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VOILA: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist

1-Hollywood-EgyptJay Dyer
21st Century Wire

What really happened in Paris?

Already, numerous patterns previously listed in my initial analysis, as well as others consonant with false flags, have made themselves apparent in the Paris shooting and hostage incidents.
Also apparent are the predictable results that follow these events. We have seen all of the following:

1. Mass mainstream media buildup and rollout, with ready-made “placards” to call global attention to event

2. Questionable videos and details of the event, as well as drills or security buildup prior

3. Military training for the perpetrators, while the “terror” suspects with deep state connections and rap sheets run free

4. A false dialectic of left versus radicalism polarizing public consumption of propaganda

5. Investigators and key individuals in the event end up “suicided”

6. Media quickly fingers low IQ duped patsies based on magical I.D. appearance (think 9/11)

7. More funding for militarization, surveillance and police state with media replaying past terror events ad nauseam

Webster Tarpley explains of the purpose of synthetic terror, in his book entitled, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA: “Terrorism thus has been known to provide a means of social control. Parts of the US oligarchy are today almost euphoric about the seemingly endless panorama of possibilities of exploiting terrorism they believe they see before them. But it is now wide to build an entire state and social order on terrorism.” (Synthetic Terror, pg. 88)

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: Helpful graphic from Webster Tarpley’s ‘Synthetic Terror’.

So, have the recent terror events in Paris met these criteria? Yes, they have.

1. CNN was already on the spot, with Anderson Cooper’s 360 live on the scene, while media and French security (as per usual), had been hyping new measures in France.

2. The videos and details of the Paris shooting do not add up, as the videos contain numerous discrepancies worth considering, such as no blood or recoil, while Couliabily’s femme fatale girlfriend has been conveniently written out of the script, as Patrick Henningsen commented to me before she was reported to have “fled to Syria”.

3. The shooters were said to be military-trained and had contacts with terror cells and Anwar al-Awlaki (considered by many to be a CIA ‘double agent’), a known asset of western intelligence, as well as seeking revenge for the 1995 RER conviction of Rachid Ramda. The terrorists had also reportedly returned from training in Syria, where the French, UK and US governments had been arming and training the Al-Qaeda affiliated “Free Syrian Army.” Coulibaly also met with French President Nicholas Sarkozy in 2009, looking for employment.

4. Media furor is in full force, polarizing the globe into a false dialectic of either standing with Charlie, or you are a terrorist. One thinks here of Bush’s notorious “You’re either with us, or with the terrorists,” fear mongering, as if there are ever and always only two options in life: between a provocative satire and “freedom”, or radical Islam.

5. A key investigator of the incidents has now turned up dead from, you got it, “suicide.” Important individuals in the 9/11 event mysteriously turned up dead, too, and members of the power structure that pry too deeply – end up gone.

6. Soon after the shooting, Kouachi supposedly left his ID laying in a vehicle. This calls into question at least his supposed expertise and tactical training, and is also reminiscent of the passport of the 9/11 hijacker. What is more likely is that they had a handler who was intelligent, possibly the femme fatale who disappeared from the narrative, while the Jihad cut outs were duped.

7. In the wake of the events, freedom of speech and Internet monitoring are the buzzwords, with the Atlanticist establishment all singing in harmony the 9/11 narrative of needing more security, more surveillance, more police, more crackdowns  (the more money thrown at them, the more terror comes) – not on Jihadis running free with state knowledge, but on all citizens. Terrorism, you see, is a psychological attack on the public, and rogue, asymmetrical rogue terror is extremely rare. What is not rare is state-funded or private funded false flag terror.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is only an initial checklist, look for further editions and more detailed which will be published daily on this website)

In the wake of this event, Paris’ “9/11″ has resulted in the same response the world saw with 9/11.  We can expect the recruitment of more moron radicals as the “Jihad” is being carefully marketed (by mainstream media outlets like CNN) to a new crop of dupes, hipsters and rappers.  This social engineering and PR selling point of faux anti-establishment is something that smells of being cooked up by Western and intelligence and their think tank overlords like the Rand Corporation, than any real opposition.

In my article from November, I wrote about the fictional Bond villain, SPECTRE, which was known for its international character, playing nation states off against one another in a false dialectic, while simultaneously receiving their funding from global black markets.  Truly fiction models reality, and reality models fiction.

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21WIRE contributor and author Jay Dyer is commentator on media, art, philosophy and culture. An earlier version of this article and many others, along with Jay’s podcast archive can be found on his blog Jay’s Analysis.



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