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DC Protest: ‘Military Coalition’ meet in DC, warning that government shutdown will harm vulnerable vets

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

WASHINGTON DC (GMN) – A military coalition met today in the nation’s capital, urging the US federal government to end its shutdown, as fears build regarding cash flow cuts to the veteran community.

Today nearly 200 men and women representing 33 veterans and military organizations held a press event which took place today in Washington DC at 10am this morning at the World War Two Memorial.

Veterans worried: 33 different groups gathered in DC today to voice disapproval (Photo: GMN reporter Nemo)

If the politically-motivated government shutdown continues, speakers indicated that it will potentially affect the follows area of military veteran life: general benefits, disability pay, and GI Bill funds. In addition, because of the shutdown, 5 million veterans might not be issued their much needed compensation checks on Nov. 1st.

The event was covered by a number of national media outlets.

Paul Rieckhoff from the group, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, stated at the rally today,”We all stuck together when we were in combat. We put the mission first. We put our country first.” (Via USA TODAY)

“Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, that’s what you need to do now. Put the country first and end this shutdown.”

Although an eleventh hour deal was reach on the eve of the shutdown which included a provision to carry on paying military bills, cash flow issues are having a negative affect on already struggling the military families.

On of the rally’s speakers, Garry Augustine, is executive director of Disabled American Veterans, explained the situation, “For many, these payments may be the only, or primary, source of income… posturing and playing politics with veterans is unacceptable.”

Organizers also reiterated that all public  memorials would remained closed until the government shutdown is over.


Thousands of vulnerable US veterans are at risk as a result of the politically-motivated shutdown (Photo: GMN reporter Nemo)

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