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Music With A Message: The Prime Artist – ‘Melt Us’

21st Century Wire says…

Who said that intelligent hip-hop was dead?

With his cryptic lyrics and Makers Mark voice, The Prime Artist (aka Russell Jordan) continues his path as a truly authentic new rap artist and poet on the international recording scene, and his latest video release entitled, ‘Melt Us’, goes much further than most artists are willing to go in terms of depth, and also facing-up to the sobering issues which are currently confronting humanity, including a highly globalized and corporatized, conflict-driven and poverty-ridden society. But there is hope…

After previously performing with the UK’s eclectic, live acid house and dub act, Alabama 3 on their recent album ‘Shoplifting4Jesus’, Jordan is now forging ahead as solo artist in Europe.

The video depicts a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-like scenario, but comes through with a positive message in the end…

Twitter-  @ThePrimeArtist
Facebook-  www.facebook.com/theprimeartist
Reverbnation-  www.reverbnation.com/theprimeartist
Soundcloud-   www.soundcloud.com/theprimeartist

Label: Solid Music Italy

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