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Santa’s Naughty and Nice List Revised to ‘The Right Side Of History’ List

Babylon Bee | Cultish party politics and woke social justice have really painted Santa into an awkward corner this holiday season.

THIS YEAR: Let’s Make Christmas Great Again…

21WIRE.TV | A special holiday video message from 21WIRE.TV…

UNWRAPPED: Christmas Roots, from Pagan Rome to Old England

21WIRE | The roots of our modern Christmas holiday are hardly what one would expect them to be…

Chill Out This Christmas…

Jazz On The Tube | Relax and take a pause from the rough and tumble…

Yuletide Greetings From 21WIRE…

21WIRE | Santa always knows who has been naughty or nice…

THE QUEEN’S SPEECH: Deciphered by Chris Everard

Christopher Everard | One man’s breakdown of a famous public holiday ritual in the global fiefdom.

Episode #65 – ‘SUNDAY WIRE X-MAS SPECIAL’ with Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton

SUNDAY WIRE | Looking back on a bold 2014, and seeing what might lie ahead in 2015…

Peace On Earth and Goodwill to All Men (Well, Not Quite)

Andrew McKillop | A time for pondering what is, what could be, and who we need to absolutely get rid of in 2015.

Total Recall: The Neuroscience of Nostalgic Memories Explained

21WIRE + Al Jazeera | Just how far will ‘science’ go in order to medicate, reduce or erase people’s memories?

Sneaky NSA Releases Report on Its Illegal ‘Intelligence’ Collection on Christmas Eve

21WIRE + The Switch | The NSA quietly, and very cynically released a heavily-redacted report under cover of Xmas.

America’s Bizarre 18th Century Christmas Roots

Brasscheck TV | In America during the 17th and 18th Centuries, celebrating Christmas was actually against the law!

A 21st Century Christmas Jazz Mix

21WIRE | Kick back, chill-out and enjoy the rhythm and blues…

CDC Stocking-Stuffer: 12 Scientists Exposed to Ebola in Lab This Week

21WIRE + WP | Apparently, the CDC technician couldn’t read the color coded test tubes.

Santa’s ‘No Knock’ Lament: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Dean Ryan | All hell broke loose when Mum and Dad called the cops on the Jolly one.

Sony, US theaters do U-turn to cash-in on North Korea publicity stunt for ‘The Interview’

21WIRE + WP | Sony confirmed that it will be releasing the film in “limited release” in the United States on Christmas Day.

Snowden’s Xmas TV Message: ‘You’re tracked everywhere you go’

Ed Snowden | “A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all”.

Xmas Satire: Al Gore brands Santa Claus a ‘Climate Criminal’

Lapland Wire | Record-breaking ice this winter? These facts mean little to cult leaders like Al Gore.

Episode #13 – SUNDAY WIRE XMAS: Train Wreck on 34th Street: Santa on the Edge

SUNDAY WIRE | Kris Kringle discusses the global economic collapse, naughty elite technocrats and his personal battle with depression and alcohol dependency issues.

Sparkling Shame: Dollars Spent On Christmas Decor Could End Homeless Problem in US

21WIRE | Christmas is a multi-billion dollar industry.

FLASHBACK: Al Gore Calls for End to Santa’s “Irresponsible” Travel Itinerary

Editor’s Note: Still scathing from last season’s swiftboat attack by Al Gore, we are told Santa will come out swinging this Christmas 2010. This week on Christmas Eve, the North Pole are set to release a formal statement about last week’s UN Climate Summit in Cancun, things could get messy.  In case you missed it… By Nicholas “Pete” Petersen 21st Century Wire Special Report from […]

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