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Day 1: #T2SDA Trucker Protest Causes Traffic Delays into Nation’s Capital

BREAKING: Day 2: #T2SDA + #T4VETS -Truckers Join With US Veterans for DC March This Weekend

21st Century Wire

Truckers preparing last night before heading into DC (Photo: @ShelliC67)

‘Ride for the Constitution
‘ entered the DC Beltway this morning, with some back ups reported on at least two interstate highways so far this morning (photo below).

#T2SDA_Truckers_ProtestAside from the endless list of White House scandals, America has become polarized and remains stuck in the ultimate political gridlock  – over federal spending. As America waits in vain for a resolution to the government shutdown, a group of truckers want to raise attention to some pressing issues…

WTVR in Virginia reported:

“Every time I turn around, I’m paying taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes,” said Stanley Lavy, an owner-operator from Russia, Ohio, who has been trucking for 13 years. “Come on, we’re 17 trillion dollars in debt – it’s like a credit card.”

Tom Null, a Lafayette, Indiana trucker who has been rolling for 40 years and 3 million miles, said “we’re going to participate in the demonstration around the beltway in D.C. We just want to let government know that we’re tired of them doing un-Constitutional things constantly. We don’t like the way the banking is going, with the Fed printing $85 billion dollars every month, diluting our money. My tires are costing 500 bucks a piece now.”

Ernest “General” Lee, a trucker spokesman, spoke to both FOX News and RT America channels this morning, describing the event as a “peaceful protest”, but reiterated that truckers are riding in on behalf of all Americans – regardless of what their political affiliations might be.

Watch his interviews which aired live:



At 2pm EST, traffic on I95 was jammed up, with a number of trucks holding up 3 lanes. See live traffic feed here.

The media have been giving mixed reviews all day, but certainly, the numbers of trucks do not seem to be as high as expected on the first day of the scheduled protest.

NBC reported that State Troopers intervened late this morning, ordering truckers to stop slowing traffic into the DC Beltway:

“Nearly an hour later, four tractor-trailers began driving side-by-side and slowed traffic to 15 mph. State troopers stopped the trucks at mile marker 53 and warned them not to impede traffic, Geller says. They were not given tickets and were allowed to continue.”

Trucker convoy have also been offers free rides to Veterans into Washington DC for a ‘Million Vet March On Memorials’ which is meant to take place this weekend.

Some new reports and images are coming in from truckers and overpass supporters already today.

At 1:30pm EST, information was relayed to 21WIRE that more convoys are up from the I95 and 495 highways, south of DC – preparing to join other convoys that left earlier this morning.

The weather is rainy and rough, but that hasn’t deterred the big rigs so today:

ALSO BREAKING: Recent updates we’ve received so far today:

DC Debt Ceiling Games Continue as Bankers Smile, Wringing Their Hands



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