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Music With A Message: Lowkey – ‘Terrorist?’

21st Century Wire says…

Sometimes, music should have a real message. This series of posts is bringing you tunes really worth listening to, which challenge political paradigms.

British rapper, Lowkey, was initially supported by the mainstream music machine before he started injecting his ‘controversial’ political views into his music. He is particularly well known for his pro-Palestinian activism. His music career is currently on hiatus, while he finishes his academic studies.

In Lowkey’s song ‘Terrorist?’ he asks a number of very serious questions about what terrorism really is and who is truly responsible for terrorism. The music video is packed with incredibly strong political imagery and sends a powerful message.

Watch the full video and listen to the song here:

Listen to more of Lowkey’s music on YouTube!

Please leave your comments on other artists you’d like to see in this series!

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