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Two Stooges: Boehner and Cantor laugh as they sell America down the debt river

21WIRE + Con Underground | After the latest $1 Trillion pork bill, even conservative voters are beginning sense the vipers in their own nest…

US Debt Ceiling Deal Is Not Historic, It’s Just More Debt

21WIRE + RT | US government stooges are simply buying time before the inevitable financial doomsday to come.

DC Protest: ‘Military Coalition’ meet in DC, warning that government shutdown will harm vulnerable vets

Patrick Henningsen | 5 million veterans might not be issued their much needed compensation checks on Nov 1st.

Obama Ignores DC Protesters, as ‘Barrycades’ go back up around the capital’s public spaces

21st Century Wire | The brazen move of replacing the unpopular security barriers at public monuments in Washington will only fuel a negative public reaction.

Protesters in DC take barriers from monuments and dump them at White House gates

21st Century Wire | What a sight to see: a pile of metal barriers in front of the White House.

Day 3: Negative US Media Coverage Fails to Stop Constitutional Truckers and Veterans Moving on DC

21st Century Wire | Despite media efforts to hide the event, hundreds of truckers joined up with thousands of Veteran supporters in Washington DC today.

Day 2: #T2SDA + #T4VETS -Truckers Join With US Veterans for DC March This Weekend

21WIRE + #T2SDA | An additional 200 plus big rigs have joined the convoy around the DC Beltway, with an additional 100 + truckers in transit.

DC’s ‘WWF’ Debt Ceiling Games Continue as Bankers Smile, Wringing Their Hands

21WIRE + WP | You might as well be watching WWF’s Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage because the level of play-acting is the same.

Day 1: #T2SDA Trucker Protest Causes Traffic Delays into Nation’s Capital

21st Century Wire | ‘Ride for the Constitution’ entered the DC Beltway this morning, with bad weather and state troopers dampening the results.

DC Truckers: America’s First Diesel and Chrome Flash Mob?

Patrick Henningsen | Washington DC is a mess, maybe it’s a good time for something serious to happen.

Money in politics drives up U.S. to top of international corruption index

21WIRE + Sunlight Foundation | Corruption amounts to a dirty tax, and the poor and most vulnerable are its primary victims.

D.C. ‘Community Organizer’ Blew 100K in Government Grants to Fund Gambling Habit

21WIRE + WP | Keely admits using $105,000 in grant funds for at-risk youths to gamble at Bally’s casino in Atlantic City.

Instablity grows as US prepares to announce ‘partial cuts’ in Egypt military aid this week

21WIRE + WP | Along with political turmoil, a surge in militant attacks has hurt tourism in the region.

Washington DC Caught Running Fuel Tax Scam

21WIRE + WP | There are countless gas and fuel tax scams currently being run by governments all over the US….

Broke: US Can’t Afford Base in Okinawa – Japan to rescue Pentagon with bailout for move

21WIRE + RT | Plans are being drawn up to relocate thousands of US troops off the island, to other sites like Guam – but US cannot afford the whole cost involved.

‘Ride for the Constitution’ Hopes to Shutdown Corruption in Washington DC

US News & World Report | Police must detain ‘accessories’ to ‘treason’ or truckers will, organizers say.

THEATRE: Forget the government shutdown – it’s about shutting YOU down

Hagmann & Hagmann | All the world is a stage, where Washington wants you to sit down, shut up, and play your passive role.

‘Obama Bodyguards’, DC Cops, Gun Down Unarmed Black Woman – Where is Al Sharpton?

21st Century Wire | Miriam Carey was killed in cold blood. Something is very, very wrong in America right now.

BREAKING: Unarmed Woman shot dead at US Capitol

21Wire + AP | Something doesn’t pass the smell test on this one.

A Taste of Freedom: Shutdown of U.S. government is a good lesson

21WIRE + WP | Is this a staged bipartisan distraction, designed to conceal what Washington is really cooking up behind the scenes?

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