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Two Stooges: Boehner and Cantor laugh as they sell America down the debt river

21st Century Wire says…

After the big debt ceiling drama last autumn, GOP supporters have gradually realized that their camp is as utterly corrupt and disinterested in restoring the Constitutional Republic as their Democrat counterparts.

The term ‘conservative’ has become a throw-away adjective these day, thanks in part to men like Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and Eric Cantor (R-VA) who managed to pass a debt ceiling extension without any attempt to control a single penny of spending of federal programs currently bleeding the American economic corpse dry.

A few weeks ago, both these stooges helped ram through a $1 Trillion ‘Farm Bill’ full of rancid pork, and with full support from the Democrat-led administration. It’s main function: to allocate hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to fund food stamps and other government entitlement programs.

According to Natural News:

“The bill also contains hidden tax increases on things like heating oil for families trying to stay warm in the winter, as well as live Christmas trees. By passing the bill, Congress successfully implemented a new 0.2-cent-per-gallon tax on home-heating oil and a 15-cent tax on every Christmas tree cut in or imported into the U.S.

“It’s a ‘Christmas tree bill,’ where there’s a gift for practically every special-interest group out there with a well-connected lobbyist,” says the Club for Growth, a free-market advocacy group, as quoted by Watchdog.org.”

The verdict is clear: both parties in America are for big government, and both parties see this as a way to buy votes. Trust them to do more of the same in the run-up to April’s budget circus.

Even conservative voters are beginning sense the vipers in their own nest…

Boehner and Cantor are dead ducks

Con Underground

It seems that we are at that weird junction in politics when a politicians just no longer give f–k!

How else to describe today’s actions perpetrated against the American people, at least those of us paying taxes, by the Speaker of the House and his lackey Eric cantor?  Boehenr and Cantor passed the debt Ceiling extension without so much as a whimper. How much is the extension? Well, we don’t really know because it’s not a number you see but rather a time extension? Yeap when you steal money it’s better if the public has no clue how much you are stealing.

Let’s go back to the question of Boehner and Cantor’s dead duck status. They both know that they are both going to be primaried  hard. They both know that even if they win their primaries they will probably not keep their positions as Speaker and lackey respectively. So what to do? Well, it seems that both Boehner and Cantor are greasing the skids for special interest groups so that they’ll get a big fat payback  when they get kicked out on their butts. How else to explain the insane amount of spending that the two are approving so joyously!!

Here’s the thing, while in nature Dead Ducks are not very dangerous in politics they are. Both Boehner and cantor can do tremendous damage as they wait to end their careers. It’s time to put an end to this and kick them both out now before God only knows what disasters  these two RINOS will get us into.

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