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Music with a Message: Patrick Lynch – ‘WHICH FREE (DO YOU WANT TO BE)?’

21st Century Wire says…

Sometimes, music should have a real message. This series of posts aims to bring you music really worth listening to, which challenge political paradigms.

Previously, we have featured some well-known international recording artists and bands with power messages in their music, but this week we’ve discovered something very different – from an independent artist in Great Britain.

The track below was written and recorded by unsigned British singer-songwriter, Patrick Lynch, entitled, ‘Which Free (Do You Want to Be)?’ It’s a heart-felt, 21st century treatise of human nature, observing how people and society are changing rapidly. It includes some reflective and powerful lyrics that pose a series of very powerful, yet fundamental questions about how we see ourselves in the world today. Listen…


Things don’t look the same as they used.
Streets redesigned for a new world view.
Tracked and traced wherever you go.

Is this what your ancestors fought and struggled for ?

Though there’s one variable they can’t compute
And it lives deep inside of me and you.
The future’s only bright for the reckless few.
So what are you going to do ?
Which free do you want to be ?

Now we all know there’s something very wrong.
Distracted and entertained before you were strong.
Now, tracked and traced from cradle to grave.
Just think of all the beautiful minds, lives you could still save

They keep your wages low and keep you scared
And dumb you down so you don’t care.
The future’s only bright if we really dare.
So are you going to go there ?
Which free do you want to be ?

Well, I won’t waste one day.
Break it all down because we’re born that way.
Let the ghouls just flicker from afar.
I won’t waste my life away just following stars.
Which free, which free do you want to be ?
Which free do you want to be ?
Do you want to be, do you want to be…which free ?

Artist Patrick Lynch is based in Dorset in the ancient kingdom of Wessex, England, and has been writing and recording his own music from the age of 13, and also creates orchestral-sounding music for film projects, as well as live theatre productions. He can be contacted at the link below or via email: [email protected].



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