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SICK BAG PLEASE: “Stand with Hillary” Country Song Review

21st Century Wire says…

Out of sheer kindness, Truthstream Media has provided a review of the new song Hillary Clinton campaign song (to woo southern voters? Really?) for her 2016 campaign. No doubt this song was cooked-up by high-flying PR consultancy. Out of sheer compassion for our readers we’re not posting the full video here, although there is a link available below in case you are feeling masochistic.

Frankly, after seeing this track, we are speechless…

Melissa Melton
Truthstream Media

So this is a thing.

I seriously doubt even the people who put those “I’m ready for Hillary!” bumper stickers on their cars were ready for this auto-tuned country song about Hillary Clinton. It’s called “Stand with Hillary” but a more apt title might have been, “Hillary 2016: I Think I Just Threw up in My Mouth a Little.”

Because the super PAC that made the song disabled comments and ratings on their video, I decided to do this review to show you what some of those comments would have looked like had they not done that.

Again, what exactly are we “standing” for anyway? Soulless Washington insider sellouts? Corporatism? The unofficial American dynasties? More empire-building wars based on lies? More New World Order puppets?

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