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Free Energy Files

Different people are discovering different things every day in the area of free energy. Find out more on this topic from 21WIRE's free energy archive...

‘Impossible’ Spaceship Engine: NASA’s ‘EmDrive’ Actually Works says Leaked NASA Report

Yahoo! News | It’s not Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor, but NASA’s experimental flight stabilizer represents a breakthrough in space propulsion.

‘Magnetic’: Scientist Finds Evidence of Sixth Sense in Humans

21WIRE | Another avenue which can unlock the power of your mind?

SUNDAY SCREENING: Frequency: The Secrets & Science of Sound (2014)

SUNDAY SCREENING | This week’s documentary film curated by our editorial team.

Dr. Steven Greer Announces: The Campaign to End Illegal Free Energy Secrecy

21WIRE | The creator of Sirius is looking to expose the secrets of free energy tech.

Free Energy Files: ‘Zero Electricity’ Air Conditioning

21WIRE | Solving everyday problems using simple, zero-energy solutions.

Unacknowledged Secret Access Projects: The Black Budget & Military Industrial Complex

21WIRE | These black budget projects are illegal and swallowing your taxes.

Couple Builds Greenhouse AROUND House to Grow Food and Keep Warm

Real Farmacy | A simple way to harness the free energy of the sun without having to worry about solar panels and high voltage electronics.

Brazilian Man’s DIY Motorcycle Engine Gets 300 miles per Liter on WATER

Intellihub + Ruptly | Brazilian takes idea his son’s chemistry books and modified a motorcycle to run off of water.

Volkswagen Meltdown: ‘Time’s Up For The Combustion Engine’ says Tesla CEO Elon Musk

21WIRE | Beyond the normal narrative, there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Episode #3: ‘ELECTRIC CAR TALK’ – A New Radio Show the ACR Network

Alternate Current Radio | A brand new program for Gearheads, Roboheads, Unmanned Vehicle Enthusiasts and more…

Episode #1: ‘ELECTRIC CAR TALK’ Premiering on ACR Network

Alternate Current Radio | A brilliant new tech show premiers this month on ACR.

Tapping the Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and Its Powerful Connection to Human Emotions

21WIRE + David Icke | Ancient cultures and societies knew about this quality – found in water.

Cornhusker Option: How Nebraska Citizens Took Control of Their Energy Grid

21WIRE + Alternet | The people took the energy out of corporate hands and made it affordable for everyone.

Understanding the Risk of Solar Flares to Our Planet

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | There’s a loophole in the normally benign relationship we have with the sun – and it could be of concern.

The Mystery of Tesla’s Missing Papers

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | The Pentagon claims that, yes, they did take them, but that they had “lost” them…

Scientists Claim ‘Fusion Energy’ Breakthrough in California Lab

21WIRE + WP | Inside the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s $5 billion National Ignition Facility scientists claim a major breakthrough in ‘fusion’.

When Magnet Meets Copper: Unlocking the Secrets of Free Energy (VIDEO)

21WIRE + YouTube | The truth is we are only scratching the surface today of what is possible.

US Government Continues Its Assault on Energy Independence

21WIRE + BIN | It’s not just homes using solar energy which are being targeted, it’s wood stoves too.

LA County Government’s Attack on Solar Powered Homes

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Is the UN Agenda 21 hard at work in LA County?

Sustainable Theft: Spanish Gov’t Trying to Tax Solar Energy

21WIRE + RT | Maybe it’s time the people impose a super tax our political oligarchs for the hot air coming out of their mouths.

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