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‘Obama Bodyguards’, DC Cops, Gun Down Unarmed Black Woman – Where is Al Sharpton?

21st Century Wire says…

Yesterday, amid the intense atmosphere in the American capital during a Federal government shut-down, a fatal killing took place which appears to have been buried by the White House and state-run media arms like MSNBC…

EXECUTED? Police knew woman was unarmed and with child before they shot and killed her.

Led by Washington DC law enforcement spokespersons, CNN, MSNBC and the Washington Post, were in full propaganda mode from the word go, all repeating the same line:

“A driver tried to breach a White House security barrier; Capitol was put on lock-down after shots fired.”

“A woman attempted to ram White House gate.”

There is no evidence to suggest that the now deceased woman, Miriam Carey (photo, above), 34, of Stamford, Conn, was trying to “breach” any barrier, and even if she was, she would not have progressed more than a few meters before the next barrier. Under normal legal conduct, knowing that a woman was unarmed and with child, police would have either shot her tires out, or disabled her vehicle. Early reports also stated that:

“The woman was using her car as a weapon.”

DC Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier, took the narative even further by using her announcement to grandstand – claiming that:

“At the White House and the Capitol, the security perimeters worked. They did exactly what they were supposed to do, and they stopped a suspect from breaching security perimeters in a vehicle from both locations. I would say that both the United States Secret Service and Capital police officers, from what I have seen so far in this investigation – acted heroically.”

MOTHER FLEEING: Miriam Carey was fleeing for her life after Secret Service opened fire on her.

What about the facts?

What is becoming more clear is that the police and Secret Service – far from acting “heroically”, over reacted, opened fire, and then pursued the unarmed mother – who appears to have driven off in a panic after five to six armed men began opening fire on her. Despite  having her 1 year old baby in the car with her, special armed police executed her in cold blood.

Cancel out the intense media spin and ‘no comment’ from the White House, this is what it looks like.

‘BRAVE’ LAW ENFORCEMENT: 100 police vehicles, including urban assault vehicles were scrambled yesterday to deal with an unarmed mother who is now dead.

Considering the national outrage over the George Zimmerman vs Trayvon Martin trial, and the swift mobilization of protest mobs by professional street agitator, White House adviser and MSNBC host Al Sharpton, along with Obama’s mobilization of Eric Holder and the Department of Justice – all sent down to Sanford, Florida, as well as nationwide in order to score political points and stir-up racial and political divisions – there is now a total silence from Washington’s Race Response Unit of MSNBC, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson – and most importantly – by President Barack “If I had a son” Obama. Are they confused as to how to cover this embarrassing incident which took place on the White House’s doorstep? “If I had a daughter”, “if I had a wife”? America is waiting for another racially charged statement, but nothing is coming. Why?

For both Sharpton and Jackson, there is no political capital to be had from this incident – so they will not even show up for comment.

For Obama, there is only trouble in this story, therefore, he too will not show up for comment here.

Could it simply be that liberal media outlets like MSNBC are paralyzed in media terms because the victim – who is black and female, was needlessly gunned down by President Obama’s security team? Most keen media observers are well-aware that any harsh criticism of the President is strictly forbidden at MSNBC. In addition to this, by exhausting the over-inflated race issues over Trayvon Martin, the White House has been forced to fold on any similar stories – for fear that any comment will back fire on the President’s PR braintrust.

White House and media silence on this issue can mean only one thing: there is certainly more to this case than meets the eye.

Presently, federal police are searching the deceased Carey’s apartment. Perhaps embarrassed officials are looking for some ‘evidence’ which might connect her with a narrative which will somehow justify the killing. We’ll see in the coming days whether this will be the case.

The fact that Miriam Carey is being demonized while police are being praised in the US media, and the White House is calling ‘no comment’ – should be sickening to any sane American.

Based on the lack of outrage over police and media performance thus far, it’s safe to say that there is something is very, very wrong in America right now.





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