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REVEALED: Zelensky Delayed Banning of Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Order to Secure U.S. Aid

SPECIAL REPORT | Unbeknown to many in the western sphere, widespread religious persecution has been taking place in Ukraine at the hands of the Zelensky government.

INTERVIEW: Tarik Cyril Amar – Fico, Ukraine and Georgia’s Revelation

TNT Radio | Countries are now beginning to push back on Western attempts to flip their governments.

Zelensky Blames ‘Whole World’ for Ukraine’s Failure in Kharkov

21WIRE | Ukrainian actor is wallowing in abject horror at the realisation that Russian has gained the upper hand in region.

INTERVIEW: Daniel McAdams – Georgia, Fico and U.S. Debacle in Ukraine

TNT Radio | Is Europe heading into a GLADIO-style phase?

INTERVIEW: Larry Johnson – NATO’s Dangerous Nuclear Gambit with Russia

TNT Radio | Are there any adults in charge in the West anymore?

Ukraine Creditors Form Committee to Try and Claw Back Their Money

21WIRE | “Now we know the debt is unsustainable, it doesn’t make sense to kick the can down the road.” 

EXCLUSIVE: The Roots of U.S. Corruption in Ukraine – Interview with Andriy Derkach

Patrick Henningsen | A stunning account of US influence and corruption in Ukraine, the fate of Zelensky, and new revelations about the Nord Stream sabotage.

PODCAST: ‘Moscow Terror Attack’ with Patrick Henningsen Arnaud Develay, Freddie Ponton & Hesher

SUNDAY WIRE | Crocus City Hall: shades of GLADIO?

U.S. Congress Members Slam Ukraine Over Massive Embezzlement Scheme

21WIRE | The task of tracking the stolen cash has become almost impossible, because since the war broke out, Kiev has become a veritable ‘black box.’

INTERVIEW: Kit Klarenberg – Gaza, Ukraine + Shift Towards a Multipolar World

TNT Radio | The West’s chronic failures in Ukraine, Palestine, and Yemen – are only hastening the global shift towards a multipolar world.

INTERVIEW: George Szamuely – ‘Ukraine Becoming a Liability for the U.S + Gonzalo Lira

TNT Radio | The jury is already in: the Ukrainian project is a massive liability for Washington.

INTERVIEW: Kit Klarenberg – ‘Gaza, Ukraine & the Emerging Multipolar Order’

TNT Radio | The West’s chronic failures in Ukraine, Palestine, and Yemen – are only hastening the global shift towards a multipolar world.

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton – ‘French Mercenaries: From Ukraine to Gaza’

TNT Radio | French mercenaries being used by NATO in a disastrous proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

UN Head Condemns Ukrainian Attack Which Killed 27 Civilians in Donbass

21WIRE | As Kiev’s forces continue to dwindle, their tactics are becoming even more desperate.

Ukraine Openly Offers Up Its Male Population a Proxy Army for NATO

RT International | By offering up its able-bodied male population for NATO’s frontline meat grinder, Kiev believes it is giving Washington the ‘best deal’ possible.

INTERVIEW: George Szamuely – ‘Gonzalo Lira and U.S. Failure in Ukraine’

TNT Radio | The entire Ukrainian project has become a liability for Washington.

INTERVIEW: Simona Mangiante – ‘Derkach Files: New Details of Biden Corruption in Ukraine’

TNT Radio | New details reveal the scale and scope of the Democratic establishment and Biden family’s illicit enterprise in Ukraine.

Derkach Interview: New Documents Connect Biden Corruption and Burisma Scandal in Ukraine

21WIRE | Incredible new revelations showing the scale of Washington’s clandestine interventions in Ukrainian politics.

Ukrainian Whistleblower Reveals More Details of Biden Family Corruption

21WIRE | More stunning revelations from the testimony of Andriy Derkach.

Ex-Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach Reveals New Details of Biden Corruption in Ukraine

SPECIAL REPORT | New testimony by Ukrainian whistleblower exposes U.S. and Biden Family corruption in Ukraine.

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