ | In these troubled times, this is what music videos should aspire to.

‘Pussy Whipped’ in Sochi: Local Cossack Police Crack Whip on Pussy Riot’s Latest Publicity Stunt

21WIRE + RT | A very public display of BDSM goes viral at Sochi 2014.

Trauma Hound: Skinny Puppy seeks $666K from Pentagon for music used in Gitmo torture

21WIRE + RT | The band Skinny Puppy has sent an invoice to the Pentagon for the subsequent use of their music in Gitmo torture sessions without their consent.

‘Live 8’ – The Elite’s Festival of Deception

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Geldof, Bono and the rest – certainly pulled the wool over the eyes of yet another generation.

CIA Social Control Through Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Understanding how “Your thoughts are not your own”.

(VIDEO) What Do We Really Know About History?

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Time to ponder some big concepts, and bigger questions.

Singer Tina Turner Relinquishes Her U.S. Citizenship

WP | Tina Turner, has opted out of the American Dream for good it seems.

Glenn Danzig: Democrats are ‘fascists’ disguised as liberals

21WIRE + CP | Misfits singer Glenn Danzig, sounds off about liberal hypocrisy in America.

Pink Floyd’s ‘Flying Pigs’ Emblazoned with Star of David

21WIRE + Gilad | Gilad Atzmon gives us some insightful commentary as well as historical context.

Sex Pistols star Johnny Rotten warning about Jimmy Savile was cut by BBC

21WIRE | By all accounts, Savile’s practices were an open secret within “The Industry”.

Obama’s America: Artist Lauryn Hill sent away for government ‘re-education’

Patrick Henningsen | Knowing what we know about the dirty music industry, we can vouch for Hill’s conspiracy theory.

Occult Inc: Artist Azealia Banks Releases Disgusting Vid + Geldof Daughter’s Satanic Sex Cult

21st Century Wire | Occult and satanic ambassadors have taken complete hold of the entertainment industry now.

ONLY IN AMERICA: Sweet Brown Lands a Commercial, Movie, Music Video…

21WIRE | Incredible – as Don King would say, “only in America”.

EXPOSED: Satanism in ‘The Industry’ (Music, Hollywood)

21WIRE | The satanic agenda revealed once again in this shocking video…

Very Odd: Alistair McGowan’s parody of Eminem courting Jimmy Savile

21WIRE | Now this is really, really strange…