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Mockingbird Fail: CNN ‘Reporter’ Chris Cuomo Calls French Terrorist ‘African-American’, Before CIA Handler Steps in to Correct Him

21st Century Wire says…

As each day passes of media coverage (management) of the Paris Attacks, it’s becoming more and more clear that CNN is playing a pivotal role managing storylines on the ground as well as spinning various talking points out from New York and Atlanta. Over the last 7 days, the shear amount of hyperbole, half-truths, wild speculation, conspiracy theories, false-starts, back-tracking – and flat out lies – is breathtaking.

Suffice to say, the appearance of perfectly rolled-out and streamlined narratives looks very much like it’s been ironed-out by the CIA’s communications department and Operation Mockingbird.

One moment which didn’t go very well was when CNN’s propagandist-in-training, Chris Cuomo forgot he was in France, and had to be straightened-out by his more experienced ‘handler’,  Anderson Cooper, regarded by many as an intelligence agency media embed. What followed was priceless…

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and junior ‘reporter’ Chris Cuomo in full propaganda mode this week.

Matt Wilstein

As the multiple hostage situations were unfolding in France just before 12 noon ET hour earlier today, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo were on the ground in Paris, giving viewers live updates with the relatively little concrete information they had to dispense. Cuomo was talking about one of the suspects holding hostages in the Paris kosher supermarket and referred to him as an “African-American man.”

“Not American,” Cooper quickly jumped in. “The man of African descent.”

“Right, African descent,” Cuomo replied. “Thank you, sorry. Anderson.”

The man on the right, Amedy Coulibaly, was the suspect in question. He has since been killed by French police:

Watch Cuomo and Cooper’s double act here, doing their best impression of real journalists:

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